***thursday 2nd tri***

Scan day!!!! I'll bet you're all glad I'll stop counting down now. It's late morning then consultant straight after to check on growth because of p. Hopefully it'll be fine and he'll sign me straight back up mw care. 20weeks was the start of lots of worry for us with p's growth being behind, although she caught up by birth, so I'm anxious to know alls ok. Plus dying to know the flavour! I'll try and update later.


  • Morning

    AR- Good luck with your scan today. Lots Of growing vibes for you. I am already booked in for 3 additional growth scans.

    Not a lot to report from me. I am just about to leave for work. Still find it odd that I am 22 weeks today and hardly feel this baby! I think it is because I have an anterior high placenta this time.

  • Morning

    aR good luck today, I'm so excited for you I love when people announce the gender!!

    Section - when do you normally start to feel the baby then? I always thought it was around the 20 ish weeks??

    Afm- still upset from the twunt midwife,  but a bit more relaxed about the genetics testing. Last night I slept for 10 hours and woke up with a headache and dizziness but  I'm thinking that's normal in the 2nd tri?

  • Morning ladies,

    AR good luck with scan, report back as soon as you can. Fingers crossed for mw led x

    Section4, I don't know how you do it, 3 kids pregnancy and out to work at 7am, I'm exhausted thinking about iT! I had an anterior high placenta last time and didn't feel much for ages x

    All ok here, M back at nursery today so life can return to normality. Strangely got sore boobs again, they've not been sore since 1st tri! And I've got a craving for lentil and bacon soup this morning??

    We showed M photos of my bump when I was pregnant with her last night, and I was in shock - my bump isn't as high yet obviously but it looks similar in size otherwise to 38 week one with M. I'm going to be HUGE!

    Baby is wriggly and kicking away. Only one and half days of work till weekend x

  • Monnie, missed you there. Honestly I'd complain about your scan x

    headaches can be common I think, make sure you are drinking enough and if it persists call your midwife x

  • Good luck today AR! Hope you get a chance to come back and updated. Fingers crossed all is good with the growth and the consultant can just tick the boxes and discharge you.

    S4 - have to agree with weekender , I'm tired just thinking about all you must have to do!

    Monnie - I didn't get on yesterday but did read through the thread, that midwife sounds horrible. Hope you don't have to see her again. I got quite a lot of headaches from around week 14. I mentioned it to my midwife (who didn't seem interested but then she never does), but got my eyes tested as the optician said that they can change quite a bit during pregnancy. I got new glasses and they seem to have disappeared for now unless I'm really tired.

    Weekender - glad M is better. Lentil and bacon soup at 7am does sound a bit weird! Although I'm sure there's worse cravings!

    AFM - a couple of comments yesterday on the size of my bump, as if it's huge... I don't think it's that big, might have to try and take a pic. I'm only 5'1 so think it's a bit deceptive. Met some friends last night and didn't get to bed until midnight so I'm exhausted now! Luckily we have someone coming to value the house this morning so don't have to rush into work (and I'm writing this from bed!).

    Still not feeling much in the way of movement. I've checked my notes about three times and it doesn't say anything about an anterior plancenta so I feel like I should be feeling something proper by now (22 wks). Someone mentioned that your build can affect it but I'm only a size 12 so I didn't think I'd have any issues.

  • Morning!

    AR all the best with the best with the scan - can't wait for the update!

    S4 I have a high anterior placenta and have some exceptionally quiet days at 26 weeks! It can be worrying but I'm sure everything is grand!

    Monnie - defo get a complaint in lovely!! Glad you got a decent sleep

    WE that is an odd craving indeed!! Hopefully you are doing lots of growing now and it evens out so you don't get too big!

    Flossy what do you feel? I don't think there's a definite time it should start and at 22 weeks bubs is still quite small so perhaps just has plenty of space. I genuinely wouldn't be worrying at the mo and certainly at 22 weeks (and even at 26 as it turns out!) I still don't feel baby every day.

    AFM been awake since 4am. Got up eventually but didn't manage to doze on the couch as I'd hoped. Thankfully we have a day off and are away for a trike tour (you know those 3 wheeled motor bikes?) round Loch Lomond. Must wrap up warm!!

  • Morning, off out for the day so haven't got time for personals but will try get on later.

    Good luck today AR!

    We have our rescan to check that the fluid is going into her stomach today so fingers crossed we see it straight away! Hope your all well.

  • Hello All, will pop back later. Hectic here, late in a seen midwife, all fine and dandy. Love hearing heartbeat. 5 weeks until next appointment, 2nd Jan. Isn't time just ZOOMING by?!? x

  • Morning All

    sorry only just been able to log on, working from home today and just got back from Midwife i've got low blood pressure but baby is fine

    OMG i go into the 3rd Tri tomorrow, when did that happen? so much to do so little time

    Panic panic panic!!!!!!

    hope you lovelies are all ok? x

  • SP, I feel kind of like wriggling I guess. Only felt about 4 kicks, and even then I'm not sure it's all in my mind! I know it's probably not something to worry about so early, but I'm just a bit gutted as it's one of the first things people seem to ask about now. I've just been saying yes to avoid questions! I have a 25 week midwife appointment so if it's still the same

    I can bring it up then. I guess as a natural worrier it'd just be nice to get the reassurance from it more than anything.

    Yay Counter! I know, I realised I'll be 26 weeks on Christmas Day which feels really far along! Not sure how I'll manage to get any work done after Christmas, I'm already struggling!

    NLH, 3rd tri thread seems scary to me! Lots of talk of sweeps and inductions and actual babies!

  • Flossy! i know...................Actual babies!!!! OMG!

  • ladies for the past few days iv had quite alot of EWCM which is weird as i never ever had it whilst TTC (typical) but today iv also got TMI SORRY some brown discharge, is this normal ?

  • Monnie

    i defo got "wetter" in 2nd trimester! as far as i know its the norm!

  • Just nipping back on with a scan update. Looks like a lovely healthy boy in there!! He was so wiggly she couldn't quite see all the heart well enough so back in 2 weeks to check again but she's not worried at all. He's bang on average size wise which is such a relief, will have 1 further growth scan at 32 weeks to check that but so pleased and such a weight off. Got to get my hear around being team blue, I was sure it was a girl. So excited though!!
  • Congratulations AR, how exciting! Great news about his size too. Looks like you have a whole new wardrobe to buy for him!

  • congratulations AR  x

  • congrats AR xx

  • Fantastic news AR!

    Didnt get chance to get on today but will try again tomorrow :)

  • Late too the party today.. I just haven't really got much to say atm... Scan's not for ages so just waiting really...

    Lovely to hear your on team blue AR! fab news :)

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