***Monday 3rd Tri***

Morning ladies, hope you are all doing well and had lovely weekends. Baby out vibes for noodle and anyone else who made them. Good luck for Twink for her CS tomorrow.

AFM- Had a nice weekend, only had to work 4 hours on Sat, then had a mooch round on Sunday and went to the in laws for dinner. Nothing much planned for today. What's everyone else got planned for the day?


  • Ah, cross posts, let me C&P to here!

  • Morning all,

    Ms - sounds like a nice weekend.

    Hope you all had a good weekend. I managed a morning and afternoon nap yesterday, with swimming and McDonalds in between. Hope I can stay awake for longer today! Today I have to pop into town to pick up a few things including the last bits for my hospital bag. Then off to meet up with a couple of my NCT gang. Need to call estate agents re selling or renting our house out and arrange viewing of some others this week, exciting but stressful! 

    Feeling very negative re potential vbac at the mo, baby is definitely favouring the back to back position, despite the hours I've spent on all 4's.

    On a cheerier here is the leaderboard;

    Overdue bench;

    28/8 Noodle


    7/9 - Twink (Elcs 3/9)

    10/9 - Luna 

    13/9 - Bridget

    22/9 - Poppy Seeds (elcs 13/9)

    Anyone else?

    Best of luck to Twink for tomorrow and baby out vibes to Noodle!

    BG 38+3

  • BG- Just went to do the same on yours but it wouldn't let me. You must have deleted as i was going to post.

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling negative about your vbac. Don't give up hope just yet. Hopefully baby will just turn on its own

    Ive been getting a few sharp pains down below every now and then, do you think this could be when baby is turning head down?

  • Morning all -still here!!!

    MummyS- I got pains like that when the baby was turning and moving down a bit, sounds like you had a lovely weekend

    BG- busy weekend for you, hope your going to relax on your first mat leave day! Hopefully baby will still come away from your back before you go into labour, will you still try for a VBAC?

    AFM hate being on that overdue bench, now 40+5 and getting desperate to do anything to avoid induction!

  • Morning ladies,

    MS oh maybe baby is moving head down, exciting! Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend.

    BG don't give up yet, there is still time for baby to move round.

    Noodle come on baby noodle, this has gone on long enough! What have you tried so far to get labour going? I hear good things about reflexology?

    AFM weird that its first day of ML today. Have got a giant mamas and papas delivery coming with our pram, car seat, crib, cot and other nursery furniture. We ordered it all months ago so I'm really excited to finally get my hands on it all!

  • Morning Ladies, just a quick post whilst I eat my breakfast. BG, I am due 26th Sept-feels so close now its actually September!!

    4 days left at work, hope they go quickly. My plan is to try and do slightly shorter days to help ease the week along! I am hoping it will mostly be filing and tidying but I doubt that very much, they will probably squeeze as much work out of me as possible!

    Good luck Twink, will be watching out for your BA, Noodle hope you don't have to wait too long either. Have you considered acupuncture? Seems quite successful?

    Hello to all that follow,



  • Noodle - don't forget the average pregnancy is 41 weeks, so you've got some time to go, especially before induction. Do you have a sweep soon?

    I'll still try for a vbac as otherwise I'll never know and possibly regret it. Hoping my growth scan on Wednesday shows a smallish baby.

  • Popcorn - how exciting! Your lounge will be a wash with cardboard boxes and baby things soon!

    Noggin - will add you to the list! Hope you have an easy last week.

  • Morning All,

    MS- Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Hope you had a good day!

    BG- Still keeping my fingers crossed about your VBAC. Come on baby, turn around! Very exciting about the house move but can understand why it is also stressful.

    Noodle- Lots of baby out vibes for you! Really want to see another BA from you soon!

    Popcorn- Very exciting about the mamas and papas delivery! Enjoy your first day of mat leave.

    AFM- Nice easy weekend for me. Yesterday had a very lazy day with H watching the football and me snoozing on the couch. 21 working days after today. This time next month will be my first day of mat leave!

  • Morning everyone,

    MS sounds like a nice relaxing weekend

    BG two naps in one day sounds lovely! Fingers crossed she will turn soon for you

    Noodle fingers crossed you don't have much longer. Induction is still over a week away so that's loads of time for labour to start

    PC it sounds like you're going to have the best day ever! What a lovely way to start your ML. It will be like Christmas having all those boxes to unpack, so exciting!

    Nog enjoy your last week at work

    Sam ope your last few weeks of work fly by

    AFM not much planned. Waiting in for a joiner to come and quote for getting some doors put on, laminate floor laid and other bits and bobs. I'm hoping its not too expensive as if we can manage to get that done then there's finally a chance we may actually have our house finished before baby arrives.

