***Thursday 3rd Tri***

Morning everyone

Have been woken up by I so I thought I may as well get up! Got another busy day at work getting everything ready to hand over. I'm really ready to finish now, only 5 working days left! 

Didnt manage to get on yesterday, went to ikea after work to order our wardrobes, hoping our bedroom will be complete by next weekend. Off to collect hand made chocolate lollies after work for I's party at the weekend and have a plumber coming over to quote to do our bathroom. All seems very busy at the mo, looking forward to ML for a rest!

Baby out vibes for noggin x



  • Morning,

    Banzy- I haven't been to ikea for ages, its always impossible not to buy loads you don't need- especially candles!

    AFm up early as hopefully we have someone coming to lay our laminate floor in the kitchen. I have a feeling he won't turn up though as was meant to be last week, then he delayed until Monday, then he delayed again to today so H sent him a ranty email saying he wasn't happy with being messed about etc, and he hasn't replied so I get the feeling he is just not going to show up. I will be gutted as my kitchen floor for 8 months has been horrible dirty bare concrete and I sooo want flooring before baby arrives. So "please turn up joiner" vibes much appreciated.

    Baby out vibes to nog

    JT 37 weeks

  • Morning All,  thanks for the vibes :)

    Banzy - sounds like you are very busy, those 5 days at work will fly by!

    JT - lots of 'turn up flooring man' vibes for you - doesn't sound good though does it?

    AFM - Due date today!!  Woke up about 1am with some cramping and got a bit excited but it turned out to be nothing.  Still feel a bit achey but I am going to carry on with my day as normal.  I'm popping out with my Mum this morning then the girls have ballet this afternoon so we'll be busy.  H put the isofix base into the car this morning, ever hopeful!

    Hello to all that follow,




  • The joiner has turned up!!! I am so excited I could kiss him ( also because he is cute).

    Noggin fingers crossed something happens soon, very prepared with the isofix base!

  • Morning,

    Banzy you do sound busy, sounds like ML in a few days will be much deserved. I love an Ikea trip, have fun.

    JT oh being messed around like that is so annoying. Come on joiner man!

    Noggin baby out vibes to you! Hopefully a busy day will take your mind off it being your due date, if like me you're analysing every twinge, it can be a bit disheartening.

    AFM 39 weeks today! People keep saying "well it could be any day now" and I keep saying "naaah!" I'Lo be happy if baby lets me watch the beginning of strictly this weekend, then it can make an appearance! Coffee with nct girls today, so hopefully some newborn cuddles, then my friends are coming round tonight. Cat update: he seems to be a bit better so fx that whole stressful episode is over and done with!

  • Morning ladies :-)

    Banzy - Hope your last days at work are quick and stress-free!

    JT - Glad the joiner has turned up, hope the new floor is worth the wait.

    Nogs - Happy due date, hope baby makes an appearance soon!

    AFM - Was lovely seeing my cousin and her baby yesterday, slightly hard to believe that in 7ish weeks I'm going to have a baby! Excited but hard to imagine having this little person here!

  • Crossed with you Popcorn - glad your cat seems to be on the mend! Enjoy baby cuddles and seeing your friends.

  • Morning All,

    Banzy- Sounds like you have a lot going on! At least you are nearly in touching distance of ML.

    JT- Lots of 'please turn up joiner' vibes coming your way! It's so frustrating when you can't rely on people and all you want to do is get something finished! Just read down the post and saw that he has arrived! Yey, lovely looking kitchen floor coming your way.

    Noggin- Lots of baby out vibes. Really hope this little one makes an appearance soon as you know how much we love a BA!

    Popcorn- Hope dady stays in there long enough for you to watch strictly this weekend. Have a lovely day today.

    AFM- Not much to report. Belly seems to have doubled in size over the past week, surely she can't get much bigger over the next 5 weeks!? Hopefully have an easy day at work today and early finish at 2pm tomorrow which I'm looking forward to.

  • BE- Missed you! I know what you mean about it being hard to imagine. I go through emotions of complete excitement and absolute terror! haha

  • Banzy - Try to find some time to chill in all that. Busy bee!

    JT - We had the same issue last month. Friend of a friend failed to turn up and quote which really annoyed me as we only offered it to him as he was short on work. Sacked him off for someone else. Luckily I have alot of family and friends who know people in the business. Glad he has arrived now and is cute!

    Noggin - Baby out vibes heading your way.

    Popcorn - Ha ha! Love that you want to watch strictly first. Priorities :-)

    BE - Hi xxx

    Sam - Hope you have an easy day. I am doing handover with one of my many part time replacements. Can't be bothered at all!

    Tired today as went to see Wicked in Manchester last night. Had midwife yesterday and all is well. Baby is head down and measuring normal size. Now on 2 week appointments which means I am getting close to the end! Eeeeek!

    Off tomorrow and Monday and then only 4 working days left. Hurrah!

  • LP- I've got handover today too but to be honest I have cleared most of when I had ongoing so not really much to handover! Anything new that is coming through now I am letting the person taking over my responsibilities deal with as it seems pointless me starting it now. Glad the MW went well. I'm also on 2 week appointments now which made me freak out a little. My friend also kindly suggested that I would probably have a big baby as me and H are quite tall, really not what I wanted to hear!! She then back tracked and said she would be 'long' haha

  • JT - yay for the joiner turning up!

