***monday 3rd tri***

Over due bench- baby out vibes!!!

November: 29th - weeme ???? (Have I missed a BA?)


10th - Gemini

14th - Mrs Bass

Happy due date -

16th - Kelskii

16th - Sange!

The list!!!

17th- Custard (aaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!)

18th - Jennilola

23rd - Dizzyduck

25th - HorseFan

26th - Penny


1st - jen

2nd - MrsPenguin

24th - CK


8th - Rose

8th - Little Dude

19th - OB

19th - Purple Pixie

20th - fig leaves

21st - neverlosehope

25th - Isis

27th - Mrs V


4th - *sweetpea*

(Any one else let me know!)



  • Right then...

    Morning ladies, hope you're all well.

    Yesterday I felt so uncomfortable all day I though something might happen throughout the night... Nope! Not a thing! Even though I slept quite well I feel exhausted!

    My mum is coming down to stay today for a night or two. I'm not overly thrilled about the idea, but I couldn't really say no! She will be asked to leave at the first sign if anything. Not a chance of her being anywhere near me when I'm at the hospital! My H was worried I would choose her over him as a birth partner! I told him it was madness and I don't want her within 100 miles. Lovely woman but she would drive me nuts!!

    We seriously need some babies to come this week. They have become very lazy. This is your last week to not be a Christmas baby! So come on!!!!

    And how am I next on 'the list'?! :O

  • Morning custard, I feel like a lost sheep on this board so still come on here to how your all doing. I hope baby C is planning on making an appearance soon, you know that all these babies are going to arrive all within the same couple of days! Happy due date to kelskii and sange and Mrs Bass so sorry I missed your DD (Gemini I'm sure I posted on yours!?)

    Well this should technically be my first day of mat leave and my presentation scan to check if bubs was still breech and arrange my section date, instead I'm off to register O's birth this afternoon, so he will officially exist (on paper!). He's doing well, 10 days old already, I can't believe how quick the days have gone, to be fair half of those have disappeared with people visiting (it's lovely but I wish they wouldn't stay for HOURS!)

    All my baby out vibes to the overdue bench and anyone who wants to miss the Xmas week.

    SP I also just realised I didn't even get a day with you on 3rd Tri!x

  • I'm so glad to hear you're doing well Missdeedee.  O was a bit sneaky arriving before maternity leave. I feel you've missed out off days slobbing on the sofa!  How exciting for making him official :)

  • Morning

    Custard - maybe your body is telling you to rest, in order to store energy for the big event?

    MDD - Hi, nice to 'see' you. The last bit of pregnancy seems to drag but those newborn days go by in a blur, dont they!

    AFM - H has a day off today so we are all going swimming. I keep getting random tummy pains / period pains / braxton hicks - i'm wondering if my body is trying to turn baby (he is still back-to-back .... and apparently he is very comfy like that - i'm not!!). COnfident labour isnt just round the corner!

  • Morning ladies!

    happy due date Sange. If things didn't happen over the weekend, i hope the induction goes well today!

    Custard- hope ur mum doesn't drive u too mad!

    missdeedee- glad to hear you are doing well!

    HF- enjoy your family day!

    after y.days pains (back and bump ache for about 20 mins) nothing! I think baby was just moving too! Got my first S&S this morn. Part of me thinks it will kick start things but part of me can see me being induced boxing day! Baby out vibes very much appreciated!!
  • Morning all

    Happy due date kelskii and sange. Sorry I missed yours mrs bass, how are you feeling?

    Custard, booo to nothing happening yet. At least having your mum around should keep you distracted though?

    Missdeedee - hello lovely! I cant believe that O is 10 days old already. And he's so gorgeous, you must be over the moon. I'll accept some of those vibes, I know I'm due on the 26th but I'd quite like him to arrive this week!

    HF have fun swimming. FX that baby turns before labour.

    I've got a mostly lazy day ahead thank goodness. My SPD is getting really bad now so I just need to rest I think. Hoping baby comes soon!

  • Morning!

    Hiya Custard- we definitely need these babies out now!

    MDD- hello, its nice to see your keeping an eye on us! :-)

    HF- enjoy swimming, get that baby moving!

    Mrs Bass- hope the S+S goes ok! Keep us posted!

    Penny- rest up with that spd, its def a killer!

    AFM- 6 days over and counting...grrrrr! So so so fed up now! Last night I was in agony, slept all of two hours, had the runs in the evening, sick during the night and huge kicks and movement...to wake with nothing! Ive got my sweep tomorrow and as much as Im dreading it I hope it starts something off! Although with my luck im sure ill be on of the ones it does nothing for. Lots of baby out vibes would be appreciated before induction at the weekend! :-)

  • Penny- hope u get to rest as much as possible

    Gemini- lots and lots of baby out vibes!!

    well the s&s wasn't too bad and she said i coped with it very well compared to some women!(im sure she says that to all the girls) she didn't seem positive that first s&s work but said she could just feel the top of my cervix. Baby is still only 1/5 engaged! She booked my induction in for boxing day, i have another s&s Friday!
  • Glad it wasnt too bad! Im wondering if theyll offer me another one after mine tomorrow but before induction possibly sunday.

