***new years day 3rd tri****


  • Morning NLH

    Happy new year all! Well this year we are all having our babies! I'm still in hospital, according to the doc I saw this morning they like 48hrs with no bleeding before discharging, bit different to the 24hrs I was told yesterday - serves me right for packing bags ready to go home! And apparently if there's another bleed they'll give me steroids to develop lungs and I'll be in till delivery whenever that may be. Little sod better be less trouble once he's born ;)

    Congrats to Jem on the birth of Maddison, who's going to have the first md baby of 2014?

    Have a good new years day all xx

  • Morning WE

    Bless you I really hope you get to go home. You need to make sure you take it easy though. Yep we have our last 2013 baby its got to be penny's turn next surely

    I went out to a NYE party last night, had a boogie and wore five in heels..... Completly shattered today, so I will be laying on sofa doing sod all today

  • Morning

    NLH - How was your night?

    Weekender - which hosp are you booked under? Will they move you there if you need to stay in or stay at rah? Glad no more bleeding. Fx it stays that way x

    Afm - up spewing during night because of heartburn. Forgot to put pillow between knees so was like an old lady shuffling to loo with sore hips. Lazy day today, will go to my mums for steak pie later on :-) hope everyone has a lovely NYD and baby out vibes to those who need.

    Ck x

  • Morning ladies, happy 2014! Nice to wake up on New Years Day without a hangover!

    Weekender- sorry that you have to stay in longer, and fx that you don't have to go down the steroids route :(

    NLH- i'm so impressed at your dancing in heels! You put me to shame!

    CK- That doesn't sound like a fun start to 2014, hope you're feeling a bit better today - enjoy your steak pie!!

    We had a very chilled new years, got a chinese- the thought of it made me feel queasy but thought I'd give it a go- turns out that was a mistake as I had a few mouthfuls and it came back up! :( Watched a film and saw in the New Year with Gary Barlow on telly and fell right asleep after! Planning a lazy day today, going to do a mahoosive food shop online to start stocking up on bits and pieces and do a couple of freezer meals... but for now I'm still sat in my PJs watching Breakfast at Tiffanys on telly, bliss!!

  • Happy New Year!

    Wowzer NLH, 5 inch heels, that's impressive.

    Weekender - I hope you will be ok to be discharged. Did you have to leave Skye to get to the hospital? I am glad everything is ok with you and baby!

    CK - sorry your NYE was spent throwing up, enjoy your steak pie today.

    Rose - Glad you are feeling better. I know what you mean about no hangover, it's great! Good luck with the food shop.

    Afm - me and H spent last night eating buffet food and playing scrabble. We watch A LOT of tv too but it was really nice. Can't believe we'll all be having our babies this year. Can't believe I've only just woken up!

  • I'm seriously suffering today, currently laying on sofa in my pj's with my blanket lol. Was a good night went to a friends house party there was about 20 people there so was a good night, I drove back and ended up going to bed just before 3am.

    Can't believe I'm saying I'm due next month omg

  • V sorry to crash - WE I didn't see until now, really hope all is well and you're home and safe and sound soon, both of you x

  • Happy new year all!

    Hope everyone had a lovely night, NLH, I don't know how you managed til 3!

    Hope you're ok a Weekender.

    Baby out vibes to Penny

    Afm, actually managed to sleep last night, let's hope this is a theme for 2014. Been for a traditional New Year's Day walk, was weird without a hangover x

  • Hey everyone hope you've had a good new years day

    CK, I'm booked at Edinburgh Royal, still no more bleeding so think will get out of rah tomorrow but from what I can gather they won't let me out until they have a referral to a consultant in Edinburgh confirmed for within the next week. Then someone else said they'd "review me again in the morning" whatever that means. We will see. They did seem to have concerns about the distance to travel up the M8 but realistically it's only an hour and St John's is half way. Hope I get out, I'm on a post natal ward which isnt much fun!

    LD, I think it is Sweetpea that's in Skye, luckily I was only about 30 mins from hospital.

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