***Tuesday 3rd tri***

Morning ladies,

I'm up at a reasonable time for a change so thought I'd start the thread before I even have a cuppa!

Spent last night making up a massage oil with clary sage and sweet basil and then realised I had a bit of tummy ache so got all paranoid that I'd kick-started labour so whizzed round the house steaming the floors and hoovering and then re-packed my hospital bag. Nothing happened of course but it did make me think that I've probably still got some things to do before baby is here so I'd better crack on! Will be avoiding clary sage until then!

Hi to all that follow x



  • I was having a look at the due date list and I appear to be second! How did that happen? Thought I'd re-post it here. I've never posted a leader board before...this is the top 5. Let me know if I've missed anyone or got any dates wrong.

    26th - Noggin


    3rd - popcorn  Eek

    17th - **jellytot**

    19th - Mrs Mack

    22nd - Mrs 50's

  • Morning PC - good luck on getting yourself organised, not long left for you now xx

    AFM - baby was very active all night and still is this morning so had a bit of disturbed sleep. Have the midwife today which I'm looking forward to. Have a busy day with I too, off to get her hair cut this morning and swimming lessons this afternoon. Looking forward to yoga class to end the day! x

  • Morning Popcorn! - Not long now :-)

    Banzy - Nice day by the sounds of it for you

    AFM - I am shattered! Lucky I work flexi time as I needed to leave at 3.30 yesterday. Just too tired. I did get in at 7.45am though! Only 7 working days to go. Totally had enough now. Just want to be at home pottering about and resting.

  • Morning!

    Popcorn - At least you have clean floors now! 9 days until your due date, how exciting!

    Banzy - Hope your midwife appointment goes ok and you enjoy yoga later.

    AFM - H went away with work yesterday, he's back on Thursday. Don't like it when he goes away :-( bump has been very wriggly, keep feeling 'lumps' and wondering if they're his/her feet or whatever!

    Hope everyone else is well.

  • Oh no, I am first on the list-how did that happen?!  Had some twinges yesterday but no real signs baby is coming anytime soon. I'm bored now though as both girls are in school all day and I am under strict instructions not to spend any money so going too far is not an option. Either way baby will be here by Friday week at the latest. Was watching the Midwives program last night and it really made me want to meet my baby so any vibes for getting him out would be gratefully received!!

    Hope you all have lovely days,



  • Bless you LP - try and take it easy today, 7 days will fly by!!!

    BE - take the opportunity to watch what you want on TV and enjoy those baby wriggles!

  • Morning everyone,

    PC that leader board looks scary! At least you got your floors cleaned! I am still in denial about everything I think!

    Banzy hope the MW goes well

    LP hope the next few days go quickly

    BE I love giving bump a poke and trying to work out what the lumps are

    Nog hopefully not long to wait until you meet baby.

    AFM it was worth me staying in yesterday as I got on top of all the ironing at last. Going to clean the car seat covers today. Think I will also try to pack my hospital bag so I can see what I still need to get.

    JT 36+5

  • Noggin - loads of baby out vibes for you!!! Not long now x

    JT - well done you on getting organised, my plan is to start the hospital bag next week. Going to order my changing bag tonight too.

  • Morning all,

    Aren't you all up bright and early!

    Popcorn- Not long for you now! I'm sure you have more things organised than you think and it's just the panic setting in because it's nearly your time.

    Banzy- Glad you have yoga to look forward to tonight, soundsl ike you have a busy day ahead!

    LP- We're so so close to being on mat leave now! We will soldier on together :) Hope you have a good day.

    BE- I know what you mean about wondering what the 'lumps' are. I had a definite foot under my ribs last week as I could actually get my hand around it! I was telling H that I like to imagine what she looks like when I feel her moving as sometimes it feels like she is doing the 'Night Fever' dance!

    Noggin- Lots of baby out vibes coming your way. Hope things start moving for you soon!

    JT- Sounds like you are having a very productive week already.

    AFM- Spent last night organising what last bits parents are getting for us which is very nice of them! I was super tired at about 8 but sprung to life at 9 and didn't go to sleep until after 12. Then I woke up at 4.50am thinking about such things as needing to ask MIL if she has any wood primer as the upstairs doors still need painting, that we need to get a dog bed and I need to put maternity pads and nappies on our next shopping list! This carried on until just after 6.30am and about half an hour before my alarm went off.. rubbish..

  • Morning all! :-)

    Popcorn- not much longer for you to go hopefully but it must be scary /exciting knowing how soon it could happen!

    Banzy-A busy day for you today, enjoy!

    Little Pixie- Countdown time for you until you can relax!

    BE- *Waves*

    Noggin- Sending lots of vibes for baby to make an appearance! Wont be long!!

    Jellytot- Very organised! I hate Irining with avengeance so well done you! My pile needs tackling.

    Samjh-Our brains never seem to slow down do they?!

    AFM- We went to Centerparcs on Fri with two other couples for the long weekend, got back yesterday. It was lovely to chill out, especially as its my last bit of holiday from work until I finish in 8 weeks. Ive got to plod on until then! 'Nugget' enjoyed the swimming, although I felt a bit like a beached whale in my tankini, ha!

    Got another day off today before going back to work tomorrow, so hubby has taken his car to be MOT whilst I relax in bed, he's bringing breakfast home with him :-)

    I've booked in for all my jabs in a week, whooping cough jab mon, flu jab tues, MW thursday. Ill be a regular down at the surgery!

