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Morning ladies. Hope you had nice weekends. We went to ikea yesterday so operation move p out the nursery and get ready for baby can begin!! H is off until Thursday which is lovely. Later we are supposed to be going to London for afternoon tea and theatre with in laws but there is awful weather forecast. I'm not going if there is any chance of the trains being disrupted later, our line is awful at the best of times! Pregnancy wise all good.


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    Autumnrose hope the weather does not stop your plans and enjoy starting getting baby stuff ready.

    Afm a quiet few days as stepkids here until Thursday. baby wise i think he has moved lots of kicks in the front of my bump rather than side. Was starting to think about the birth with third tri looming this week...just hope this one not back to back x x
  • Hi AR, few days together sounds lovely and really hope the weather holds out.

    Really blustery here, was listening to it at 4am. We had a great day yesterday, a couple we are close to have 4 kids between them and they all came over but crikey it was trying - one child in particular had an attitude like I've never seen before and was so rude when our game of Parcel-Parcel didn't go his way. I was actually shocked. He did so many things I wouldn't have tolerated. The 3 of us had a debrief after, was quite funny, saying 'Baxter won't be allowed to do this', or 'this is how I'd react if Baxter did that'. Was kind of funny but a shame as the game was a lot of fun and the lad spoilt it a little bit for everyone but mostly missed out himself. We had awesome food, hubby made a sort of rocky road trifle thing in a big trifle dish. It was amazing and I woke up thinking about it today ha ha.

    Downside: my super-sense of smell has picked up gas on our landing again and *finally* someone else smells it too so we need to report it. I'm just leaving for work so hubby will have to do it but I'm worried about a) safety, b) cost, c) being without heating. Will see what happens!

    Pregnancy-wise I'm just massive and cheekily eating everything I want to and hang the consequences (health kick starts Jan 6th!).

  • ABC - hope you have a nice few family days. Your post made me smile because a couple of friends of mine would say it's anything *but* quiet if the step kids are around :)

    You're off to 3rd tri too! I was thinking about 3rd tri yesterday. I remember thinking I'd never make it to my early scan at 7+1, then my 12 week scan, then the 20 week. And now 3rd tri is almost on my horizon. As I thought I'd never be having more kids its actually pretty scary!!

    Regarding position, I was reading (but confess I didn't pay much attention) about potential methods to get baby in the position you want. Which would be amazing if possible!

  • Morning all.

    AR, I hope the weather stays kind and you enjoy tea and the theatre, it sounds lovely.

    H and I are both off till Thursday too, which is lovely, but even more excitingly, J is in nursery today so we're going to have the first child-free day together for over 18 months. We're heading into town for some nice lunch and a bit of a shop, which won't be curtailed by a wailing J having decided shopping is dull and he's had enough. Unfortunately I've got a stinky cold so feel a bit off, but I'm still excited. (I hope it doesn't sound too callous being excited to ditch my toddler for the day, but it's so so rare!) baby wise everything ok I think, I had 2 days of feeling Attila loads, like a switch had been flicked, but it's been flicked off again, and I'm back to feeling possibly 1-2 very faint movements a day. Hopefully it's just that she's wriggles out of a good position and will wriggle in again soon!

  • Wow, I must have been slow with the posting!

    Abc, yay for lots of kicks. Hmm, I'm not thinking about the birth for a while yet- I'd also like a better one than last time!

    Counter, I do the whole "my child won't be allowed to do that", though I confess, far less so since actually having one! J can be exceedingly trying at times, and I find it really hard to know exactly how much to discipline an 18month old. Boo to the gas, hopefully it's a quick, easy and cheap fix!

  • Hi, is this where the 2nd tri ladies hang out? Hope I can join you? I'm 13+5 today and really can't believe I've made it this far!

    AR, hi! Nice to 'see' you again. Can't believe you have a cauliflower already!! Hope you make it to the theatre.

    Blackcat, hope baby isn't back to back.

    Counter, fingers crossed the gas smell isn't anything serious and easily fixable.

    SG, have a lovely day!

    AFM, I'm still super tired all of the time. If anything it's getting worse. We have a gender scan booked for 18th Jan, so just under 3 weeks to go. I really can't wait to find out - I've always been really rubbish with surprises!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all :)

  • Ar- we braved ikea on Saturday and got everything for the nursery

    Black at- what can you try to change that position?

    Counter- open all the windows Hun

    SG- what will you do with the whole day, it's like Xmas for you haha

    Fig - lovely to see you here. Gender scans are fab!

    Afm- well what an eventful weekend.iv had bad round ligament pain as you know but then baby's topped moving, so yesterday we had a trip to the hospital. Baby hadn't moved since Friday. I tried everything to get her moving.

