***Thursday 3rd tri*******

morning ladies

hope you are all ok :)

AFM - had a day off yesterday from work. didnt do much. MOT on my car which passed, cleaned the house, had a breakfast date with hubs. just a nice day. baby hasnt moved. she's still in the same place. glad tomorrow is my last day :) wooop!





  • Morning Twink, that sounds like a lovely day!  We are off to Legoland.today, hope the rain stays away!

    hello to all that follow!



  • Hi Twink - Sounds like a nice day yesterday. Shame that baby hasn't moved but there is still time so fingers crossed. Is tomorrow your last day at work?

    AFM- Not got alot planned tonight. We spent alot of money on baby last night as i had found a deal at babies r us on some nursery furniture, it was too good of a deal to pass on. Also bought some sheets etc, trying to get all the last bits and bobs bought now. Ill be happy once its all done and i can just relax and know its all organised. Might go to aquanatal tonight, depending on if i can be bothered.

  • Missed you noggin! Have fun at legoland, hopefully the weather stays dry for you. Are the children excited?

  • Twink - What a lovely day! Especially the car passing. My least fave time of year is MOT time.

    Noggin - I think we have the rain, I will keep it here for you so you have a dry day. Enjoy!

    Mrs S - Oh I love a bargain! What furniture did you get?

    Well the cold sore is HUGE today and the glands in my neck have come up big and painful, armpit is still sore but not as bad. My body really is having a time fighting this. Got an appointment with the nurse today for my whooping cough jab so I will speak to her about it then.

    Hi to all that follow!

  • Morning ladies,

    twink - sounds like a lovely day yesterday, roll on tomorrow!

    Noggin - hope it stays dry for you, have a fab day.

    MS - we had a spend up on the baby on Sunday and ordered our nursery furniture too. It's scary how much money you can spend but exciting too.  We just need to get bedding and a few extra clothing bits and we'll be sorted I reckon.

    AFM - last day at work this week, so ready for a day off even though I'll have only been in today and yesterday! Woke up in the night with really bad indigestion, that's a new one and I was not impressed! Any tips ladies?

  • LP - oh dear, I feel for you, sounds like you are really suffering. Will they still do the jab if you're under the weather?

  • Morning All,

    You'll be happy to hear there will be less moaning from me today!

    Twink- Sounds like you had such a lovely day yesterday. It has hit us that we really need to make the most of 'us' time at the minute because we won't have a lot of that in a few months!

    Noggin- fingers crossed the rain stays away. Have fun at Legoland!

    MS- What furniture was it? We still have quite a bit to buy, I keep convincing myself we are nearly sorted when the reality is we are probably no where near!

    LP- Sorry you are still feeling rubbish, it really isn't fair! Let us know what the nurse says later. Does everyone get whooping cough jab?

  • Popcorn- Hope today passes quickly for you and you can enjoy some time off. No tips on the indigestion I'm afraid but hope it doesn't happen again!

  • Morning all,

    Twink - Glad you had a lovely relaxed day yesterday. Roll on mat leave!

    Noggin - have a fab time at Legoland - anti-rain vibes heading your way.

    MrsS - sounds like you're very organised, always nice to get a good deal too.

    LP - hope you feel better soon.

    Popcorn - if you can raise your bed slightly that should help, otherwise it's just gaviscon or the other one that begins with R that I always forget the name of.

    Sam - hope you're doing ok. Everyone can have the WC jab after 28 weeks, I don't think you can have it after 36 weeks though. Just call your GP to arrange it.

    AFM - have the day off today, plan is to get some stuff sorted. H got everything baby related out of the loft this morning for me to sort through today. I feel rubbish though, have a rotten cold coming on, didn't get much sleep as a result which wasn't helped by Alex joining me in bed from 5.30.

    However I MUST get on and not just waste the day again.

    BG 35+6

  • Morning all

    Twink - glad your car passed its MOT, have a fabby last day tomorrow!

    Noggin - have a brill time at legoland :)

    MS - I know what you mean about wanting everything organised and sorted we are just packing clothes away now cant wait to be finished.

    LP - hope you are feeling better soon lovely

    PC - I sit bolt upright in bed with the indigestion or drink milk, it does help. Enjoy your last day at work :)

    Sam - glad you are feeling better today :)

    BG - hope you get everything done that you need to today

    AFM - My little sister has just gone for he results so Im all nervous for her, hubby is in work on a 12 hour shift so Im home alone. Hubby's birthday on Sunday so planning his party and cake etc. MW went well yesterday, baby's head is definitely engaged had some bloods taken and otherwise all ok. Im going to be putting all the baby clothes away today, her room is a mess lol. Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning.

    Twink - sounds a lovely you had. Bet start of mat leave can't come quick enough.

    Noggin - hope you have s lovely dry day.

    MrsS - i love a bargain.

    LP - hope you feel better soon x

    Popcorn - I always rennies next to my bed for those hideous attacks in the night. But they did go as soon as baby was born last time.

    Sam - glad things are better for you. Getting it all out csn really help.

    BG - hope you feel better soon. Will A be helping you sort stuff out?

    Afm - waiting for washing machine repair man to turn up and then I can hopefully tackle the massive pile thats taking over the bathroom. its stopped raining now so hopefully can get tge washing out.

  • Missed you Luna.

    Glad mw went well. Hope your sister gets the results she wants x

  • Popcorn - I googles it and it isn't a live vaccine so they still do it.

    Sam - Yes your midwife should have mentioned it at your 28 week appointment. Although I know of several people who didn't get told. It should be given between 28 and 38 weeks but ideally between 28 and 32. I just had to call the surgery and book in with a nurse for it here.

  • Daisy - god no, he's at nursery today!

    Right, have put play mat and soft toys in the wash. On my fourth cup of hot honey and lemon, seems to be doing the trick.

    Next up, sort out the little white clothes Love

  • So that's where a lot of my maternity wear ended up, in a bag with 3-6m clothes, ooh it's like a whole new wardrobe!

  • Thank god for MD! No, it wasn't mentional at my 28 week appointment. But then the midwife I saw is completely dippy! Have just phoned the doctors now and booked in for the 29th. I'll be just over 31 weeks then so well within the ideal time :)

  • LP and Sam - its the cambridge range from babies r us. A bargain at £250 for cotbed, changing unit and wardrobe.  Sam glad things are better for you today x

  • Oh just googled and that is lovely Mummy S!

    Sam - Glad to be of service :-) The vaccine also has diptheria, tetanus and polio in so you are protecting the baby really well :-)

  • MS- Looks lovely, and a real bargain! What colour have you got it in?

    LP- You'll have to let me know anything else I'm meant to be doing! Better source of info than some of the midwives. I had my bloods done last week and I'm just waiting for my next appointment to be told I need them re-doing because she didn't write on the bottles (this is what happened at my booking appointment..).

  • Gone for the natural wood colour, i liked the white but H wasn't keen

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