    JT 33+4

  • JT- Hope the joiner comes back with a reasonable quote. We are also trying to get all the bits and bobs in the house sorted before baby is here and we are still waiting for my uncle to come and put 2 new doors on for us! Will hopefully be this week.

    Oh also, had my whooping cough injection this morning and have my 32 week scan booked on Wednesday to check placenta has moved as was low. Fingers crossed all is well!

  • Noggin - shorter days sounds like a good idea. I did shorter weeks and it helped a lot.

    Sam - I have a scan tomorrow to check if my placenta has moved but mine was booked for 36 weeks, wonder why yours is earlier? I'd've much preferred an earlier one, it's driven me crazy having to wait!

    JT - fingers crossed for a reasonable quote for you. We've been trying to finish lots of jobs around the house before the baby is here, just got hall carpet going down on Wednesday and I think that's it. It will be a lovely feeling when it's all done.

    Come on M&P!!!! I want to play with my new pram!!!!!!!!!

  • Popcorn-yay for first day of mat leave, hope mamas and papas deliver soon so you can start playing,  what pram do you have coming?

    noggin- shorter days sounds lovely, not long now

    BG- im sure she will spin round in time for you to have a successful VBAC

    samjh87- 21 days will fly by, sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend

    JT-are you redoing you whole house, you seem to do alot of DIY?

    to answer all your questions ive tried it all except reflexology/accupuncture may look into it today. I habe a sweep booked in for thursday, I have an irrational fear of being induced and am very very impatient - can you tell haha

  • Popcorn- No idea why mine is 32 weeks but glad it is earlier! My friend was also booked in for the same thing at 32 weeks so I presume it is standard at our hospital? Strange how things differ so much. Also looking forward to seeing baby again :) We have a house to do and to buy list which is slowly getting chipped away at. Our bedroom just needs a new mirror and TV wall bracket and is 100% complete (oh, and the doors putting on!). What is to be the 'children's' room needs the most work but was all decorated earlier this year so just need to sort furniture. Downstairs just needs a bit of a spruce up and then we are all finished! We need a new windows and doors but unfortunately this just isn't an option financially at the minute which is frustrating.

    Noodle- I've already convinced myself that I'm going to be over so hopefully this will stop some of the frustration if/when it does happen. H keeps talking about the baby being born in October and I keep replying with 'yes, but it's likely that she won't be here until November' haha

  • Noodle - we have the M&P Sola coming. I also got our Morrck hoodie through the post last week so am looking forward to sticking one of my old teddies in the car seat that's also being delivered with the hoodie (sad, I know but no babies to practice on and I don't think the cats would take too kindly to it!)

    Sam  - I'm looking forward to seeing baby again too but not sure how much I can expect to see now, baby is nearly fully cooked and taking up a lot of room so I'm expecting to see a little face squashed up against the sonogram wand thing! Sounds like your house is nearly done, how exciting!

  • Popcorn- We have the Sola and can't wait to try it out 'for real'. What colour have you gone for? Ours is currently dotted all around the house out of the way until baby is here. Still need to get car seat and also want a Morrck hoodie so I will probably be following suit with the teddy! haha

  • Sam fingers crossed for the scan

    Noodle- yes unfortunately! We had a fire last year so had to be in rented accommodation for 8 months while the main stuff was done- rewired, new pipe work and heating system, re plastered etc, new kitchen and bathroom. But we moved in at end of jan with a lot still to do and only the limited diy skills of my chartered accountant husband . He's been putting on new skirting boards , architraves, tiling etc. mainly just painting left to do now after these joinery bits. It has been a very long process and I am so sick of living in a house with bare plaster in the walls and tools all over the place. He's promised to have it all done before baby comes bless him but its a huge 3 storey house so its never ending!

    PC hope your delivery has arrived. Have fun!

    Sam I'm still debating getting a morrock, they look very cute

    AFM joiner has been, just waiting for him to get back to us with a price now. Just putting my feet up with a cup of tea while W has a nap.

  • My delivery has arrived!! Just got a second delivery of the crib to wait for but the main one with all the furniture and pushchair etc is here (and that's the fun one!)

    Sam - we went for denim stripe because we thought it would be fairly unisex, the car seat is the matching denim one as well.

    Off to have lunch and then see if teddy fits in the car seat ha!

  • Thanks ladiea. I am 100% having this baby tomorrow. Or else!

  • Good luck for tomorrow twink. Fingers crossed they're not too busy. Do you know how high up the list you are for tomorrow's electives? Hopefully you get in quite early before more emergencies start stealing your slot lol!

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