***thur 2nd tri***


didn't get back on but MDD, the 69 days now are working days until mat leave.

hope we are all well x



  • Morning lovey! I didn't find an app but worked out the same for me (on a spreadsheet!) and I am at 73 days! Scary but it's a good feeling! How's you?x

  • Morning all! Ohhh you two - I might get myself a countdown now too :o) Also what week do we officially move over onto 3rd Tri on here? (think I may be cloooooose!)

    .... oh my word - 50 days!!!! Stick out tongue

  • Hello! I'm currently trying to work out when to leave! I need to tell my boss on Tuesday.

    How are you all?

    I'm sick of peeing so much! Last night I peed 3 times cooking tea. I made pasta with a stir in sauce!

  • Hi everyone

    First day on second tri!!

    Mrs P - Everyone's on countdown! I'm sure I've still got ages yet.

    MDD - Morning, hope you are well.

    Weeme - I think 3rd tri starts at 28 weeks?

    Custard - It's difficult to decide when to start mat leave isn't it? You don't want too long at home waiting!

    AFM - Can't believe I'm in second tri already, but not complaining. Resisting buying much so far as we have a scan in 2 and a bit weeks to hopefully find out that all is well!

  • Hiya mrsV! And hi everyone! We started a thread at the same time lol got such a busy day today :(

    Hannah 14+2

  • Custard, if it helps I have birth with my first at 38 weeks so I wouldn't want to leave it too late

  • Welcome to the 2nd tri mrs V :) it's scary to think I don't have much longer left in here!

  • Hi everyone. Making it on here early for a change!

    MrsP & MDD - Are your countdowns just working days, or days till Maternity leave i.e. do they include annual leave etc?

    Weeme - i think 3rd Tri starts at 27weeks. I might be wrong!

    Custard - I'm fed up of peeing at night - espeically since LO has started sleeping thru again!

    MrsV - Is this a specific heart scan or just extra scans this time?

    Have plasterer popping in to do a quote for the work in our hall today. Carpenter was here yesterday calculating floorboard requirements. Neither of them will give a date when they can actually start the work. Grrrr.  Just wanna get on & decorate now!

    Got a free toy kitchen for LO the other day (was outside someones house with a "free to good home" label on it. Its v.dirty & weather looks nice so plan to give it a good scrub in the garden today :-)

    HF (23+1)

  • Morning all!

    was really hoping my sickness would be going soon, but not so lucky! the anti-sickness drugs have helped but im still throwing up! getting to feel like I am just going to be sick for my entire pregnancy!

    hope you are all well, i see alot of talk on here about work and when your going to leave! i am hoping to work up until 36 weeks at the moment but not sure if that will be possible, as i suppose no one knows whats going to happen really!

    staring to get that feeling of panic that we won't have everything ready for when it comes along!

  • Hello and welcome Mrs V

    Horsefan, it's working days only.

    MissDeeDee, I'm good thanks, how's your hip? Had anymore pain? x

  • Working days def - just seen my new ticker and how loooooong there really is to go!

  • Hi Mrs V - welcome!

  • Hi ladies,

    You've got me thinking now about maternity leave. What's the norm for starting mat leave? I've got 4 weeks holiday to use before mat leave so I would probably look to start at 36 weeks to maximise full pay due to my company's tightness. It's difficult to know what to do as you don't want to be sat around. My due date falls quite nicely as I'll be able to hand over all of my work at the end of the year.

    Welcome to 2nd tri Mrs V.

    Hope everyone is ok.

  • I've decided that I'm going to leave at 35+3.  I'm at risk for being induced a couple of weeks earlier plus if I leave then I have less than 50 working days left and that is very appealing! ;)

  • I'm on hols at 37 weeks, then mat officially starts at 40 weeks. That's made me think perhaps I'm being a bit ambitious......

  • HF my figures are actual days in the office, so I've excluded weekends and a week I have off work in October. It's actual work days.

    I'm good thanks Mrs P. I had the hip pain (same side) again this morning but not as bad as the night before last. I don't know what it is. I have the midwife on Tue for my 22week app so I'll ask her then!

    Babydeedee's having a mad day today, it's been crazy wriggles and rolls all day!

  • I'm planning to go off on holiday at 37 weeks and my mat leave start at 39weeks. I have a scan at 37 weeks and will know if I have to have a section which I'm hoping not and if I do and it's happening before 39 weeks I'll just get those holidays back and add them onto the end of my leave!

  • HF - It's a heart scna but I'm hoping a general health check of baby too. Then its only a couple of weeks until my 20 week scan.

    Thanks for all your welcomes ladies.

  • anyone in here had a doppler done?

  • Mrs V, glad you are getting the early heart scan, will they be able to tell quite alot at that point about the general health?

    NLH I have a doppler at home, is that what you mean by having it done?

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