***TFI Friday 1st Tri***

Morning ladies! Hope you're all doing well and lots of vibes for no nasty symptoms this weekend! Had an interesting night with a teething O here...waking hysterical a few times, but settling v quickly with anbesol. He's bright and cheery this morning, while I'm crackered and having to go to work :'( Pregnancy wise all good though, just achy ever-expanding boobs to report...people pay good money for this look, all I want is a reduction! Anyway, have a good day all and I'll pop back later


  • Morning!

    Coco sorry to hear you're so tired, I hope O sleeps better tonight so you can catch up a bit.

    I've had a dreadful nights sleep again. The insomnia is really starting to get me down now :(

    Otherwise I'm hoping everything's ok, a little nausea yesterday but not much.

    A happy note- I pick up my shiny new car today! Yipee!

  • Afternoon.

    Coco - hope you're surviving today!!!

    Imp - happy new car day!!! Hope you enjoy it.

    AFM - not sure if I feel a bit of nausea or not today?!? I've got an Xmas night out straight from work so will be in the pub, not drinking, by 4pm. Meal is at 5pm. This is Xmas night out 3 of 5 so I'm getting there. Will be glad when they are all done!!!

    Hi to all that follow.
  • Hello ladies, I've come to join you, feeling a bit nervous as am only 4+3 but I loved the tri threads last time round so want to get stuck in!

    Coco - Poor O, they're always so bloomin' cheerful the morning after a bad night aren't they?! Makes it worse somehow. Hope work is going ok.

    Imp - sorry to hear about the insomnia, it's awful not being able to sleep. I was once told "well if you're tired enough you'd sleep" and it is so not true. But YAY to the shiny new car!

    CA - Oh wow how come you have so many Christmas nights?! Enjoy the dinner.

    AFM - still no pregnancy symptoms but I didn't get any with A until I was at least five and a half weeks, and I don't mind waiting haha. A was a bit of a bugger last night, waking every hour. We've been trying a soft version of "crying it out" but we cosleep so I'm in the bed with him, and rather than feed him on demand (I mean he has been feeding every hour, it was unworkable) I've been letting him cry during the night but giving him cuddles instead. It was working really well, he started sleeping through the night with only one wake-up for a feed but last night he just lost the plot! I ended up feeding him every two hours instead of making him wait for four. I'm going out for dinner tonight with friends so my H will have him, bet the little bugger falls asleep straight away and doesn't wake!

  • Hey CA I don't know how you've coped with all the night out, you're a trooper.

    Saisi, that'll be sods law if he falls asleep no problem.

    Got my car, am grinnning from ear to ear!

  • CA - Wow to 5 nights out....I've forgotten what 1 is, haha! Enjoy, but I can imagine how hard it is constantly explaining the non drinking!

    Saisi - Hiya love! Sounds like you had a rough night too. Hope you have a good night out tonight though (and it is always sods law that they're fine for the H's when they have them alone! ;-) ) We must be pretty close in dates?

    Imp - Yay for shiny new cars! what did you get? Hope you have a better sleep tonight.

    Well work was crap and H is out on his xmas shindig tonight, so I treated myself to a (wedge of) cake! it was GOOD! Otherwise vleaning once O is in bed in prep for my parents visiting tomorrow!

    Have a good evening all x

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