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What time Is it acceptable to start a new day's thread?  3.50am still feels like the day before somehow! The insomnia has hit an all time low and I've been awake since 2am after 4 hours sleep. i know that the sleeplessness of a newborn will be less shocking following this but at least a newborn gives some purpose to being awake - this is just crap!! 

Anyhoo, feeling v sore after painting the bathroom yesterday but I'm glad its done. Only pottering around for me now. Today I have my leaving presentation back at work as I was off site on my official last day. It'll be tea and cakes and usually there's been a "baby box" collection with lots of little bits and bobs for baby. Am looking forward to it and will make sure it's the extent of my exertion For the day. Discovered I'm no good at day time napping so might need to start training myself!  

WE how are your pains today? 

Baby out vibes to LD, NLH and Isis! 

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  • Morning sp! Or whatever greeting is appropriate for the middle if the night. The insomnia is ridiculous isn't it?! Well done for getting the bathroom done and your day at work sounds lovely so enjoy!!! That list needs some more BAs on it, hope some of these feb babies make an appearance soon. Baby out vibes to lots of people now!!! I'm still suffering from probably over doing the decorating at the weekend. Went shopping yesterday morning and didn't get to everywhere I wanted....
  • ..as it was too much for my hips. Last night I was in so much pain even my measly 9 working days after half term seemed too much and I am tempted to just get signed off. But time will go faster if on at work plus I've so much to do before I finish. We'll see how it goes. Today we are going to my mums for lunch as my aunt is staying but that's the it for plans.
  • Morning AR! I wondered if you might be about! Do you stay in bed when you wake or get up? Since starting mat leave I've taken to getting up so that I can read (and hopefully doze!) in the living room. What were you in town for? Sounds like you need to be taking it easy lovely and rest up.

    We defo need some more BAs!

  • See how it goes AR but don't feel bad about getting signed off if your SPD is still playing up and you aren't sleeping. With having a wee one already you need all the rest time you can get before this baby arrives! I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to fill the time without work.

    Enjoy lunch!

  • I managed to get an exercise ball so that's good, also went to babies r us to look for some bits for is birthday and then asda which finished me off! I had wanted to go to john Lewis and m&s home to look at material for new curtains in the dining room and a mirror for the hall but it'll have to wait. Trouble is when you're a teacher you get massive guilt if you miss work ever, especially this time of year with exam classes. My cover doesn't start for another 2 weeks and I'd
  • Be creating so much extra work for my colleagues if I went now. I'd obviously never prioritise work over my health or the baby but it's not easy to just step away in my job. I tend to stay in bed until at least 6am if I can as I can usually dose off about then. Plus it's comfy for my hips. Tank goodness for iPhones. I must start getting some tv/videos on the tablet for night feeds!
  • I know what you mean about work and that guilt and obligation can be such a sticking point. Its exactly what kept me working too! I deliver training so would either be dumping other trainers with my workload or cancelling participants off courses. Its a rubbish situation! You know what's best for you and what you can manage. Only 9 working days? The end is in sight!! Sounds like you did well on the shopping considering! Can you do the rest online or pick up in store to make life easier?

    Funnily enough 6 is usually when I manage to doze off too! I've been trying unsuccessfully for the last wee while but might need to resort to my book again! Thank god for smart phones indeed! I've been saving downtown abbey for the night feeds!

  • Hello ladies. Some of the best sleep in the world is available at 6am! It's ridiculous!

    Enjoy your visit back to work Sweetpea, and being spoiled. Lovely!

    AR - I thought of you so often over weekend when I was just not able to take one more step. 9 more days. Hang in there if you possibly can.

    I came home from work at 7.30 with big plans to do so much, and was in bed by 8.30!! The days are flying past so quickly, so much I want/need to do. Need more days in a week :)

  • Morning all,

    Can't believe how busy it is at 5.30 in the morning.

    SP Enjoy your presentation

    AR Hope the effects of the decorating wears off soon, and if you find it's too much so get signed off don't battle on and make yourself really ill

    Counter- Sorry you didn't get done what you wanted

    AFM - I've hardly slept at all no real pains think I might jut have been worrying at thinking I might have lost my mucus plug. However I am glad I'm awake at this time so I can watch the curling. Me and OH are in bed screeching at the tv lol x

  • (Crashing in!) Oh SP, I hope you soon master the daytime naps lovey! Hope you have a great day today. Also, is my little pester baby not due on the 5th!?

    Hi ladies, hope your all well and LD hope your ok and things get going soon xx

  • Hey

    Sweetpea rest today sounds like you did too much yesterday. Enjoy your presentation thingy at work x

    Autumnrose if your not able to work your not able...yes its a pain getting cover for when a teacher is off but you need to rest especially with SPD...hope you feel better today

    Counter hope you manage to fit all the bifs you need done in..you must have been tired last night x

    Bll enjoy cuddles with h and have a nice day

    Hk missdeedee hope u are well x

    Afm had a productive day yesterday. Had massive
  • Shooting pains in my right hip last night could not put weight on my leg at all... hopjng today it stays away x x
  • Morning ladies, you lot are up early!

    Sp - that rubbish you can't sleep. You really need to master the art of napping. It's my saviour. Hope you have a fab day back at work today and get really spoilt.

    AR - enjoy your day with your aunt. 9 days isn't long but I feel for you struggling with the pain. Hope it flies by and you can get some rest on mat leave. The exercise ball might help a lot, mine does.

