***Thursday 3rd Tri****

Back to the insomnia club overnight! I hope you have all slept well. Baby seems to be lying in an awkward position so it was hard to sleep. 38 weeks today Big Smile 



  • Hi S4! Is today the day?!? :)

    I started the thread yesterday but never got back! Had a good day off, and then a group of friends over for dinner in the evening. I went to sleep quite hopeful of things happening with tightenings in lower abdomen and new types of twinges, but it all came to nowt :)

    Lots to do at work today, want to keep an eye on my swelling up, I had frequent bedrest y/day but won't be able to today. And we have our scan this evening :)

  • Counter- please keep an eye on that swelling. One of my biggest regrets with my first was putting work first and overdoing things. You'd have thought this baby was coming last night with the way it was pushing down on me. It has shifted into the most uncomfortable position and I feel very lopsided. I think most of today will be spent either lying or sitting down. Thursday is normally a day of work so no set activities planned with the kids.

  • Morning!

    Counter what s4 said about swelling, have you spoken to anyone yet about it? Let us know what the scan tells you.

    S4 boo to bad sleep. I'm the same. Try and have a feet up day if you've got no plans.

    AFM dreadful nights sleep, worst for ages. P has a cold so woke lots, she settles instantly when you go in bless her it's just all the up and down. Last night was getting loads of pain down one side of my bump which was odd. Baby was a bit quiet yesterday evening and overniight so I'
  • I'll monitor that this morning. Going to see a friend and her kids this afternoon whichll be nice. 36+6 today....I can almost touch full term!!!!
  • AR - boo to another one not sleeping. Hope P is ok. My older 2 were like that the night before. They are usually brilliant sleepers but the both of them woke with pains in their legs! Crying with it too. Thankfully they were back to their normal sleeping pattern last night.

  • S4 I keep thinking today's the day for you lol when you start a thread I think your trying to put us off the scent haha

    Counter, can you raise your legs under your desk?

    AR sorry about the sleeping,but as you say almost there!!

    Afm i cannot actually believe it but we dtd again last night, I have no idea what has come over h, and it wasn't painful at all, but all through the night I had braxton hicks!! So maybe madam wasn't so keen :-(

  • Monnie that's impressive. Can't say it's been a feature round here during 3rd tri! Operation baby out starts tomorrow though so will have to go for it!

    I'm still a bit concerned about how quiet baby is. I've had a cold drink and lay back down and not getting much response. Had the odd stirring but not his usual massive kicks. I think I might call triage in a minute and run it by them.
  • Have to say when I saw S4 started the thread I thought it'd be 'not much planned today, just having a baby...'

    S4 - well done for making it to 38 weeks!

    AR - so close to full term! I feel sorry for P, I kept waking up with this stupid cold too!

    counter - definitely keep an eye on the swelling. What's the scan for later?

    Monnie - well done, I can't remember the last time we dtd, I feel really bad for H!

    AFM - still got this stupid cold/sore throat and feeling sorry for myself. Means that I'm sleeping really badly. Currently snuggled on the sofa and not planning on moving for a bit!

    H was off yesterday so got a few bits done and had the carpet laid in our bedroom. Still overwhelming how much there is to do, especially when loads of it is furniture building and lifting which I can't even really help with. Mission is to at least get our room sorted by next Wednesday so we can get the crib set up and at least feel vaguely prepared. Where have the last 8 months gone?!

  • Hope you don't mind me joining in! I read the 3rd tri threads a fair bit but don't often have the time for personnels so rarely comment! Hopefully today I can keep up!

    S4 - Hoping today or soon is the day for you!

    Counter - Hopefully things are starting/moving in the right direction! Do keep an eye on the swelling though. Hope your scan goes well.

    AR - Hope the bump pain goes and baby gets a wriggle on soon!

    Monnie - I applaud you for dtd, must admit I am feeling a little sorry for my H as he has barely seen any action throughout my pregnancy due to sickness/aches/etc!

    Flossy - You are so close to the end, I'm sure it will all come together! Hope your cold disappears soon!

    AFM - I have been having restless nights for ages now, can't turn over without waking up, then find myself waiting for baby to move before going back to sleep! Must try to relax more, want to make the most of the next 13 weeks of sleep!

    Any recommendations for where to get maternity/non under wired bras?! All my bras feel like a vice around my ribs now, but don't think I am really far enough along for actual maternity/feeding bras yet?

  • Morning,

    S4- sounds uncomfortable! Hope you can get so e rest today.

    Counter- keep an eye on that swelling. What is the scan for?ooh may not be long for you.

    AR- I'd give them a call if you're worried. Best to check. Hopefully he is just sleepy! Poor P, hope she's better soon.

    Monnie- dtd gives me them too sometimes, or she kicks lots after!

    Flossy- hope your feeling better soon. It's flown by hasn't it,

    Afm had consultant yesterday, my platelets are still dropping but they are double in size that most people have so he has no concern over bleeding, yay! Had ten lots of blood out and go back in two weeks for another. He thinks I have low platelets anyways not just in pregnancy so checking for causes of that.

    Baby wise all good, poking out lots last night, nice! Still bouncing on my ball trying to turn her.

  • Sorry Vix missed you there, welcome to third tri! I got my bras from mothercare, very comfy and not very expensive.

  • S4, I'm now starting to wonder about your date every day, haha.  Sorry to share about the insomnia.  Not much longer for uncomfy sleeping, though I'm sure baby will be awkward in other ways ;)

    Oh, AR, so close to term.  Let us know what they say when you call about the pain and quietness.

