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Over due bench- baby out vibes!!!

November: 29th - weeme ?


10th - Gemini

14th - Mrs Bass

16th - Kelskii

Happy due date!!!

17th- Custard 

The list!

18th - Jennilola

23rd - Dizzyduck

25th - HorseFan

26th - Penny


1st - jen

2nd - MrsPenguin

24th - CK


8th - Rose

8th - Little Dude

19th - OB

19th - Purple Pixie

20th - fig leaves

21st - neverlosehope

25th - Isis

27th - Mrs V


4th - *sweetpea*

Morning all!

Huge Congratulations to Sange on the arrival of baby Joseph! :-)

Happy due date to Custard!

Mrs Bass- really hoping that the S+S got things moving for you!

AFM- another horrendous night sleep, at least its preparing me for the night feeds hey?! :-) 

I've got my sweep at some point today, the MWs said they'd ring this morning to arrange a time, I'm hoping that they don't leave it all day as I'd rather get it over and done with!

Hello to everyone else! :-) 



  • Morning Gemini - Baby out vibes, hope the midwives dont keep you hanging on!

    AFM - I sleep okay-ish. Hips don't seem to be aching quite as much as normal anyway!  We watched "the backup plan" film last night. Film that my midwife recommended. She was right, it was v.funny. The homebirth bit was the exact opposite of what i want, so therefore hilarious ;-)

    My friend in the USA is due her baby today and she emailed saying she had lost her mucous plug yesterday, i'm so excited for her, last time she had a horrednous time - induction on her due date purely for the OBGYN Doc convenience which resulted in epidural / slow progress / c-section / sluggish baby / failed to breastfeed / blah blah. This time she has gone to 'hippie' doctor who a very high natural birth rate, practices delayed cord clamping and all'that, she has a doula who is gonna help her with everything including staying to assist with breastfeeding ....... I'm itching to email her for updates but dont want pester as i know how annoying it is :-)

  • Morning HF- I love that film! Hope your friend has a quick labour and that you hear some good news today!

  • *ping* - now where's my baby?! Hmm...

    Gemini - hope your sweep is nice and early and they say you're already 4cms!

    HF-  I'll have to look out for that film :) hope you're friend is well :)

    Afm- my  body has decided that sleep is for wimps! It's crazy! My mum is here so we're off shopping this morning. (I failed my online food shop badly and forgot loads! Doh!). This afternoon I have my midwife appointment, I'm hoping she'll do a sweep but i don't know the policy. It's worth asking!

  • What on earth is a jackfruit?!

  • According the the wonderfully reliable source of Wikipedia...

    The jackfruit tree is well suited to tropical lowlands, and its fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit,Music reaching as much as 80 pounds (36 kg) in weight, 36 inches (90 cm) in length, and 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter.[9]

    I think my ticker is taking the P a bit!

  • OMG. Custard - i thought pumpkin was bad enough - bet you wished you hadnt looked up jackfruit now. LOL. The 'average' baby is 7lb7. Focus on that instead. LOL. Enjoy freaking out shop peoples with "today is my due date" announcements!!

  • Lots of baby out vibes here ladies.

    Gemini - hope the sweep gets things going.

    Horsefan - glad you slept ok. That great news abut your friend.

    Custard - happy due date. A jackfruit sounds horrible.

    Afm - bit of a traumatic day yesterday. I was in loads of pain at work in my bump and lower back and the baby was going mad bouncing all over the place. It didn't particularly worry me but I'd also fainted on Sunday so I mentioned it to my H who told his mum, who rang her midwife friend.... Anyway I ended up worrying and going to hospital to be put on a monitor. Everything is fine and it turned out it was braxton hicks which freaked the baby out. They were concerned that the baby was measuring small but concluded after a lot of measuring that it's not. They also wrote in the notes that it was 4/5th engaged! Google confused the hell out of me. It is too early for that?

  • LD- I was 4/5 for ages!!! Don't worry! It just means the head is down and the tiniest bit is in your pelvis! It's likely to move again!  Also... Glad all is fine! X

  • Morning all,

    Gemini - hope you get seen quickly by the MW today and the sweep gets things moving!

    HF - must have a look at that film! Sounds like your friend is going to have a much more positive birthing experience

    Custard - happy due date!!! Hope the shopping and MW appointment goes well.

    LD - that sounds scary but glad to hear that all is well!

    Not much to update here. Didn't experience the usual 2am belly rave after getting up for the bathroom so instead of appreciating that I prodded baby awake to make sure things were okay. Why?!?!?!? Poor baby! Ha! Desperately waiting on the end of the week for my fortnight annual leave to start! Tired!!

