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Morning ladies

Managed to sleep a bit better last night but still wide awake by 6am which is so annoying. Non work day though so I can hang about in bed a bit longer. H is downstairs with p and I can hear them singing and dancing to the radio! ! 

P and I have to go to the  stables this morning then we have toddler group. Not much planned for this afternoon.  

Pregnancy wise im 12 weeks today which is good but wont be relaxing at all until scan next week. 6 sleeps!! Im hugely jealous of tthose with similar dates who've had theirs! 

Have you all had flu jab letters? Not heard anything from my gp yet so I might give them a ring later. Being a teacher im surrounded by germs so od rather have it sooner than later.

Hope everything is feeling ok, happy Thursday! !!



  • Hey AR, I had my letter weeks back. Hope you have a good day off.

    Today is the most stressful day since I joined the company in May. Audit/Chairman/cash issues all culminating in one day. Very nervous, just want it over and done with. The bedroom and bathroom are coming along nicely though hubby is achey and knackered bless him. I love the colours, total transformation from what the previous owners had :)

    Hoping to receive blood results this week but guessing it'll be next.

  • Morning girls,

    AR - hope the wait goes quickly until your scan. I got my letter yesterday, not sure if I'm a bit early to be having it or doesnt it matter?

    Counter - hope today goes ok. In a few hours it'll be over!

    AFM: Felt exhausted this morning when I first got up but feel ok now. It was nice seeing my friend last night - tad awkward as we haven't seen each other in a couple of years. Tired when I got home though! Only 1 more day to wait until my scan. I'm so nervous and just praying everything is ok.

  • Morning ladies x. When did you all tell your GP and sort a booking in appt? I haven't yet, since only 21 dpo and 4+5 going by LMP date. I'm working pretty much constantly (3 days, one day off, 3 nights, all 12 hr shifts) for a week as of tomorrow, and was thinking of popping in to the receptionist after that. That's not too late is it? Means I'll be nearly 6 weeks then. Hubby wants to come with me to all appts, including the booking in. I take it that's normal? When I did my midwifery module training, we were told they sometimes get suspicious when husbands insist on coming to every appt, from a safeguarding point of view. They probably were referring to the large amount of non English speaking ethnic minority mums to be, where husbands always there meant the woman has no chance to speak her mind. I don't come across as downtrodden so plan on letting OH be there!

  • Barefoot, my doctor found it funny I went to see him. At my surgery you get a form from reception, complete and return it and within a few days the midwife calls, makes the booking in appointment and then you're in the system. No appointments until 10 weeks. :)

  • Ah well that's even easier! Although at my age I know it will be a high risk pregnancy and that sometimes early anomaly scans are offered. I'll wait until after next weekend, so I'll be just over 6 weeks, then go. I think if anything were to happen and I have an early m/c, I'd rather not already be in the system as pregnant, IYSWIM? It sounds awful now, but at work, if someone has abdo pain and says they're 4 weeks, we tend to think "well, barely pregnant, possibly chemical pg, late period" etc. Before ttc, I always said early tests were a bad thing, caused so much heartache when people know it's a m/c, whereas years ago, m/c at 6 weeks would be put down to a late, heavy period and no emotional trauma.

    Anyway, enough wittering about negatives. I'm still lounging in bed with the cat. Should probably get up and be sociable with my friend soon!

  • BF - why is it a high risk pregnancy? If it's only your age I am not sure it is. The midwife, doctor and anyone else I've encountered so far seem to think age is far less of a factor than it used to be, in fact my midwife was talking 45+ as the key group for extra care if you're otherwise well. However, it's probably different in different areas anyway.

  • Ah OK. I had just heard that over 36 was seen as high risk. My best friend had twins at 38 and she was told she was high risk due to age as well as twins. Maybe I should stop stressing. Seems I'm stressing about everything at the moment. It will be better once I have told a few people I think. At the moment I feel rather alone, except for a husband who is doing his best, but seems to think that as a woman I know all about being pregnant and know what to do next!

  • Morning,

    Busy thread already!

    AR- Wish i had a no work day today! How lovely hearing P and your H this morning :) My midwife told me to call the GP in october so im going to call them next week.

    Counter- Sounds stressful! Does your midwife call you with your blood results? Im hoping to hear about mine this week.

    Browny- I am with you on the exhaustion! Good luck tomorrow, im sure all will be well :)

    Barefoot- I went to my GP when I was 5 weeksish. Waste of time actually for me as they never gave me the info to refer me. So my booking in app was late. My H didnt come to my booking in app, but will be coming to the scan.

    AFM- Well my doppler arrived yesterday and I found the heartbeat :) it was so fast, really does sound like galloping horses. I am not lseeping well at the moment, sore back and getting really hot. ended up top and tailing wih H so that I couldnt feel his body heat as much. 1 week til scan!

