***monday 2nd tri***


Sorry i haven't been around much, just v tired and don't have much to say lol I hope everyone is ok though. Got 20w scan tomorrow morning so looking Forward to that! 

Hannah x 


  • Morning Isis,

    Sorry you are tired, I'm feeling the same, pregnancy and toddler aren't mixing well here!

    I'm losing my patience here, my house is a tip, it needs a good clean but I can't even keep it tidy never mind clean as toddler is emptying drawers, cupboards, toy boxes, argh! And literally can't get her to tidy up a thing, we've had naughty step three times so far this morning. Just went to Hoover her bedroom which was tidy about twenty minutes ago and I can't see the floor. I'm actually going to put her on eBay. Argh! Pregnancy wise just exhausted :(

    Hope everyone else is doing well! X

  • Morning all! On early for once today as am on annual leave (hurrah!) Hope tomorrow comes around quickly for your 20 week scan Isis, how exciting! Are you finding out the sex or staying team yellow?

    OH has to work today then has the rest of the week off, so I'll be doing boring chores today - having blood test in a bit to see if I'm anaemic after my recent dizzy spells- then off to do a food shop, ring round some more companies to let them know we've moved etc... yawn! Good news is that I am feeling less faint this week and even managed a half hour walk in the countryside yesterday so fingers crossed it's getting better :) Aqua natal tonight and I've had to buy a proper maternity swimsuit now.... my bump has grown overnight again!

    Hope everyone has a lovely Monday, hi to all that follow.

  • Sorry weekender- cross posted! Sorry to hear toddler and pregnancy exhausting  - I can imagine what a tiring combination it must be!! Hope you get to put your feet up a bit today at least, try to take it easy if you can lovely xx

  • Morning ladies,

    Isis that's exciting for your scan tomorrow.

    Weekender that does not sounds good! Is she just having a wild day?

    Rose glad your feeling better. At least you'll know after the bloods. I already took iron tablets for amaemia but the pregnancy vitamins must do the job as my bloods have been fine.

    AFM I'm grasping on to my last few days in 2nd tri. I honestly can't believe 3rd is approaching. It wasn't long ago I didn't think I would ever make it to 2nd tri with a pregnancy so this seems like a huge milestone! I had a lovely weekend and met SweetPea on saturday for lunch along with my future pester baby :) Was such a nice afternoon and SP looked amazing and pregancy is clearly agreeing with her!!

    My back pain seems to be around most of the time now, but I have the midwife a week tomorrow so will speak to her then about my ailments! Well, probably should get some work done. All I've done for the last hour is eat I think! x

  • Hello, just popping my head in as saw you had posted MDD, am I right in thinking you were having a 4d scan or hVe I made that up? x

  • Morning ladies. just waiting to go in for my 20 week scan! Will update later.

  • Morning all!

    Mrs V - hope all is good at the 20 weeks scan. Are you finding out the sex?

    Rose - enjoy your annual leave! Glad you're feeling a bit better.  How are you finding aquanatal class? I'm trying to find some but can't seem to find any near me I can get to after work.

    Weekender - sorry your little one is playing up! Hope your day gets a bit better.

    MDD - sounds like a nice weekend. Have you found 2nd tri has gone quickly? People say it flies past compared to the first so I'm a bit scared!

    AFM, had a lovely weekend. Met my friend for lunch and baby cuddles on Saturday and saw another friend for lunch yesterday...so lots of yummy food! I was so tired this morning. Really struggling at the moment with getting up and I think the fact that the mornings are starting to get dark isn't helping matters.

  • Mrs P, yeah it was a week past sat. The whole experience was great, the detail is amazing and we could even see the blood literally flowing through the cord and the babies foot up in the air etc. Unfortunately though I must be having a super shy bambino as his face was turned away and buried in my placenta for the whole scan! I got up, went for a wee, rolled from one side to the other, walked about, you name it but nothing helped! I did get one sort of half face pic but it wasn't that clear. Still glad we went though (it was the 3rd of 3 scans we had booked as an offer when I went for the early scan at 9 weeks. We were due to pay £40 to 'upgrade' to the 4D scan but they didn't charge us).

    How are you doing?

    Mrs V - Enjoy the scan, I'll check back on later for your update x

  • Weekender my house is a tip too which is why I'm sat on my ***! I'll crack on with some jobs in a minute I think. I'm grateful I have the time J is at school but the school run is hard work up a v steep hill!

    Rose, hope you get sorted at the docs, dizzy spells don't sound good :( enjoy your week off! We've already had a scan which said girl so hoping to get that confirmed tomorrow.

    Mdd, are you sleeping with pillows or anything? Enjoy third tri!

    Hello mrs P!

    Mrs V, hope the scan goes well :)

    Flossy, the mornings are so difficult and it's only going to get worse! Oh well!

  • Hello Isis!

