***tuesday 3rd tri***

As I seem to cross post the start every day I'm doing it like this!


  • Righty then!

    Morning ladies,

    Happy due date Gemini :)

    I'm off for my 39 week :O appointment this afternoon and I'm still holding out hope that she'll tell me I'm already in labour and I'm such a machine I've not noticed... One can dream!

    I keep waking up early because I'm hungry then I can't get back to sleep! It's very annoying!
  • Morning! This place is really annoying me logging out grrr

    custard - you never know that happene d to me last time. Had consultant ap in the  morning and he offered to do a sweep so I agreed. Told me  i was 5cm and having a contraction. He never done the sweep as he said my waters would break. Contractions started a few hours later :-) Hope all goes well x

    Not much happening here. Had in laws down this weekend and now have a headache I can't shift. Playgroup for  Phoebe today and nursery for Aaron this morning. Lots of housework to catch up on this afternoon. The joys!!

  • Over due bench-


    28th - Chimpanzee

    29th - weeme


    2nd - Vlvixen

    Happy due date

    10th - Gemini

    The list!!!

    14th - Mrs Bass

    16th - Kelskii

    16th - Sange!


    18th - Jennilola

    23rd - Dizzyduck

    25th - HorseFan

    26th - Penny


    1st - jen

    2nd - MrsPenguin

    24th - CK


    8th - Rose

    8th - Little Dude

    19th - OB

    19th - Purple Pixie

    20th - fig leaves

    21st - neverlosehope

    25th - Isis

    27th - Mrs V


    4th - *sweetpea*
  • I hope the list is right... It's hard work to copy and paste and edit from 2 lists on a phone!
  • Fingers crossed something is happening Custard. Let us know how you get on.

    CK - hope the housework doesn't take you long and the headache goes.

    Afm - the joys of work again today! For those that asked yesterday, I'm working up until a week before the due date which I am

    Now beginning to regret. My boss is pretty good though and will let me work from home if it gets too much.

    I also wondered if anyone had experienced a sharp pain at the top of their bump. I was in agony as I was lying in bed last night but it disappeared during the night and baby is kicking fine this morning. I'll mention it to the doc at my appointment tomorrow but hopefully it's normal pain.

  • Oh I hope that happens to me CK! I'm already very much 'ready' for this eviction I'll go nuts if I'm over due! I'd quite like tomorrow as it was my original DD, my grandads birthday and it's a cool date (11/12/13!) (we got married on 8/9/10 which would make it even cooler for us!)

    Make sure you take a bit of time to rest while they're both out :)
  • Good work custard! That terrifies me that I am actually on a list!

  • Morning little dude, you crazy dude- working up to a week before! I get the strangest pains in my bump. I'd love to know what she's doing in there! I'd mention it anyway just to be sure.
  • Morning!

    Custard- good luck at the midwives! Vivixen had her baby mid nov so she can come off the leaderboard!

    CK- quite a few ppl have been having log in problems! Sounds like a busy day so hope the headache eases

    LD- does it last a while ? I have short sharp pains whivh is baby head butting my bladder. Really take my breath away and cause a look of panic on H's face!

    HF- would love to know how u got on at the xmas market, still debating hoing Friday!

    No plans today so willmtry and get the tree up. Didn't get round to doing the florentines y.day so will do them today.

    H practiced putting the car seat in and it took him 20 mins! Should probably have a go myself before I judge!

  • Morning all!

    Grrrr this signing in everytime is driving me mad!!

    Woohooooo DD today! Come on baby! :-)

    Morning custard- hope MW appt goes well later.

    CK- try and rest up a bit after housework is done!

    LD- well done for working right up, I worked two and a bit weeks before and I felt shattered, so feel your pain!

    AFM- going to my class Nativity at 2pm, see if the singing awakens baby, enough for him to make an appearance. I work right opposite the hospital so im secure in the fact that if I go into labour I can easily 'nip' across! Not that this baby is coming anytime soon! :-)

  • Oops missed you Mrs Bass! Enjoy your relaxing day!

  • Sange- just saw your post. Induction on ur due date sounds a bit scary, at least u know when things will be happening!

  • Gemini- happy duevdate! Make surevu get upnand dance too!

  • Morning All

    Custard - love seeing the due date list like that, Vivixen had her little girl on the 15th november i think it was? good luck for your appointment today

    Gemini - happy due date hun

    Mrs B - we need to sort out the car seat, got the base and everything ready just got to actually put it in the car now :/, and yayyy get that tree up!!!

    LD - OB had a pain like that last night, it eventually went off, not sure if its the same kind of pain but may be worth an ask

    AFM - working from home today which is lovely, but i am so so busy at work! i really cannot wait to leave now as i am so tired! got my dad coming over today hes going to put the cot up for me!! i know hubby will have the hump with me but he is just so busy at work so i have asked my dad to do it!

    hope you all have a good day x

  • Whoopsie! Only one mistake on the list! Not too bad! I can't edit as I'm on my phone. Whoever copies it over for tomorrow can edit it!
  • Morning all

    Happy due date Gemini! Am sending you loads of 'baby out' vibes!

    Custard I hope you get some positive news at your appointment and that your baby is on its way soon

    CK hope the housework doesn't take too long and you can put your feet up soon

    LD if the pain is high enough it might be indigestion as your stomach is up by the top of your bump, or it might be a stretching pain, but best to call the midwife if you're not sure.

    Mrs Bass which car seat have you got?

    NLH yay for getting the cot up! Hopefully your H will understand and just be happy that he's got one less job to do

    I'm off to meet an MD'er and her LO today for the first time IRL this morning - very excited. Then lots of housework this afternoon, boo. Also my sister has asked me to babysit tomorrow at her house over an hour away so I need to fit in a nap today to catch up on my sleep as I'll need to leave mine at 6:30am tomorrow. :-(

  • Custard, hope your app goes well :)

    CK, sorry you have a headache that won't go, that sucks. I have loads of housework too so can sympathise.

    LD, I did have a pain like that yesterday, it was awful. I phoned a midwife to check everything was ok and she told me it's most likely just baby pressing on a nerve. I didn't think he'd be big enough to affect me all the way up there, but he must be! Mines also gone today. Guess we just have to get used to random pains now, how nice eh!

    Mrs Bass,
  • Argh mobile site!

    Have a lovely day and make sure you flash us that tree if it goes up! Hope the car seat gets easier :)

    Gemini, happy due date! Lots of baby out vibes for you x

    NLH, ahh yay, how exciting putting the cot up! We put the crib in our room a few days ago and it looks so weird! Don't worry about H, just tell him you're trying to save him some time!

    Penny, have a lovely time! Shame about the housework after though. Ooh I don't envy you getting up at 6.30, nasty!

    AFM, had our fir
  • Oh FFS!!!

    Had our first antenatal class at the weekend, it was ok, the teacher isn't great but it's nice to meet other local couples. I feel really tight and stretched the last few days so I think he might be having a little growth spurt or something. Should do some work today but I might just go to my mums and chill out instead. Ha!

    Have a lovely day everyone. X
  • NLH- hope u can put ur feet up whilst ur working then!

    Penny-we have a Joie pram so have the Joie Gemm car seat. I have to do some cleaning too, turn out when H cleaned the bathrooms he just cleaned the bath and shower so I need to do the sinks, loos, floors etc!

    OB- sounds like a growth spurt! Have a nice chilled out day!

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