***Tuesday 1st tri***

Morning everyone.

Sorry I've not been on much past few days, my grandad passed away Saturday so we were at my family's at the weekend. Getting quite anxious about tomorrow, I just want the CVS done, although if baby is not big enough they will have delay it for another week.


  • O bunny I'm so sorry :-( thinking of you all.

    What a week you are having.

    Tomorrow will be fine, and fingers crossed for very speedy results

    Afm, not a lot going on here except dizziness, I'm ridiculously early so not even counting it as a symptom Laugh

    Off work today, thank goodness, a million jobs to do then planning to go to bed when h gets home from work. Smallest child has developed a habit of asking for high fives and thumbs up incessantly at 5am, which is not good!!

  • Morning everyone!

    Bunny - so sorry to hear about your Grandad. Sending you vibes for tomorrow, I'm sure everything will be ok.

    RF - I like the sound if your day! How old is your lo? Although 5am is not an appropriate time for high fives - how cool!!

    AFM - I'm not sleeping very well and would really appreciate a week off work to sleep! Luckily I'm off for a week over Easter so wish it would hurry up so I can relax.
  • Rf how cute with the high fives and thumbs up! But I can see how 5am is not the best time! Hope the dizziness goes.

    Pp hope your sleep works itself out, is it pregnancy related?

    My appointment tomorrow has been moved from 8:30am to 3pm as the consultant is now busy I n the morning. Hopefully work will distract me! Off to take the rabbit to the vet now as we think he has mites.

  • Wow it's quiet here today!

    Bunny - so sorry to hear about your grandad, thinking of you and your family

    RF - hope the dizziness goes soon!

    PP - roll on Easter I have 5 days off work and our scan :)

    AFM no Ned ally, midwife booking in appt is thursday and we have our scan date through already for April 22nd! So excited and nervous x

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