    Noggin - happy due date, hopefully baby won't keep you waiting too long x

    Pc - enjoy your snuggles today!

    BE - tone will fly and baby will he here before you know it.

    Sam - hope you have stress free days at work, that's a lovely early finish tomorrow.

    LP - did you enjoy wicked? I saw it a couple of years ago and loved it!

  • Morning all!

    Banzy, sounds like a busy time - no wonder you're looking forward to ML!

    JT - glad the joiner turned up... cute is always an added bonus! Happy full term day.

    Noggin - more baby out vibes! Happy due date!

    Popcorn - enjoy a nice relaxing last few days / weeks! Coffee dates sound good and I'm glad the cat's on the mend.

    BE - 7 weeks... it flies by. Well, it only seems to me like yesterday I was amazed that I only had 10 weeks to wait, then 6 weeks was suddenly here, and now it's less than 4 weeks!

    Sam - I wonder if she's changed position to suddenly make your bump seem massive?

    LP - hurrah for head-down baby and only 4 days of work left!!

    AFM - at my 31 weeks appointment, MW was confident that baby was head down (which is what I thought based on location of kicks, hiccups and heartbeat). At my 34 weeks appt, a different MW (very experienced) couldn't feel the head at all - or at least, she couldn't feel it where she thought it should be, so began to query if we had a breech and the bottom was actually the head. So she referred me for a presentation scan to be on the safe side which I had yesterday. Thrilled to find out the baby is head down - head right in my pelvis already (no wonder I waddle) to the point that the sonographer couldn't take measurements of it. She did manage to measure the waters (all normal), femur length and abdo circumference, and based on those measurements she predicted baby was about 7lbs. Only 4 more weeks of growing.... Eeks! I've been predicting 9lbs 9oz from the beginning though; if I'm on time, I could be right! A few people have said they think I'll be early as baby is so low so early, but I know first babies do engage pretty early.

    My mum was 2 weeks early with her first born though, so who knows! I'm not ready to have a baby in less than a fortnight though! Today's mission is to get the downstairs of the house a little more presentable (homebirth assessment tomorrow) and make a final shopping list for all the last bits, then I'm going shopping with mum next week.

  • Morning everyone!

    Banzy - sounds like you have a busy weekend, not long until your ML now.

    JT - Glad the joiner has turned up and hopefully it will be done soon.

    Noggin - Happy due date day! Hope things kick off for you soon.

    Popcorn - Enjoy your coffee and socialising with friends day.

    BE - I don't think it will actually feel "real" until baby is here.

    Sam - hope you get your quiet day at work.

    Mrs50s - Glad baby is head down. Don't do too much today.

    AFM - Not starting work until 3 today and finish at 7pm. Which meant i got a nice long lie in this morning. Really cannot wait to finish now, its getting difficult to be doing treatment, especially pedicures and being on my feet most of the day. Only 3 more days to go after today. Got Midwife next wednesday and then a growth scan thursday. Im pretty sure that baby is head down and either engaged or very near to it. My mum (HV) has had a feel and thinks the same, so will be interested to see what the MW thinks.

  • LP - Sorry i managed to miss you somehow. I saw wicked a few years ago and it was brilliant! Hope you enjoy your long weekend. Have you got any plans?

  • Mrs50s- Glad that baby is head down. You will find out if your weight prediction is right in a few weeks, how exciting.

    MS- Glad you have had a long lie in this morning. I really feel for you being on your feet all day at work, I don't think I could cope with that at all now. Hope your last 3 days go quickly and you can put your feet up for a change on ML!

  • Hi everyone!

    Banzy- sounds like you have a busy day ahead!

    jellytot- glad to hear you floor man turned up!

    Noggin- Happy Due Date!!!!

    Popcorn- hope baby lets you watch Strictly on Saturday! Glad the cat isok!

    BumpEnvy- i bet it was a bit of a reality check!!

    Sam- have you got any exciting plans this afternoon?

    LP- how was Wicked? I really want to see that! Read the book a couple of years ago but would love to see the show!

    Mrs 50s- that is great news!!

    mummysimpson- only 3 days left, lucky you!!

    AFM- lazy morning so far. supposed to be cleaning the house but havent started. i have put the 1st load of washing on though! this morning H said he can blitz the house Saturday morning if i have laundry to do today! told him i was pretty sure i could manage both!!

    Baby has been very lazy the last couple of days so i lay in bed for ages this morning rubbing my bump and willing baby to give me some good kicks. took a while but eventually did! Again once h's hand was on my bump.i have no idea how but im sure they know when their daddy's hand is on the bump as they always get active!!

  • well ive done 3 loads of washing, cleaned the bathroom and en-suite and watched the Emmys!  A nice mix of laziness and productivity i feel!!

    Felt lots of movements too so Im a happy bunny!!

  • Hi all. Late again as usual. Vibes for noggin. Had my placental location scan this am. All good and it's moved completely out of the way. Full steam ahead for a MLU birth. Yay! The sonographer said baby is weighing approximately 5lb 7 at the mo. Add 1/2 a Pound a week from now we're looking at an 8lber. But who really knows my friends growth scans were never accurate x oh and we double checked She is still a she!!

  • Glad you had good news at the scan today MrsB :-)

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