  • Afternoon!

    Custard, hope your mums visit is short and sweet!

    Hello MDD, can't believe it's been 10 days! Hope you're all doing well xxx

    Horsefan, lots of baby turning gently vibes for you.

    Mrs Bass, hope the S&S is a success and baby outs to you!

    Penny, hope your SPD doesn't get any worse, mine seems to have stabilised but I can't walk far now. Yay for a lazy day.

    Gemini, tons of baby outs for you, hope things start moving before sweep or induction!

    Afm, heading out for bra fitting and a few bits of chrimbo shop. Then back for a nap, I'm turning more nocturnal as Pootle gets more active at night, 5am yesterday and 3am last night, little tinker x

  • Afternoon everyone

    Custard - Ha ha, Mums can be a nightmare can't they?! BTW as my PP shouldn't we swap emails or something?

    MDD - Can't believe you had the baby so early! At least you are maximising time with your baby in terms of mat leave. Congrats again and hope you don't get too many vistors out staying their welcome. We should set up a 4th tri thread really shouldn't we?

    HF - I bet you get a surprise and baby is on time!! Best to think about being overdue I suppose so you don't get impatient.

    Mrs Bass - Baby out vibes to you, hopefully sweep will work.

    Penny - Hope you don't have to wait too long, are you using any baby out techniques?!

    Gemini - Good luck tomorrow, I really hope induction can be avoided.

    Mrs P - I find the same with my baby, hopefully won't continue when they are born! Are you getting fitted for nursing bras? I was wondering when I need to do that.

    AFM - Lovely weekend of sorting out the house, finally. Christmas tree is up and shopping almost done so getting into the Christmas spirit now :)

    Hopefully H will start on the nursery over Christmas so we can start getting baby stuff organised, I'm getting excited now!!

  • Gemini- it's worth asking, she seems to tjink the 1st one aggravates the cervix and the 2nd is more likely to bring labour on!

    MrsP- enjoy the crimbo shopping and ur nap!

    MrsV- yay to Christmas festivities!

    Ive just watched mum make mince pies and we r going to watch xmas movies this afternoon!

  • Mrs Bass, did you have your sweep at home? I've just realised I forgot to get a water sample pot, did you have to provide one this time?

    Hello Mrs V! Sounds a lovely christmassy time for you

    Mrs Penguin- enjoy shopping and more importantly your nap!

  • Mrs v - are you on any of the FB groups?

  • Gemini - poor you, sounds like a miserable night :-(.  Sending you squillions of baby out vibes. Hopefully it'll all kick off naturally today/tonight and you won't even need the sweep.

    Mrs Bass I hope that today's s+s gets things moving for you. Yay for xmas movies and mince pies, have fun.

    Hey Mrs P. I think that Pootle is preparing you for the middle of the night feeds by making you practice waking up at unsociable hours! Hope the bra fitting went well. Did you go up a size since last time? I was surprised how much I had gone up when I got fitted again the other week! I'm looking forward to them hopefully going back to normal at some point after I stop BF, they just get in the way at the mo!

    Mrs V, no I'm not using too many baby out techniques at the mo, I eat a lot of spicy food anyway so I'm mostly just continuing with that for now. I would try the more 'traditional' method but I can't really move my hips, pelvis or legs without being in lots of pain so it makes it quite difficult! LOL. But I am definitely ready for him to come out now. I bet I go overdue like the others though. Yay for the getting in to the christmas spirit and I hope you do get some of your nursery bits sorted over christmas, its the ideal time really, with your H hopefully not working?

  • Gemini- it was at the surgery. It was just like a usual midfwife appt, blood pressure, sample etc but with the added extra. I forgot my pot one appointment but if u mention it to reception they will give you one to fill while you wait. Have a drink before you go so u need the loo when u get there. I feel the added pressue of needing to go and fill the pot while there makes it harder to go! Also take a pad/panty liner incase of a small bleed. Recommend deep breaths and focus on a spot on the ceiling!!

    Are u having urs at home?!

    Nothing more to report from me, thinkmIm going to end up at my induction!

  • Penny, I wish he was waking me at unsociable hours, he won't let me get to sleep til the morning!

    I got fitted and have gone up 1 more cup size (2 since pre pregnancy) but she made me buy a further cup size up for nursing bra. So normally a B, mid pregnancy went up to C, now a D and nursing bra a DD. Gone up 1 back size in total. Never in a million years did I think I'd be a double D, swit swoo! X

  • Mrs Bass- yes mines at home. 2 community MWs are coming out to me, seems the norm in this area.

    Im pretty positive ill end up being induced at the weekend too :-(

  • Custard - no Im not on any of the groups but would like to be. How do I go about it?
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