***New Years Eve 3rd Tri***


I've given up any hope of sleep so thought I'd start today's thread!

i plan on having an active day today, I need to tire myself out so there's hope i'll sleep tonight. Watch me fall asleep by 10pm! My husband's a lucky devil.

Fingers crossed for a flurry of BA's (mine being one of them I hope)

hope you are all well and have a great New Year's Eve x


  • Morning

    Hopefully today is the day. Id avoid new years day though, id not like having a birthday when nothing is opened lol. Not that you can choose though!

    All fine here, semi packed hosp bags last night so should i go early i am a bit prepared. No signs of anything though so fully expecting an arrival around due date. Don't see the midwife again until 39 weeks, forgotten about 3rd time mother I feel!

    I need to stop buying baby clothes too, but they are so cute. Have my cloth nappy newborn stash looked out too, just need to cut some smaller fleece liners and i'm good to go.

    Hope everyone has a good hogmany. My sister has bought fireworks so we will be going over there. Not sure if i will be staying awake for the bells though, way past my bedtime!

    Ck 36+4

  • Morning ladies,

    Ive woke up to bleeding this morning, I was hoping to avoid as Ive a low placenta and know it is a symptom.  On the phone to NHS24 at the moment as typically I'm at my mums and nowhere near my local hospital.

    Vibes that it stops please??

  • Loads of vibes weekender, hope you get seen asap xx

  • She's currently phoning my own hospital despite me being almost 2 hrs away from there at my mums??  I could have done that....

    Okay, I'm off to RAH (wish me luck!!)  Will update later x

  • Good luck, ive always found the rah helpful x

  • Oh weekender mega vibes - hope everything is okay xxx

    Mrs P good for you having an active day! Baby out vibes in your direction!

    CK good job with the hospital bag! Its sooooo hard not to buy lots of tiny clothes isn't it? Do you get as many pressies for subsequent children as you do for no1?

    Not much to update here. Baby quiet (nothing new there) but lots of BH yesterday. Quiet Hogmanay me thinks - I do wonder if I'll even see midnight! Have a great day one and all and happy new year! Here's to a 2014 with lots of gorgeous new babies xx

  • Thanks ladies, had heartbeat trace done and that's fine, waiting for scan now to determine position of placenta, if it's still low it looks like I'll be bringing in new year in hospital, aa they'll keep me in for observation :( as long as baby is ok though that's all that matters

    MrsP, hope you get a good sleep tonight

    CK, cute baby stuff is a must, can never have too much

    SP, happy hogmanay :)

  • Loads of vibes for you weekender, hope you're out of hospital soon xxx

  • Hi all

    WE - vibes for you Mrs I'm sure all will be ok

    On my phone so won't do personals for all. But hope your all ok.

    Afm - feel shattered and meant to be going to party tonight. Had really bad pains yesterday and they continued throughout the night, really thought something was wrong. I went to midwife this morning and she said the head isnt engaged so that's a good sign. Just to keep an eye on it

  • Just tri-stalking ready to move over next week - Weekender, hope all is ok for you. Good that the baby seems happy. Sending lots of vibes that you don't have to stay in too long!x

  • Hey everyone

    Mrs P i really hope that you manage to get some sleep at some point, you must be totally exhausted.

    CK sounds like you're well prepared for baby. Have a nice time tonight.

    weekender - phew, glad baby is ok. It might not be fun to be in hospital for NYE but like you say, baby is the main concern.

    Hey sweetpea, hope you have a good day

    NLH make sure you rest up today, ok?

    Hi Flossy, not long til third tri for you now.

    Well, 40+5 and I'm still here. Pretty fed up but nothing I can do about it. I have tried all of the baby-out methods but he's determined to stay in and be a 2014 baby. Hubby has just suggested that we invite a few people over for a quiet night in - with designated drivers, of course,  in case it all kicks off and they have to leave! Hopefully this will invoke sod's law... right??

  • Had scan, baby is fine, measuring fine etc, def a boy, was wiggling his bits at us. Placenta is def still covering the cervix so I'm being admitted for 24 hrs to ensure there's no further bleeding.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok x

  • Weekender, what a relief, and what a cheeky boy! I hope the next 24 hours go quickly for you. Hopefully it'll at least be nice and cheerful in the hospital because of it being NYE. x

  • Weekender, great news that baby boy is ok, sounds like he's having a New Year's Eve party of hugs own in there! Hope it's fun in hospital for you xxx

  • So glad baby is ok hun. Are they still hoping that the placenta will move up??

    Make the most of this night in hospital I know its not a nice place to be but you need to rest x

  • Aw hugs weekender. Sorry you are spending NYE in hospital lovely xxx

  • Glad you are ok weekender. Hope they look after you in hospital.

    Hope everyone has a lovely evening and happy new year.

  • Cheers ladies

    NLH, I'll still be scanned at 32 wks to check but they basically said today it's not likely to move enough to deliver naturally.

    They just offered to let H in tonight between 11:30 and 12:30 but decided against as he's already been here 3 times today and I'm running out of things to say to him Laugh

    Have a good one when it comes everyone xx

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