***Thursday 3rd Tri***

Morning all, no change on my rubbish sleep, decided to get up this time though so thought I would pass sometime on my phone and hopefully I will fall back asleep!
MS I hope your well on way to meeting your LO if they're not already here!!
I have my last antenatal class today so away early this afternoon, although I have so much to do this morning it's going to be a manic day at work!


  • Oh and Mrs Bass/Mrs P I ordered this coat -


    Looks quite nice for the price. It should arrive today so I'll let you know what it's like! It's been frost here every morning this week so decided I'm definitely not going to make it through winter without a coat I can property fasten!

  • Hi Mdd, sorry you can't sleep again. I've been awake for nearly an hour coughing! Sigh. Felt a lot better yesterday so not too happy that this cough has got worse! Hope you get a bit more sleep before getting up for work xx

    I was thinking about MS all evening, hope everything went/is going ok for them, can't wait for some news!

  • Morning girls

    Quick one from me, contractions suddenly progressed yesterday evening and our baby boy arrived at 11.30pm last night weighing 8ib 8oz. No time to get in the pool, he arrived an hour and a half after getting to the birth centre. Second stage of labour was 10 minutes!!! Not decided on a name yet, will update you when we decide.

    Hopefully MS is also currently having newborn cuddles! Good luck MS, looking forward to seeing your BA! xx

  • Excellent news! Congratulations and well done :-)  Will post on your BA :-) xx

  • Morning all,

    MDD - i was having rubbish sleep / insomnia a couple of weeks ago - it seems to have passed now - hope yours does too. Lying awake for ages is so annoying!

    BE - Hope your cough improves soon. I'm sure Boots do a pregnancy-friendly cough syrup

    Congrats Banzy - Saw your BA :-)  Can we all order a birth like that please!

    AFM - I was exhausted after driving to my friends & back yesterday. Took longer than expecting as weather & roads were rubbish. So in the car for total 4&bit hours - my back was killing. Still it was lovely catch up. Today we have a different carpet shop coming to measure up & quote for halls/standing/landing. (Still not made a decision!!) and then i'm going to a friends round the corner to "dyson sit" whilst she is at work - her dyson engine has blown up and dyson are sending an engineer to fix it!  

  • Oh, i forgot to come back to the day re car's trip to the garage. The starting issue turned out to a 10quid connector that had burned out. Phew Phew. The boot hinge is a whole different story. It needs replacing. Part = 140quid. Painting it, fitting it etc .... = total bill is gonna be estimated 300quid. Nearly died. F-ing money pit car!

    Cant decide whether to sell it (it is 18yr old) & buy a newer car capable of towing horse trailer (probably cant afford), or sell both car & trailer (and thus have to hire/beg/borrow/steal equine transport in the future when needed), or stick with it current car..........  someone decide for me!!??

  • Morning all

    MDD sorry your still having trouble sleeping not ideal when you've got a busy day ahead.

    Hi BE have a great day

    Banzy congratulations again

    HF what a dilemma you have re. Car/trailer. Do you think you'll do a lot of towing once baby is here? If you do then I guess you'll have to stick with current car-trailer combo if a new car is out of the question. I know it's a lot of money to find when something goes wrong but if you can't afford a new car not sure what the alternative is? Do you do a lot of events with friends? Perhaps share their horse box/trailer??

    AFM still here had another fab birthday tea for Isla yesterday. Baby out vibes for me from today onwards please. Feeling good though to be honest. No plans today just chilling whilst Isla goes to play at her grandparents xx

  • Oh yes. Can't wait to hear from MS. Hoping things went smoothly for her x

  • Will do personals later. Need breakfast as I'm starving! !! Big congrats to banzy. Still nothing to report from me. I am begging for baby out vibes now please x x x
  • Morning,

    Will be back for personals. Please do flash a pic of the coat MDD!

    Afm, I have my best mate coming to stay tonight for the weekend ! Can't wait to see her. Having hair cut and coloured tonight then spa day on Saturday, bliss!

    Congratulations Banzy!

    Hope ms is doing well xxx
  • Massive baby out today vibes LP x
  • Morning, are there many of us left now?!

    Massive congratulations to Banzy!

    Missdeedee- that looks nice and that is a really reasonable price! Hope you managed to get back to sleep!

    Bump Envy- hope your cough goes away soon. are you taking anything for it?

    HorseFan- i couldnt have coped with 4 hours in the car!!! hope you can relax while u are dyson sitting! :-) Didn't you have a similar dilema a couple of months ago?

    MrsB- Baby outt vibes! Glad isla enjoyed her tea!

    LP- Baby out ASAP vibes!!

    Mrs P- ooooh spa day!!! lucky you, sounds like a great weekend!

    AFM- had a bit of an achy bump when turning in the night, didn;t disrubt sleep too much though. Think i have a foot in my ribs at the moment, cant get comfy  at my desk and there is a dull ache on my right hand side!

    Long day at work today as we have an event after work. probably tomorrow too then working sat and going straight from work to London for a friends birthday! We are all having a roast on sunday before getting train home and he text to ask if he should book for 12:30 or 2:30. I said 12:30 as a)i;ll be starving by 2 and b) dont want to home  too late as i'll be tired and will need to pack for my holiday the next week. he has then gone and booked a table to 2:30! grr!

    Sorry, mini rant there, anyway, im expecting an exhausting few days!

  • Yes, MrsBass, well remembered (cost £1000 in May to get it thru MOT), we decided at the time to put off the decision for 6months .... Well 6months has rolled around and another bill on it and its decision time again..... And I can't decide!

  • Ps MDD, that coat is lovely! But out of stock on Asos :-(

  • HF- if its getting pricey to keep fixing maybe it would be worth getting rid and investing in something newer?

    Im bord with my matclothes now, it really not worth getting naything new though is it!

    No update from Mummy S today, hopefully she is having lots of baby cuddles now!!

  • Just checked and MS doesnt have a PP.

    Here is the leaderbord now....

    1st - Little Pixie  - PP OB

    3rd - MrsB - PP TBC

    4th - Mummysimpson - PP TBC

    16th - BumpEnvy - PP RKB

    17th - Cherry Garcia - PP TBC

    28th - Chimpanzee - PP Dumblespud

    29th - weeme - PP TBC

  • Mrs Bass - I'm very bored of my mat clothes! Tempted to buy something just to invoke law of sod that baby will arrive before I have chance to wear it! Hope MS is ok, hopefully we'll get some news soon. Scary to be so near to the top of the list though!

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