    Counter  is it a growth scan?  Definitely keep an eye on the swelling.

    Monnie, hah, madam not so keen.  I think you've just put me off dtd for the next couple months.

    Flossy, stop worrying about the work to be done, it'll get done without you.  You just focus on resting up!

    AFM, planning a trip to ikea today to pick up a small sofabed and bookshelf.  I had to measure the inside of my car, but it looks like everything will fit.  I'm definitely glad I went in to be monitored yesterday, and little miss was still a bit quiet, but perked up somewhat so the midwife was happy.  I'm having a scan in the next week anyways.  Looking forward to seeing her again as I didn't think I would get to.

  • Wow, missed you both, vix and Bertie.

    Welcome to third tri, vix.  I'm not sure how well you'll get to enjoy sleep here, though, apparently it seems to just get worse due to how uncomfortable you get!  As for bras, go tri on a couple in a bigger band size, as your rib cage will have expanded.  I wouldn't worry about getting specialty ones, though.  I'm happily still in underwire and can't see that changing until baby is born as I can't stand no wired bras.  Where do you normally buy bras?  Try some non wired ones there if you're set on them.

    Bertie, keep on bouncing!  Interesting about the platelets.  If it wasn't caused by pregnancy I assume they will continue looking into it after baby is born?

  • Wispa- oh I love a little ikea shop. Glad all is ok with baby. What is the scan for? If you don't mind me asking! Yes I had a test for lupus yesterday and go back 3 months after she is here to check them again then. As my mum and auntie both had it during pregnancy he wonders if it's a hereditary thing that's not been picked up before.

  • Just back from triage. Spent half an hour on the monitor, baby eventually decided he'd move after much prodding from the mw. His head is very low and his back isncurled round to one side with his bum under my ribs but legs going inwards which is why I wasnt feeling as much. Explains the pain down one side as his back is pushing sonhars outwards.  Mw just said his length and my height arent compatible now and he's running out of space. Interesting the minitor was also picking up regular tightenings although they arentbpainful so just havebto keep an eye. Glad I went in mw was so nice and reassuring.  Will catch up with you all in just a sec

  • Bertie, it's just to be extra safe and make sure there's no problem with the placenta or cord, and she only referred me because baby didn't respond quite as quickly or strongly to stimuli as most.  I think she only referred me because I was so worried when I went in, she said there's almost definitely nothing wrong though.

  • Glad everything was fine, AR!

  • So does S4's BA put me at the top of the list now?!  

    I'm happy to be queued jumped AR and Counter...!

  • Bertie - Thank you, I will give mothercare a try at the weekend. Hope baby turns!

    Wispa - I bought some bras 1 cup size and 1 band size, but those now feel small, so got some bra extenders and they are still very tight! Am most comfortable in sports style bras at the moment so may go for some of those in a bigger size! Hope your Ikea trip was successful!

    AR - Glad monitoring went ok, maybe baby might make a bit of an early appearance?!

    AFM - Have had some browny discharge today :( Should I be worried/go and get it checked?! I have had some spotting on and off throughout the pregnancy and they have never found a reason for it. Baby is pretty wiggly so not too worried at the moment.

  • FLOSSY!!!! It is you. You, for sure :)  Isn't that S4 a sneaky one ;)

    AR, glad all is well. Reckon that baby is going to bust out before long!

    The swelling has not got worse, I'm just keeping a close eye. I have a BP monitor and ALL my MW appointments were 110/70 and now it's averaging 133/83, high for me but not enough to panic about. I am pretty set in this routine, 8.30-1.00 at work then finish the day at home on the bed, it's got to help and I enjoy it - super-focused in the morning, cram all my meetings in, then working on independent stuff in the p.m. Or posting on MD like now.

    My bloods show high white cell count, but after a row with the receptionist that left me in tears I can't book to see the GP as the MW suggests, I have to call tomorrow (when I am already at bloody work in another town) to get an appt so they can stick it. I am sick and fed up with trying to get seen. It's fine for folk who don't work but it's such a pain to get to where you're going, then call, and travel all the way back again. Sod it.

    Growth scan at 6pm to check potential size. MW wants us to be aware of potential size in case we want to reconsider the home birth plan....

    I've been having tightenings, loved having pain through the night. Just because with Harry there were no signs of anything ever, he was well wedged, so if my body has any inkling of what's to come I hope it means we won't have the same problem as first time around!!  :)

    Monnie - saw your update y/day, thrilled for you on the epi, one less thing to worry about. :) As for DTD, we're on 2 or 3 times a week, it's the heartburn that messes it up for me (position wise!)  Laugh

    Flossy I feel for you with needing to get things done. It doesn't make for a serene last few days/weeks if you've stuff up in the air. I hope you soon get to where you need to be

    Hey Vix,, on the sleep front, I barely slept 2nd tri in to 3rd but then something seemed to click (I think I was sub-consciously worried about a disaster striking and when I got to about 28 weeks that eased right off) and apart from maybe one night a week I have great sleep, not lots of hours (6 or 7 usually) but it's good quality sleep. Hopefully you'll fall in to the same pattern.

    Bertie - that sounds good on the blood front and at least they're keeping a close eye on you :)

    Wispa - what's the next scan for, if you don't mind me asking? And how do you go to Ikea and leave with only what you came for?!

    Vix - just seen your post. Anything you feel like getting checked out - do! But it doesn't sound like anything to worry about in the meantime. Give the MW a call?

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