    So we got to the hospital the dr touched my belly and the little diva kicked ! Can you believe it!!! They used the doppler and heartbeat was perfect and since then she hasn't stopped kicking :-)

  • OMG I'm a mango!!!

  • Morning,

    AR- Enjoy the time off with H. The weather is awful isn't it.

    ABC- Hope you enjpy some quiet days witht he family. My baby has moved the opposite way to yours as I keep getting side kicks.

    Counter- yesterday sounds nice, It is tiring with young ones round isn't it. Mmm rocky road sounds yummy.  Hope you get the gas sorted quickly and it's not too costly.

    SG- Enjoy your child free day! Hope the cold goes soon.

    Figaro- Welcome to 2nd tri! Not long until you find out, how exciting. Any inkling as to what you are having?

    Monnie- They like to worry us dont they! Glad everything is ok though.

    AFM- Sorry i havent been on over the christmas period, been so busy here there and everywhere. My boss asked me to come into work today but I am off tomorrow and Weds. there is nothing happening at all and I am on my own all day so just wish I was in bed! Went whopping yesterday with H which was lovely, got a new bra, my boobs are huge! Baby is kicking lots and even feels like shes tickling me at times. One of my friends just found out she is pregnant so is nice chatting with her about it.

    Hope you all had a lovely xmas.

  • spikeygoodness

    Counter, I do the whole "my child won't be allowed to do that", though I confess, far less so since actually having one! J can be exceedingly trying at times, and I find it really hard to know exactly how much to discipline an 18month old.

    I know what you mean! If I get a normal one this time (as opposed to Mr Placid) then it's going to backfire on me ha ha

  • Welcome to Figaro!!! The 18th will come round quickly, I'm sure. Then it's excitement all over again :)

    Monnie - what a relief! Oh bless you, it's sooo worrying. Glad all is well. They can be little buggers for timing, tee hee.

    Bertie, I'm the only office inhabitant today. But I've brought a stack of food and it's nice and warm, but yes, snap, I'd rather be in bed! And I'm off bra shopping too, tomorrow. I *feel* as though I've got 2 spacehoppers strapped to my chest. I know they've not grown that much really, but I seem to notice it a lot at the mo, and they enter a room several seconds before I do. Lovely to have a mate who's preggers also :)

  • Another 1st tri graduate checking in. Can't believe I'm 2nd tri already! I don't manage to get on every day and I'm not great at doing personals, but I'll try and get more involved as I get to 'know' you all better :)

  • Welcome Ixia! :)

  • Welcome Figaro and Ixia!  On phone, so tough to do personals, but the gas thing sounds like bad news, Counter, how long has it been going on as far as you could tell?  Hopefully it will be easy to fix, but even if it isn't it's not the end of the world.  Better to lose heat for a day or two than be breathing it in.  And to the lovely ladies about to head to 3rd trimester: wow! It seems so far away to me, has it gone by quickly?

    I'm sorry I've not been around lately, we were in Canada for Christmas, and then spent a couple days in Connecticut with my heavily pg sister.  It was a lovely trip, despite losing power for a couple days in the ice storm at my moms house.  We layered on clothing and had a fire going, and even though it got down to -20C outside it wasn't all that bad!  In baby news, we have started to accumulates tuff as we got some presents at Christmas, but don't want to buy any nursery stuff just yet as you should be moving this month into our new house, and it just doesn't make sense to buy things and then just have to move them!

  • Hi Wispa, I have smelt it over the last couple of weeks but I think the others put it down to 'crazy pregnant lady'. Turns out hubby hit a gas pipe when he put a carpet track down a few weeks back. The gas company have been round and everything is switched off, as its not their responsibility they have left again. My dad is on his way around, he usually works away but is home from Xmas so hoping he can replace the broken section for us. Good ol' dad. In-laws are due for a Christmas dinner this evening so hoping we get sorted.

    Sounds like you have had an awesome break. Sounds lovely catching up with family, even if very cold!

  • Why isn't it their responsibility?  I could understand if it wasn't free to fix, but surely they could fix it for you for a fee?  Thoroughly confused.  Though I guess it doesn't matter of your dad can fix it quickly.  

    Scary to think there was a leak for a couple weeks and no one believed you!

  • I thought it was odd too! They found our incoming pipes to the meter weren't regulation so fixed those but left the leak. Crazy! I thought they'd tell us what it would cost and do it while here. Luckily dad's fitted full heating systems in their and my sister's house so did it for us. I'm really relieved!! I think there were only certain days it could be smelt because I like to have windows open or get the air flowing, so I only really noticed it if the house had been shut up for a while with doors all closed. Been a bit of a rubbish day off for hubby but needs must!

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