***Monday 2nd Tri***

Morning ladies. 

Sorry wasn't really on over the weekend, I've not been feeling great but feel a bit better today. Jem I hope your ok lovey, I'm so sorry you've had such a hard time of it and I hope youve spoken to your OH. I can't believe this has happened. Massive hugs from me. 

Im off work today for the bank hol, got zero plans apart from shopping being delivered this morning and I'm going to make pulled pork for tea in the slow cooker. I had a terrible headache on fri that carried through to sat morning and yesterday I felt very very sick all day. That seems to have passed today but I'm very grateful to be off today as I'm exhausted and feel a bit drained! 

I meant to ask, for those of you at work, when are you hoping to finish for mat leave? (Providing your feeling ok etc?) I have a few days holiday left so was hoping to finish up at 37weeks then I would be on holiday and my mat leave start at 39 weeks. All I keep getting at work is how I will be too tired by 37 weeks and it will be December and I won't be able to make it in to work blah blah blah. If I need to bring it forward I will but I really want to start my mat leave as late as I comfortably can as I think I'll probably end up back at work after maybe 8 months so I want as much time with the baby as possible. 


  • Morning

    enjoy your day off :-)

    No news here, car conked out yday so its away to the garage. Was only servied on friday so not a happy bunny. Not sure of our plans for the day, supposed to have gymnastic this aft but aaron doesnt want to walk. Cant blame is as its a good few miles. We normally part walk part buggy board but my pram is away for repair so only have the  buggy. Will see how he feels after nursery.

    ck 18+3 x

  • Morning,

    MDD I finished a few weeks ahead of due date - I used up all my annual leave and maternity leave started on my due date. However I went v.overdue and was really BORED! So I say finish as late as possible and spend maternity leave with baby ... Not waiting for baby!

    CK hope the car & pram are both fixed soon!

    AFM - am at my parents whilst H does some DIY without us around. LO is so thrilled she didn't go to sleep until 9:45pm and bounced out of bed at 7am. Eeeek. Going swimming today.

    Yesterday did a charity in-hand with my horse. He came 3rd in Best Turned out and 3rd in Best solid colour. But nowhere in most handsome gelding or Best veteran!

  • Hf - well done to you and your horse, whats his/her name?

    Ijust checked how far it is to gymnastics - 2.2 miles so almost 4.5 mile walk and a 45 min class i made him do last week. Oops

  • Morning ladies.

    I've been up way too long.  I'm really tired now. We had a lovely weekend away so now i'm laid on sofa being suffocated by my 2 fluffy cat babies! (they've missed their mummy!) It was so nice to spend some proper time with H. Today's plans are sort house out, nip to tesco and a nap! We may go to the cinema later.  

    Missdeedee - I need to work out when to leave. I've worked out my go back date so I get paid for summer holidays!

    Ck- that's a long walk!

    Hf - I'm sure he's the most handsome to you! How dare he not win! ;)

  • Happy Monday everyone!

    I tried to post over the weekend but as we were away in Norfolk, the signal didn't want to hold long enough for the post to send.

    MDD- Glad that you've got a lazy day planned, it's probably the exhaustion that's made you feel icky. As for finishing work, I think I've decided to finish at 37 weeks. I've then got a weeks holiday to take, so official ML will commence hopefully at 38 weeks. I work with young children, so am hoping those last few weeks i'll be able to take it easy. Little and let everyone else run riot! :-)

    CK- That's rubbish about the car, hope you manage to have a ood day regardless.

    HF- Enjoy your day! Well done to your horse too!

    AFM- we came back a day early from Nofolk to avoid the bank holiday traffic today, so today is a day of clearing out the crap in babys room, finally! We moved in three months ago but that room has been a major dumping ground of hubbys tools and crap! The idea is that everything will be cleared out, wardrobes and desk ripped out ready to strip the walls. We have a carpenter coming tomorrow to fit lovely new doors throughout the house and to re do a lovely spindled staircase bannister. Thrown in with the mix we're having places plastered and then we need to paint and carpet. It's going to be abusy few weeks for us!

    Guess I had better make a start!

    Have a fab Monday everyone!

  • Ooh missed you Custard. Hola!

  • Morning all.

    Sounds like everyone had busy weekends!

    I had my living room plastered on Saturday so still feel like I'm drowning in dust. H and I did a 3km charity race yesterday with the children. They completed the whole run and A (5 yrs) ran the whole way. So proud of her!  She did it in just under 27 mins, L (3.5 yrs) walked some and stopped for a pee lol but he did brilliant as well and they both want to do it again next year. A has taken her medal to school to show her teacher today haha.

    I was working last night and I start at 10 this morning, can see it far enough.

    Baby wise, I'm sure I'm feeling movements now which is lovely. Headache is back this morning but I think that's tiredness mostly.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

  • Morning all, hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

    MDD I'm leaving at 37 on holiday and mat leave starts at 39 weeks.

    We've had friends over with their so well behaved 1 year old (fills me with hope) and we are off baby shopping today, will be back for personals later.

    Jem, hope you are ok lovely x

  • Hi ladies, just popping on quickly to say hello, hope you're all okay. My DD is 8th February so I'm hoping to take AL I have stored up after Christmas and start ML officially at about 38 weeks. I've yet to have 'the conversation' with my boss but am hoping she will think it's an okay plan rather than coming back for just a couple of weeks after Christmas then going again!

    Hope you're okay Jem. Big hugs.

    I've had a very lazy day, think doing nothing this weekend has somehow just managed to make me more tired!! Hope you all are having a lovely Monday (and bank hols for those who get it)

  • Hi everyone. Just popping on really quickly to say hi and thank you all for thinking of me.  Still not seen or spoken to OH and I'm absolutely conviced now he's doing his best to avoid me.  Back to work tomorrow and dreading it.

    mdd because of the trouble I've been having at work I'm finishing early and taking al at the beginning and at the end of ml, I'll be about 35 weeks when my ml starts but will be on al from 33 weeks

  • Hi ladies.  Had a fun packed friends n bbq weekend been lovely!   Hope you are all ok!   My maternity leave starts on edd but with 3w al i leave 20th nov! Eeek !    On a more serious note havent had much movement :0( did one night - lo did like a flip but nothing since n that was 2-3 weeks ago so a bit down :0( x

  • How many weeks are you DD?

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