  • It's all a bit surreal I think. It's a weirdy little bubble at the mo, or was for me! It takes a bit of time. I was ALL over the place, and then I got a bit 'meh' and wished I'd realised there was a 'meh' stage coming as perhaps i wouldn't have got myself so in a tizz, but emotions is emotions and we can't control them! When can you tell your best friend? I think that will help a lot. Bless your husband, he's probably as bewildered as you are but men do seem to defer to us on this stuff, I keep telling my husband not to just agree with me but do his own research and form his own opinions lol!

    Do you know whether you can self-refer to your Early Pregnancy Unit? If you're holding off getting in to the system it's nice to know you can call them if you need. I had a couple of scares and rang them and they were lovely (and made me cry by being sweet lol). And also, a private scan. As an 'oldie' I was adamant there would be problems or a miscarriage and at 7 weeks I had a scan (£60 - worth every penny) and it helped me so much to feel better and to sink in a bit. It might not be for you but a few of us have done that and been glad we did. Just a thought :)

  • Bertie! How far are you? Why get a doppler? Not a judgement, lol, just curious about such things.

    I don't know about my blood results. I thought I'd call her tomorrow in case, I want those before speaking to work and telling friends etc.

    Are you hot a lot Bertie? I thought I should be hot but for weeks I'm cold, cold, cold then boiling over. Then way too hot, fan on etc, then I get cold again. Very strange :)

  • Ladies  - is there anyone to add their EDD to the sticky date thread at the top of the board? I feel a bit lonesome up there at the mo and wondered if anyone else might join in? x

  • Counter- I am 11 plus 4. I just wanted one as I am a bit of a worrier and though if I could find the heartbeat it would give me some reasurrance before the scan. And I never had a scan afetr some red blood i had a few weeks ago so it was very nice to hear it :)

    I am planning on calling tomorrow too, the hopsital did say to me to call the midwife if I havent heard within 5 days. No I am a cold person normally, even in bed I have to have the duvet on but now at night time I am boiling! I am getting the fan out tonight.

  • Bertie was it expensive? How often would you use it? I'ms o intrigued lol

  • Hello everyone.  Sorry for offloading on yesterday's thread and not coming back.  Thanks for the messages, though, especially you, brownie(I'm so sorry about your dad, it must have been terrible).  He's going in for an MRI to check if it spread to the brain, and he's not been given a strict prognosis yet.  It's just difficult that they're all the way back in Canada and I can't do anything to help.

    But in happier news I did get my visa yesterday- leave to remain in the UK has been granted, just in time for us to go to Paris for 6 months Laugh

    And pregnancy related, I'm still only 4+1, and I've been doing more hpts just to see the lines get darker and use up my ICs, and I'll use my 2nd CBD on the weekend to see the numbers go up.  Just reassures me that so far so good, right?

    And as for personals.. There have been a few people so far, but barefoot, I don't think just being older makes it high risk, especially if you're in good shape, which i believe you are (having seen how fit you looked in your wedding dress!), good luck to those getting blood results, and sorry about the exhaustion, I suppose that's something to look forward to.  I've already found I've been starving the last few days..  I've not bothered adding my edd to the list, it's waaaay too early yet, and I have booked myself in at the GP for next week.  I called them up and told them I was pregnant and what should I do, and the receptionist asked if I wanted an appointment, so I asked if I needed one, and she said it was up to me!  Made the appointment in the end, though, because if wanted to get more asthma prescriptions and double check that they're ok while pregnant.  The internet says they are, but I figured I should just go in to make sure.

  • I was looking at dopplers on eBay but decided against it because if I couldn't use it and find a heartbeat then I would freak myself out completely! I like the idea of them though :)

    Blaming hormones! Ignore me!

    just added my EDD so your not alone counter:)

  • CC, why aren't you joining us? Are you okay pet?

  • Just after recent events and then comments today have been a little negative and trying too keep a positive attitude in my head.. I am finding it hard to sleep as well because I am constantly waking to check I haven't been bleeding.. I just feel maybe stepping away from here for a little while would be beneficial

  • Counter- It was £20 on amazon, an angel sounds one. I used it yesterday as I just got it but prob will only use every now and then. I know that the midwife cant always find the heartbeat so wasnt going to get too worried if I couldnt. I will add my edd after my scan :)

    Venart- Hello, sorry dont think i saw your post on yesterdays thread, hope all is ok.

    CC- Are you ok?

  • CC- i know how you feel, i felt like that a few weeks back. And sometimes reading other peoples posts symtoms and things made me worry more as I didnt have many. keep positive :) and please try not to worry about more bleeidng, easier said than done I know.

  • Bertie you're right, at one point I was posting just a line or two a day as didn't feel up to joining in proper... Who are you on Hitched? It's occurred to me I know nobody unless it's super obvious (same name, or picture of a familiar cute dog, lol)

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