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Morning Ladies, 

Hope everyone is well. Not masses to report, cant quite believe i'm gonna hit 24weeks tomorrow. I am seriously starting to think christmas shopping and getting it done sooner rather than later ..... just not sure what to get anyone Indifferent


  • Morning!

    Im well into my christmas shopping :-) finished the kids bar stocking fillers (although i do have some!)

    Nothinv much to report here, a week until big scan. Mil is paying for our buzz repair

  • I hate this site on mobs!! Grr as i was saying. Buzz needs new chassis and wheels so getting it fixed instead of new pram for now.

    Had to phone the bank last night as someones been using my card/account for mob top ups. Not sure if card cloned yet but have cancelled it obv and bank thankfully refunding the money.

    Nursery and playgroup this morning for us.

    Ck 19+4 x

  • Horsefan and CK you are seriously organised ladies, you have spurred me on to think about Xmas shopping.

    I have a good day at work today, a team meeting all morning, should be an all day thing but have a company bump club for the whole of the afternoon!

  • Morning all

    sorry i have not been around its been a mental few days! talking of christmas i went to Costco on sunday and they had all their tree's in! i couldn't quite believe it!

    i cannot believe i am 16 weeks this week! got my consultant appointment thursday and my first aquanatal class tomorrow evening!

  • Morning all! .....Christmas shopping!! I You guys are well prepared!! Mrs P - sounds like an ace day and NLH - hope the consultant apt goes OK - I've still not seen mine - going to ask about that at our MW apt on Thurs (I've made a list!... maybe I should start a Christmas one :o)  )

  • i need to make a list of questions that i need to ask the consultant

    can you think of things i need to ask, i know its still early but want to start asking if he has any ideas in mind for my birth options? if he thinks a natural birth is a possiblility then at least i know, but if its a definite no no , then i can prepare myself!

  • Morning!

    HF_ yikes! I thought i would be really organised with christmas and get all my shopping done way in advance. However, my brother and his family are going to Switzerland to visit my other brother and his family so i think we are not going to bother with pressies for them. it will just be me, my H, my mum & baby on xmas day so i think i'll just do little pressies for them. might get my mum a 'glamourous granny' gift from the baby and something for H from them too! Should start thinking about it really!

    CK- what a nightmare about your phone, glad your bank seem to be taking action!

    Mrs P- what is the Bump Club?!

    NLH- i had planned on doing lots of swimming and aqua classes but i have been so lazy! hope you enjoy it!

    weeme- i always have a big list when I go the the midwife! when im there i realise some of the questions are silly though and dont end up asking them all!

    AFM- pram arrived yesterday!! As my H had the day off he got it all unpacked and set up so i could have a play when I got home! he also braved Ikea and got some drawers for the nursery!

    Im feeling a little bit nauseous this morning :-( Had some kicks though so baby must be happy!

    Im off to start writting my xmas lists!! :-)

  • So, I just did a google for the Glamourous Granny Mug I had seen in the shops, all the searches came up at it being £12....for a mug!

    Then on the Handpicked Collection website they have them half price so I just bought a 'Glamourous Granny' and a 'Daddy cool' mug!

    Baby has done their xmas shopping!

  • Morning ladies

    HF - I've not even thought about Christmas yet but I guess with your due date you need to be organised!

    CK - That's scary about the card account, glad its sorted now though.

    Mrs P - Another one confused ref bump club?

    NLH - Glad time is going quickly for you, enjoy the class.

    WM - Good idea about the list, I should do one next time.

    Mrs B - Exciting about the pram! Can't wait to order mine.

    AFM - Midwife this afternoon, hopefully will hear the heartbeat. Going out tonight for my friends birthday meal at the indian, yummy! No clue what to wear as my wardrobe is getting really limited.

  • Not a great dal to report here; I'm 25+1. Baby kicking wekk. I'm waking between 2-4am every day, which I could do without as it's making me very tired evenings. However, I start pregnancy yoga next week and have found a local sling group/library so I'm joining their next meet to find out about them. Our first antenatal class is also booked. It's all getting a bit real now!!

  • im on a roll, the book people have just been in and there is a cake decorating book for £3 and my bestie is just getting into cake decorating! perfect! What have you unleashed?!

    Mrs V- hope the midwife lets you hear the HB! & i hope you find something to wear tonight!  Jealous about the indian, I havent been able to eat spicy food since being pregnant! We had fajitas for dinner the other night and even they *TMI* went straight through me!

    Sange- it sgreat to see you here!! Welcome to the 2nd Tri threads!

  • Hi ladies, been out all day and couldn't get logged on earlier to post, still on my phone so excuse the lack of personals! I'm knackered after a day at MOSI with the boy but he had fun, home soon to collapse!

  • Afternoon all! Late one from me, had a very busy couple of days. Had the midwife this afternoon, all fine, she measured my bump and its 24cm, is it (rough guide) supposed to be a cm for each week? She didn't really say much, did the measurement twice and it was the same. Got my matb1 form so my work will be happy! Back now in 6 weeks at 28 weeks.

    Not much to report other than that, works busy busy, not enough hours in the day!

    ETA she listened to the babies heartbeat and he was kicking away as she was doing it, was so cute! HB was good, she said the babies probably healthier than I am! It was pounding away!

  • Yes I think it's 1cm for each week but can be 1-2cm either side.

  • Mrs Bass, bump club is for all the pregnant women in our head office, where HR go through all the maternity policies,pay etc, but also a chance to network with other mums 2 be, was lovely.  How exciting about the pram! Have you done a few laps round the house with it? And, get you with all your Christmas shopping!

    MissDeeDee, how lovely to hear the heartbeat, glad the appointment went well x

  • Mrs P that sounds amazing!!! there are so many preggers women where i work, they should do that! I did push it around the lounge a few times and swap over the pushchair seat and the cary cot! I ve put it away now othe ise there would be too much wear and tear before he baby arrives!

    Miss deedee- you are right it is 1 cm for eacch week but a couple of cms either way is fine. at 24 +5 i was 26 cms!

  • Yes supposed to be cm per week but its more important that you grow consistantly - they would worry if you were 2cm ahead this time but 2cm behind next time (for example).

    I measured bigger last time until baby finally turned head down at 36weeks and that week I measured 36cm :-)

  • Hi ladies, sorry I have been a bit AWOL the last few days- work is kicking my butt at the moment. It's one of our busiest times of year so long and busy days and then collapsing when I get home! Not much to report here, keep feeling little flutters that I think may be the baby, particularly in the evening when I'm lying in bed and usually always on one side... waiting for them to get a bit stronger to know for definite if it's baby or my imagination!

    As for all this Christmas talk... madness!!! I will put my fingers in my ears and not think about it until at LEAST Halloween is over ;-)

  • Evening all. I'm mega late to this.

    I had an amazing 2 hour massage this morning, coupled with DOMs from boxing and circuits yesterday I've be shattered all afternoon.

    I've got a Shiatsu treatment on Sunday and I can't wait already.

    Nothing much baby wise to report. No appointments for another 3-4 weeks. Feeling movements quite often now, especially in bed.

    H and I are "debating" names already. Could be a long remaining 22 weeks lol

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