    Counter - good work on the early night. Hope you have a productive day.

    BLL - that's exciting you've lost your plug. I just can't get into curling which sucks as GB are really good at it!

    MDD - hi, hope you are well.

    Thanks for all the vibes ladies, I think they are working! My midwife appointment yesterday was great and made me feel loads better. She did the sweep and said I am 1cm dilated and soft so you never know there might be a baby in the next few days. I am also booked in for an induction this Thursday which really helps psychologically. I can see the end!

    Annoyingly we blew a tire on the way home from hospital on a bloody pot hole so that needs to be fixed today. I hate driving around on those space saver pram wheels. Also I am fretting a bit about family expectations when the baby is born. My family mainly live near by but H's are in Yorkshire, so 200 miles away. Do you think it's unreasonable to ask my siblings to stay away until H's parents have met the baby? My family are so overbearing and as much as I love them I don't think I can cope with them all en masse straight away. They were talking about coming to the hospital which seems ridiculous to me. I'm worried about upsetting people though. I need to grow a pair!

  • Morning everyone

    SP - That is rubbish! Hopefully you will have a nice send off at work to make up for the lack of sleep. Yes you definitely need to train yourself to nap, will be useful with a newborn.

    AR - Hope the hip pain eases and you can get through the 9 days at work.

    Counter - If I got home at 7.30 from work, I wouldn't have any plans other than bed! Take it easy.

    BLL - I've seen your other post and will be interested about what the hospital  says about the mucus plug. From what I've read it doesn't necessary mean labour will start soon. I saw the curling and it was good (although didn't really understand it!!).

    MDD - Hello, hope you and baby are well.

    ABC - Hope the pain stays away, doesn't sound nice at all.

    AFM - Going to have a fairly chilled day. I've got a full body massage this afternoon, which may or may not make baby arrive! Out tonight with friends for dinner so hopefully baby will stay put until afterwards :) Have been getting a few pains but nothing significant at the moment.

    Baby out vibes to LD, NLH and Isis.

  • LD - oooh, that sounds promising! Great news that baby will be on its way this week. Sounds a bit difficult with regards to family. I suppose it depends when your H's parents are able to see baby, I can't see you being able to keep your siblings away for long! But at the end of the day you need to do what you feel is best, even if it means being a bit selfish. You won't get the newborn days back again.

  • Morning ladies,

    The insomnia sounds awful so glad I don't suffer. You need netflix on the iPad to watch stuff, I watched so much gossip girl in bed when I was ill!

    Sweetpea, sounds like a lovely day, hope work spoil you.

    AR, take it easy! The gym ball should help hopefully, mine is the one place I'm vaguely comfy apart from bed.

    Counter, hope you get some more days soon to do jobs, we don't need any more real days though this baby is taking long as it is lol
  • Bll, try and rest. I think you can loose your plug anytime near the end so try and not dwell on it (easier said than done I know!)

    Hi missdeedee

    Abc sounds like baby lying on a nerve :( hope they shift. I've had some shooting type pains but never last fortunately

    LD, that's great, hope baby makes an appearance soon! I plan on making sure J is the first to meet the baby but luckily we don't have big families.

    MrsV, massage sounds amazing! So jealous!
  • I'm still here, 39w today and so fed up. Had lots of pressure down low last night but not amounted to anything. J even came in this morning and asked my tummy if she was coming lol more ball bouncing today I guess!
  • Thanks ladies. Thing is if it was just 9 days from now itd be fine but its 9 days spread over the next 3.5 weeks. With my hips getting worse all the time I can already see how much worse theyll be in 3 weeks time. Im just going to take 1 work day at a time I think.

    Isis boo to still being here. You really have my sympathy as I know im going to be the exact same if I go past the 38 weeks when p arrived.

    Going to catch up with previous page now.

  • Sp - can't believe you were up so early!  Seconding Isis' recommendation of Netflix on the iPad. I'm currently addicted to The Good Wife! Got a few now shows scoped out for the late night feeds already!

    AR - if you feel like you need to stop then maybe you should consider it. You can only take it so easy with P took after.

    Counter - meant to say yesterday, sorry your weekend didn't work out quite as planned , but the bits that did sounded lovely.  I know what you mean about feeling as though you're running out of time!

    BLL - do you have a number for the midwife to check to put your mind at rest? I've heard the plug can grow back (nice!)

    Abc - ouch, that sounds sore! Hope it's a one off.

    LD - lots of baby out vibes! Midwife sounds positive so hopefully you won't need Thursdays induction and even if you do it's only a few days away now! Luckily our hospital visiting hours are pretty restricted (other than for dad), so that makes it a bit easier to filter the visitors!

    Mrs V - massage sounds lovely! We're booking a spa day for next weekend and I really can't wait!

    Isis - maybe J knows something you don't! Keep bouncing!

    AFM - took forever to get to sleep after NCT last night. I think there's always too much in my head to think about after the class so it's impossible to switch off. The classes have definitely been useful, even if it's just in terms of meeting people as my friends with babies are all either back at work soon or love too far away to make just meeting for a coffee  easy.

    Struggled at work a lot yesterday as I just couldn't get comfortable. Baby was pretty wriggly last night and I think she's  shifted a bit so hoping that today will be a bit more comfortable. I've also found that I can't stop eating at the moment and constantly want to snack! Trying to stick to fruit and crackers etc but I have to say that I did succumb to quite a lot of a bar of dairy milk fruit and nut yesterday at work...it was the only way I could get through the day!

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