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Morning ladies

nearly the weekend yay!

nothing much to report from me, I'm seeing the docs tonight. Only 5 Weeks and 5 days so not sure what to expect but we'll see, I'm actually looking forward to going to the doctors for once!

hope you all have a good day will be back later to update xxx


  • Hi MrsL: The dr won't do anything pregnancy related. They'll probably do weight & bp & take your details to pass onto the mw (well that's my experience) got to wait another week for mine!

    Well I had more spotting yesterday, it lasted slightly longer than the other day but still not much & was over quite quickly. Now if only I can get this nausea to do 1 I'll be much happier (although i guess it does keep reminding me that I am actually pregnant as we haven't told anyone & I'd lied to some people so sometimes I forget the truth!!)

    Parents evening tonight so it's gonna be a long day,

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning MrsL

    I'm not sure what the doctors do as I self reffered straight to the midwife, but just give you some info on what you should/shouldn't be doing I guess.

    I spent the morning gagging in the sink which was not fun and I swear my stomach is now getting bigger and I'm only 9 weeks! I would have thought it wouldn't have shown as much as it's all just flab really. That was a bit of a moany post - sorry!

    Hi to everyone else :)
  • Blackkat, cross posted.

    Are you going to have an early scan or wait until your 12 week one? I've found with sickness, water hasn't helped me but some squash and eating little and often, even though I can't face it has helped.
  • Hi PP, yes I'm trying to drink strong squash but trying to eat when I'm not feeling it is hard. I had a little spotting in my last pregnancy & all was well. I'm also not sure if spotting is something they'd do an early scan for. I think if happens again I might contact someone & see if they'd do a reassurance scan.

  • Morning everyone.

    Mrs l hope that the doctors goes smoothly. Mine were the same as others, tested my wee with a pregnancy test, sent my details to the midwife and gave me her details as I had to call her to fill in a referral form over the phone to send to the hospital for the booking in appointment and gave me the first bounty pack which also had the form in to fill in for the hospital to take to the booking in appointment, although this time we got the form in the post as we use the hospital that no one else seems to!

    Blackkat hope that the spotting doesn't come back and the sickness eases. Hope parents evening doesn't drag too much. We've got the second one tonight, although last night as I don't have a class the head let me go at 5:30pm.

    Picklepants - I hope that the sickness doesn't stay around for too long. Well at least if your showing hopefully that means baby is growing well!

    Got genetic midwife this morning. I don't have to go into work first which means I had a lie in! Should get the date for an early scan and to sort out the CVS test too.

  • Tentatively poking my head round the door! Got 5 (I know, I know) faint BFPs yesterday! And another one this morning...so it appears I'm up the duff....!

    VERY early days, so I don't think I will be here every day...just trying to take each week as it comes. After 2 losses you would think I would be terrified but I am really happy and excited. Got a good feeling about this one!

    I've felt sick the past couple of days and I'm already really tired all the time and have sore boobs.

    So...here I am. Pregnant. Around 3 + 5 by my last period...eeek! Hoping for a positive CBD at the weekend, think that always makes it feel a bit more real!

  • Just being nosey, but glad I was! Congrats rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you a very boring and healthy 8 months xx

  • Thanks Noodle!! x

  • RODDERS! I am so glad to see you here!  (I'm not sure you'll recognise me but I am in the Lounge and my name is on the intro thread). Keeping everything crossed for you pet xxx

    Mrs L - good luck at the docs. Mine was a bit more like what some people's MW appts are like, telling me what not to eat etc.

    BK - vibes that the spotting means nothing, could you have a private early scan for reassurance?

    PP - hope you feel better. I have spent many a morning with my head over sink. Haven't actually been sick though, thankfully.

    Bunny - keep us posted, hope it all goes well

    AFM - my earache is subsiding, and I feel OK today. Went to bed very early again though, this tiredness is not letting off! Four sleeps til 12 week scan - sorry for the countdown, it's keeping me sane!

    Hi to all that follow xx

  • I know who you are Gavi xxx thank you xxx

  • Morning ladies

    MrsL - hope everything goes well at the doctors later. I only saw the GP with my first pregnancy and that was because I was due to take anti malaria medication for a holiday and needed to chat about whether or not I should still take them! This time around, I self referred to the MW.

    BK - I'm pleased to hear you've had no more spotting since yesterday. I hope the nausea doesn't last too long and that your parents evening runs smoothly tonight. When I had some spotting last week, I looked into arrange a private early scan as I knew they'd probably be a bit reluctant to send me for an early one on the NHS. Doesn't hurt to ask though.

    PP - I'm also around 9 weeks and my tummy is definitely bigger. I think it's more bloating than anything else, although I do feel like I'm perhaps eating more than I need to.

    Bunny - hope your appointment goes well this morning.

    Rod - lovely news, congratulations! Keeping absolutely everything crossed that this pregnancy runs smoothly for you xx

    AFM, sorry I didn't make it back on yesterday. I did read all your replies. My acupuncture appointment went well - very different to any acupuncture I've had before but I came away feeling fine. I've not had one of my bad headaches for a week or so so it's hard to tell if it's helping yet but we'll see. I've got another appointment on Monday.

    Pregnancy wise all seems well at the moment. I'm hoping to get my scan date through any day, probably won't receive the letter until next week but I can't wait nonetheless. Only symptoms at the moment are sore boobs and a tiny bit of nausea first thing.

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Bunny - how did you get on?

    Rod - Congratulations!! Did you take inositol? Wishing you a care free healthy 8 months.

    Gavi - glad the earache is dying down. Not long till the scan now!

    WG - glad the acupuncture went well, do you have to have many more treatments?
  • Gavi - I've just realised I missed you out earlier, sorry. Hope you're feeling better, yay to scan in a few days.

    PP - the lady reckons I should notice a difference after 2/3 sessions a week apart. Some people need to go every so often for maintenance but others find 3 sessions enough to ease the problem. Fingers crossed!

  • Congratulations rod! Here's to a straight forward 8 months x

    Gavi glad the ear ache is going, not long until your scan!

    Weather girl glad the acupuncture went well, hopefully you will get your scan appointment through very soon!

    Sorry for not getting back on earlier just got home from the parents evening. It went well, the midwife was lovely, made me cry a bit as she was nice and interested in k. She's booked an early scan for us for next Friday when I will be 9-10 weeks. Then once dated I've just got to text the genetic midwife and she will book us in for a CVS when I will be 11weeks, or as close to that as possible, they won't do it before 11weeks. Hopefully we should have had the CVS and results in 3 weeks time. The initial results come back in 2-3 days then the full results in 2-3 weeks, but the initial results tell you about downs, edwards and pataus. She was saying it can be done at our hospital, its an in and out job and although the national average for miscarriage after the procedure is 2% but at our hospital its 1% which makes me feel better.

  • Sorry I didn't make It back on here yesterday. Just wanted to say a huge congrats to rod and sending sticky vibes to you x

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