    Hi to all that follow. Have a good day!

  • Morning all, sorry no time for personals, should have got here earlier. I'm so knackered but only got 5 days left at work. Baby out vibes for noggin. Found out on Sunday that im going to be an aunty, sil is 15 weeks pregnant. So its really nice to have someone going through it with me. X

  • A colleague who was apaprently off with gastroentiritis yesterday is back in work today and really isn't looking too well at all! Getting really paranoid so considering going out to buy face mask and boiler suit. Is this going to far...? ;-)

  • Morning everyone!

    Popcorn- Is Clary Sage a labour inducer? Not heard of that before

    Banzy- Sounds like u have a nice relaxing end to a busy day!

    LP- have you got enough flexi saved up to make the next 7 days short days?

    BumpEnvy-Must be weird feelign the hands and feet, you can't make out what they are by looking at the lumps? Im not sure if this actualy happens!

    Noggin- Baby out vibes!!

    Sam- That is far too early for my braint o start working!! hope you dont suffer during the day from the early start!

    Gemini- enjoy your last day off! Sounds like a good start! i booked all my jabs yesterday too, tehy are 2 days apart but ont he same day as my WC jab I have my GTT which im not looking forward too but i moaned enough about that on y.days thread!

    Jellytot- thats for the tip y.day to use the Boots bag as your down stairs nappy storage, think we might do that! Cant believe you are cleaning the car seat covers, that is serious nesting!

    AFM- tired, again! Have NCT tonight so hopefully i can stay awake for that. Baby has been a bit lazy the last couple fo days but i can still feel movements so not panicing. got a massive kick this morning as if they were telling me to "get out of bed mum" !!

  • Sam - sounds like you're getting organised too, hope you get a better nights sleep tonight.

    Gemini - sounds like a lovely break, I love centre parcs! Enjoy your breakfast in bed!

    MS - congratulations on the aunty news!

    Mrs bass - enjoy NCT later and have an early night tonight!

  • Oh hells Popcorn, how did I end up in the top 5?! Eeeek!

    I need to make up my massage oil at some point, but I daren't even open the clary sage bottle until the birth pool has arrived, just in case! What proportion of base oil to clary sage have you used? I also started to think about hospital bags just in case... I got as far as packing a washbag with shampoo, conditioner, facecloth, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. And that's it! Must try harder.

    Banzy, enjoy your day! Is it antenatal yoga or did you do yoga before?

    LP, big hugs. I remember exactly that feeling in my work countdown, I just really did not want to be there.

    BE - love a wriggly baby!

    Noggin - more baby out vibes for you! At leas you have a final date in mind, not long til you meet him.

    JT - when is your ELCS booked for?

    Sam, I have similar middle-of-night thoughts... then I conveniently forget them all in daytime, when I could do something about it!

    Gemini, lazy post-holiday day at home with breakfast bought in sounds like heaven!

    MS - congrats on the aunty situation!

    Mrs Bass - enjoy NCT. I found our pretty good, and met some nice people.

    AFM, having a slight panic as my homebirth assessent is on Friday and the house is a state. I struggle to bend down, especially to floor level, so tidying is difficult and I'm really breathless most of the time at the moment. Mum would help but she's away all week so I just need to crack on really!

    Also, maternity pads... where from, what type, how many?!! Argh!

  • Mrs50's- Top 5 does seem scary. Quite glad I'm just off the list at the minute as I still feel like I have lots to do! MIL did scare me last night by suggesting that baby might even come a few weeks early... She isn't allowed to be early or even on time! haha I know what you mean about struggling, we had our big house clean last night and I kept having to sit down. H kept telling me that he would do it but I just wanted it done so we could both relax so tried to do as much as I can. I'm sure they won't be expecting it to be like a show home so don't worry!

    No idea on the maternity pads. I was wondering the same thing..

  • You can get maternity pads from Tesco etc - they are just like huge bricks but in my experience they do make sitting down a whole lot more comfortable post birth!  I got a pack then my SIL gave me loads from Mothercare - I might be able to report back soon as to which are better :)  

  • Sam- I've started leaving a notepad next to my bed as random things keep popping into my head in the night!

    Gemini- sounds like you had a lovely break

    MS lovely news that you have someone else to share the pregnancy and baby days with

    MrsBass - we're reusing the car seat we had with W and its been up in the attic so just want to give it a freshen up. Enjoy NCT

    Mrs50s. My ELCS is booked for 17th October, my due date (a little bit worried I might go into labour early but I was six days over last time so hopefully not). As for maternity pads I've got some in asda. I think they're all pretty much the same (a big giant mattress). I've only bought two packs of ten. Most people bleed for a few weeks but it might steady off after a few days enough for you to just use normally sanitary pads. ( Although apparently its nice to keep using them for cushioning if you have stitches). And if not all the supermarkets sell them so its easy to get more.

  • Another thing re: maternity pads - it's best not to use the normal thin ones with the plasticky 'lock away' cover as these can stick to any stitches.  Ouch!!

  • Mrs 50's just do what you can, try not to over do it!

    Jelly tot- it didnt cross my mind you meant the baby car seat, i thought u menat the actual seats in the car! Doh!

    This is why 3rd tri is the scary tri- post birth bleeding and stitches, eeeks! Things ive been avoiding having to think about!

    Ive just been in a 2 hour department meeting that was so dull! the room was so busy i had to sit on a table at the back :-( bum was so bumb! Baby started kicking half way through and im sure it was tryign to tell me how bord they were!!

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