    Good luck for all the scans today x

    MDD, glad it was good, ours was similar, he decided to be fast asleep for 95 % of it. Only woke up to pick his nose so we hAve a lovely DVD of him. Actually, it's a good one to roll out on his 18th birthday!

  • Morning ladies,

    Isis - Good to see you! Sorry you are so tired - I really can't imagine being pregnant and having little one(s) at the same time. Look forward to hearing how the scan goes!

    WE - Same for you...you deserve a medal! Don't worry about a messy house and just take care of yourself!

    Rose - good to see you too love! Sounds like a busy day for an annual leave day! Hope you get some feedback from the test results.

    MDD - you are FAR TOO KIND!!!!!!!!! Plus you can talk with that gorgeous round bump! I had the loveliest afternoon with you both :) (even if you suffered a foot in the ribs for the entire lunch!) Can't beeeeelieve you are leaving for 3rd tri!!!! So happy for you that you are though!

    Mrs P - hiiiiiii! Hope 3rd tri is treating you well!

    Mrs V- very much looking foward to hearing how you get on with your scan!

    Flossy - Sounds like a lovely weekend! Tiny baby cuddles are the best! Could you imagine having your own??? I'm the same in the mornings...I can sleep for 10 hours and still have to drag myself out of bed!

    Well I had two weekend highlights - obviously meeting MDD was one of them! *Fluff* and feeling a good hard kick in the side was the other!!!! I've only had 'sensations' up until now which have pretty subtle but I knew were the baby....however last night after worrying about abdominal cramping I got several distinct kicks in my side! I could have cried with joy! H was fast asleep so I was sat in complete awe by myself. The moment of that first proper kick has to be one of the most precious amazing highlights of pregnancy! How fluffy am I today??? :)

  • Aww sweetpea, that's lovely! I can't wait to start feeling things, never thought I'd be looking forward to being kicked!

    I can't imagine having my own one at all!  I was watching my friend as she was feeding and just amazed at how she seemed to know what she was doing after just a few weeks having him around! I'm so nervous when I hold a baby but keep being told its different when the baby is yours. He was adorable though, was telling my H al about his tiny feet for a good 15 minutes last night, I think  H thought I'd gone mad!

  • Right back from scan!

    And all is good with our little boy :) So happy, finally feel like I can enjoy this pregnancy! Consultant has discharged me so back to being midwife led again.

    Isis - Good luck for tomorrow

    WE - Sorry you can't get the house sorted, must be frustrating!

    Rose - Enjoy your annual leave.

    MDD - Can't believe you are nearly second tri either, eeek!

    Flossy - Hope the tiredness eases for you soon, I'm almost feeling normal energy wise (i.e. not falling asleep before 9!!)

    Mrs P - Hello, hope you are well.

    SP - Aww, that's great news. My H hasn't felt anything because the baby stops kicking as soon as he puts his hand on my stomach!!

  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry I ahve been massively awol and actually haven't yet made it onto the 2nd Tri thread and I am 16 weeks on Thursday! Had a manic time with work and it was my 30th Birthday on the 1st Oct  (Yay and eek!) so I've been up an down to Manchester and back up to Newcastle getting spoilt - it's also less than 5 weeks until H is home which will be fab as he hasn't seen me pregnant yet! Still feeling quite yucky and sick every morning but it seems to be easing by the afternoon. I had a massive cold (on my birthday sob) and nearly had a meltdown that sore throat sweets were off limits but good onld honey and lemon did the trick.

    Isis can't believe you're 20 weeks! Hope tomorrow goes well, I saw you were team pink very exciting!

    Weekender that sounds rough have a hug. Hope you get your energy back soon and M has a nap! I'm wearing your pants today - I've broke out maternity wear for the first time and I'm so comfortable :)

    Hi Rose glad you're feeling a little better but your dizzy spells sound rubbish, take care.

    Missdeedee glad we'll cross for a couple of days at least, amazing to nearly be at 3rd tri and sounds like a lovely weekend. Definitely speak to the midwife and see what they can do for you.

    Flossy sounds like a lovely weekend and fab to see you here!

    SP that sounds amazing I can't wait to feel something - I get little twitches I think mya be them but looking forward to something 'proper'!

    Mrs V amazing news everything is OK with the little man I'm so so pleased for you - definitely let yourself enjoy as much as you can you defintiely deserve it xxx

  • Flossy- I ruddy love aqua natal!! Didn't think I'd be that fussed about it but find it's great for putting everything else out of my mind (probably because I'm so busy concentrating on the moves!) and it's gentle exercise without over-doing it. Would recommend it if you can find somewhere near you. I'm going to a class run by Puddle Ducks, I think it's a national company so might be worth trying them if you haven't already?

  • I'll check those out tonight. I like the idea of it but wondered what it'd be like, love the idea of being able to switch off for a bit too!

    Is anyone else struggling to care about work? I'm already working out when I can hopefully finish! I think because I know I won't be coming back after mat leave it's making it worse. Must try harder!

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