  • Thanks custard, that's good to know. I had my mum telling me to pack a hospital bag!

    Thanks Sp, I'm v jealous of your two weeks off. That's funny that you poked the baby awake.

  • Morning all, sorry I have not been around

    Gemini - good luck for the sweep today! hope it goes well!

    HF - Good luck to your friend, and hope your ok too!

    Custard - Happy Due date! - What the hell is a Jackfruit???

    LD - oh LD sorry you had such a stressful day, im so glad baby is ok

    SP - yep the belly rave only worsens lol!

    AFM - had a really busy few days! Saturday NCT class was 6 hours long and that was really good! went to a 30th party saturday night and i was absolutely exhausted and my hips were killing me so we came home quite early! yesterday i went to physio (finally) they changed my appointment though so i ended up being 20 minutes late! got a super duper belt to wear so hopefully it wil help!

    we then had the babies chest of drawers delivered! they arrived fully assembled and the delivery man was an *** and ended up making me help him carry them in! i was seriously pissed off! and started getting pains after, but they wore off thankfully! x

  • Morning

    Gemini, baby outs to you, hope the sweep sets things off x

    Horsefan, glad you had decent sleep. Safe, natural birth vibes to your friend in the US!

    Custard, happy due date! Hope the appointment goes well. I'm rubbish at online shopping , I need to browse!

    LittleDude, hope you have a quieter day today! Sounds like a trauma! Glad baby is ok though x

    Sweetpea, hope this week flies for you so you can start your jollies!

    NLH, pleased the physio went well. If you find the Velcro on the belt starts to dig in, I bought a support one from mothercare , like a really tight bump belt which works really well when I need to be more active ( and get the dreaded Velcro rub ).

    Afm,  I have no plans today so am still in bed, lazy hound. Going to enjoy a quiet one as H has a couple of hospital appointments this week, on the same days as I have  appointments , so will be a bit of toing and froing this week x

  • Morning everyone, im still here!

    Gemini- fingers crossed for the sweep!

    HF- lots of vibes for ur friend! From what I've seen on tv and films, i get the impression in the US they see midwives as quite 'hippy' as most people use a OBGYN doc

    Custard- happy due date! Enjoy telling people ur due today!! Worth asking about a sweep, my midwife said as it wad so intimate and uncomfortable i might want to wait a bit longer but was happy to do it

    LD- i freaked out the first time i had BH chanting 'its
  • You are ok, remember baby can pop out of the pelvis and go back in again!

    sweetpea-hope the rest of the week flies by for you!

    NLH- glad u finally got ur physio appt, hope the belt helps! I would complain about the delivery man!

    Mrs P- enjoy ur lazy day!

    Its h's first day of leave,yay! Feels like Xmas holidays! No plans but think he is going to get me walking & eating curries! Mum is heading home today and just going to wait for the call! Ready for a little break!
  • Mrs Bass, enjoy your breathing space! Yay for H's leave but sending lots of baby out vibes to you x

  • Thanks MrsP. We are off to the cinema this afternoon to see the new hobbit movie. Hope I stsy awake and comfy!

  • Afternoon!

    Little Dude- glad your ok after a little scare!

    Sweetpea- Hope your week goes quickly so that your holiday is here!

    NLH- very busy few days for you!

    Mrs Penguin- ya for a lazy day!

    Mrs Bass- yay to hubbys first day of leave, christmas is a coming! :-)

  • Its been an eventful morning for me..

    Midwife came at 10.30 to do a sweep, she checked my blood pressure 4 times as it was unusually high and said that Id got a bit of protein in my urine. As my mum suffered with pre eclampsia she wanted me to get monitored at the hospital. So hubby came home from work and we went to the Maternity unit at the hospital. I was put on a monitor for nearly two hours, checking blood pressure, had three lots of blood vials taken and they did another urine sample. The blood pressure was fine, still protein in my urine but theyve sent the bloods off. I was then discharged with sunday being booked as my day for induction.

    The good news is that the sweep was ok, just uncomfortable. She said baby is fully engaged now and ready to go! Im currently 1-1.5 cm dilated and she said that my cervix is soft..so fingers crossed baby comes before sunday!

    We went food shopping afterwards and i had a good walk ( waddle) to try and keep moving. Just having a cuppa and something to eat and ill be back to ball bouncing! Ive had a few cramps but no bleeding or anything yet?

  • Update: had phonecall from hospital, my bloods are back and they're higher than what they would like( not sure what that means) so have moved my induction from sunday to Saturday, eeks!

    Either way baby will be here by this time next week, scary!

  • Eek Gemini, that is an eventful morning!

    Fingers and toes crossed that things get moving before Saturday! Hope you're feeling ok? Xxx

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