***tuesday 2nd tri***

Morning all! Going to start the thread and then come back and post - cross posting makes me nervous! Lol!


  • I'm back! So I ended up in the maternity assessment unit yesterday afternoon after not feeling a single movement from the baby in 24 hours. They checked the HB which was fine but no manner of cold water, lying down, prodding or waiting was getting baby to move and they wanted me to feel something before I left. They eventually sent me for a scan and baby was lying traverse, directly under the placenta with all limbs facing in the way so they said it wasn't a surprise I couldn't feel anything. Very relieved to have been looked after so well by the MWs. I still didn't feel a thing all evening but there's been movement overnight as had some lovely kicks this morning!

    Has anyone had reeeeally sharp pains in their lady region? I assume its the new position baby has adopted but it keeps stopping me in my tracks its so sore!

    Anyhoo, I'm a happy girl today as it's all good! I'll be back on later but hello to all who follow meantime!  

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