***tue 3rd tri***

Morning ladies.

I woke up early with h as I was hungry so I've had breakfast and come back to bed for a nap. Life is good when your first nap is before 8am!
I've got midwife appointment this afternoon where hopefully she'll say something is happening because surely all these period pains and pains in my bits can't be for nothing! Tonight I'm going to see my first football match! Joy! Only the local team but my h got free tickets and non of his usual football mates can go! I've bee


  • ... n promised food and a hot chocolate and a curry after if I'm hungry! :)

  • Morning Custard!

    Naps are the best thing about maternity leave, I reckon. I hope the midwife says that something is happening, surely it can't be long now. Booo to football but yay to the curry and hot chocolate, sounds like a fair enough deal to me. :-)

    I was looking forward to a lie-in this morning but my H managed to sleep though all of his alarms and so I was woken up by his colleague ringing to ask where he was (as he usually picks him up on the way). Normally, when I'm working,  I kick him out of bed (even with all of his alarms going off) but I had warned him that he's going to have to wake himself up from now until the baby comes (as I'm sure I'll wake up early when he's here anyway) - I think the reality of that really sunk in as he was dashing round the house this morning!

  • Hiya,

    Hope Midwife has positive news for you custard.

    Penny - men get used to these things - I used to drop my H at the station before doing my horse, zooming home for shower and zooming to work... Then we had a baby and now he has to walk!

    AFM - I'm feeling better. Not 100% but almost. The relief is fantastic - I thought I was gonna spend till due date and beyond

    feeling terrible
  • Yesterday the road I live in made radio2 traffic news. Fame at last, LOL. It was closed for 3 hours after a lorry reversed into a telegraph pole outside Vets (4doors up from us) and snapped it clean off -telegraph pole was then lying across full width of road - with cabling everywhere... Why am I mentioning this?..... Toddler entertainment like you wouldn't believe. Blue flashing lights, lorrys/buses doing 3point turns ... WOW!!
  • HF - lol at your exciting news on your road! nothing really ever happens where i am and the other week a lady got run over on the crossing and it was front page news!!!! oooh the scandal! glad your feeling a bit better lets hope it continues

    Penny - Men!! typical!!

    Custard - Moring, enjoy the footie tonight, make sure you get your curry and hot chocolate as a way of compensation for having to be out in the cold!

    AFM - terrible night sleep with the hips! cannot believe that i still have almost 12 weeks to go and i can only see it getting worse! physio friday so hopefully they will be able to give me a belt or something! work is super busy and i cannot wait to leave now! 5 weeks to go! woo hoo!

  • HF, glad you're feeling better. Sounds like the emergency services kept your LO well entertained, must have been a relief for you to put your feet up for five mins?

    NLH I hope that the physio can help with your hips as its not fair to leave you in pain for another 12 weeks. Woohoo only 5 weeks, that will fly by, trust me.

  • Morning,

    Custard, keeping my fingers crossed that something's happening for you,

    Penny, hope the 8 alarms your H sets from now on doesn't wake you up !

    HF, glad you're feeling a bit better, love your free toddler entertainment!

    NLH, hope the physio sorts your spd, the belt is helping me no end!

    Afm, still in bed! I am shattered, but don't know why. I'm working from home today so better get my *** into gear. Did my presentation yesterday, it went ok other than going bright red and getting faster and faster ! I didn't realise I'd have a bloody microphone , I panicked!

  • Morning all!

    Custard- good luck at the MW, keep me posted :-)

    Penny- hiya! He'll soon get in the swing of things once he knows your not about to wake him up!

    HF- soo glad your feeling a bit better!

    NLH- hope the physio appt bodes well on friday and they give you something to ease the pain.

    AFM- had the most amazing sleep last night, woke twice for the toilet but didn't properly wake up until 9. One happy bunny :-)

    Not much on the cards for me this morning, bit of dinner prep and ironing, then meeting two friends later for more tea and cake, i'll end up as big as a house before baby arrives!

    Eeks one week today until DD! Not that im delusional in the slightest thinking that baby will be here then! :-)

  • Sorry Mrs P, missed you! :-)

    Glad the presentation went ok! :-)

  • Girls, Talk to me about hospital bag! what have you packed! i was having an OCD moment last night and decided i needed to do it (and also clean the carpet on the stairs?)

    i feel like i have not packed enough even though my case is massive! what are you taking for baby?

  • Thanks Gemini x

    NLH, will watch with interest as must do mine today!

  • Im impressed, I only packed last week! :-)

    The bag for me is massive! Babys bag is just the free boots one, so not that big. Ive got nappies, cotton wool balls, water wipes, outfits in a range of different sizes, hats, scratch mitts, socks, booties, cardigan, blanket... Etc

  • NLH- I've packed everything in every size except the kitchen sink!! Far too much stuff!

    I'm feeling rather rubbish now. I didn't get my nap. My heart was really racing for about an hour and I went all hot, sweaty and faint. Also tmi needed the loo a few times. Now I'm feeling a bit sick laid in bed. :(
  • I found sites like this useful..


    Im not sure how anyone can travel light into hospital. My bag is hubbys holdall!

  • morning everyone!

    custard- hope the midwife has positive news!

    Penny- how many alarms does he usually have? Im sure the baby will be an effective alarm!

    HF- I am so pleased to hear that you are finally feeling on the mend!!!

    NLH- im sure the physio wil be able to help, they cant leave u in that pain for another 12 weeks! yay to only 5 weeks left at work though!!

    MrsP- well done on th presentation! I always speed up when im doing public speaking!! bet ur glad its out the way and only a few days left now!

    Gemini- im sure the main purpose of mat leave is to eat cake! crack on with it while you can stil do it wil 2 hands!

    babys bag - nappies, 3 vests, 3 sleep suits, wipes, cotton wool, coat sleep suit for going home

    my bag- snacks, water, nightie with buttons down top, couple of tops with buttons down top, PJ bottoms joggers, hoodie, slipper socks, toiletries, maternity pads, maternity notes, camera, list of who to call!

    AFM- up and ready to go as i have hairdressers this morn, last chance to get pampered in a while, just hope baby can avoid wedging itself in my ribs while im sat down for a couple of hours! Lazy afternoon planned, got all my xmas wrapping done y.day!

    Had a bit of excitement y.day as H and his band had a blink and you'll miss it appearance on Come dine with me as the after dinner entertainment!

  • Hiya Mrs Bass!

    Ha I watched that yesterday! Go hubby!

    Enjoy being pampered and having your hair done. Im having mine done Thursday, cant wait!

  • I saw your post on hitched Mrs Bass, but just missed them!

  • It was sadly exciting!! :-)

    After being very wiggly this morning luckily baby behaved while I was at the hairdressers!  happily back home now butt wedged on the sofa!

  • MrsP - glad your presentation went ok, at least it's over now.

    Gemini hope you had a nice time with your friends.

    Custard - oh no, hope you're feeling a bit better now?

    Mrs Bass he already has 3 alarms, plus me (normally) dragging him out of bed. He's not a morning person! I'm sure when baby is here he'll wake up for baby cuddles though, as I try to sneak a quick shower in before he goes to work. That's the plan, anyway! I watched that episode of CDWM of catch-up earlier and for some reason I thought your H played bass guitar instead of an actual double bass (not sure why?). The guests looked they were enjoying it so well done to your H's band!

    I've managed to catch up on my sleep now, had a nap on the sofa :-). I bet tomorrow I'll wake up with H's alarms though, just to make sure he actually gets off to work on time...

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