***Wed 2nd Tri***

Morning all.  Happy Hump Day!!!!

Hope everyone is well today.  Its a cold start but hopefully we will have the lovely sunny day we had yesterday again.

Couldn't get out of bed this morning because I was enjoying lying there feeling Baby CA kick away. Its so lovely.  Work can wait, thats moments I can't get back.

I'll try to get back on later on tonight.

Have a good one xxxx



  • Morning!

    CA that's so lovely, feeling baby kicking away!  :) It's made me smile.

    I'm off work again today after a terrible afternoon/evening yeserday. So far so good today but we'll see how the day pans out.

    Baby has been quiet but I've still felt them wriggle, just no strong kicks. I wonder if all the tummy noises are bothering them? I hope not too much.

  • Morning!

    CA - how lovely to lie in bed feeling baby kicking :)

    Imp - really hope you feel better soon.

    AFM - not much to report today. It's cloudy and cold this morning but due to get better later, so H & I are having a lazy morning.

    Hi to those who follow!

  • Morning!

    CA - so so true! I cant wait for moments like that :)

    Imp - Hope you are in better form today Imp after some rest.

    lxia - enjoy your lazy morning!

    AFM - sorry I didnt get on yesterday, was one of those days. Have first community midwife app this afternoon, FX all goes well, Im a bit nervous.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Ixia enjoy your lazy morning, are you planning to get out in the garden later?

    Sas boo to busy days! Good luck today, it should be fine and you'll hopefully hear the hb!

  • Imp - we'll try to get out into the garden, if it warms up!

    SaSaSi - hope all goes well with the midwife.

  • Morning all :)

    CA - I totally understand not wanting to get out of bed and it's even better when the little one is wiggling away, I don't want to move sometimes incase he stops haha. Yep hopefully this fog will lift and it will be sunny, have a good day :)

    imp - sorry to hear you are still suffering, I hope it is finally clearing up :) hope you get some rest today

    Ixia - enjoy your lazy morning :)

    SaSaSi - understandable you are nervous with the mw appt I was too and still am haha, I am sure everything will be great and you'll hear the hb too, which you wouldn't wanna miss for the world, report back :)

    AFM - the cotbed is up in the nursery and looks lovely, my Dad put a big cuddly bear in it and me being daft put over the bear the blanket my Mum bought, it's too cute and feels real haha. Hopefully buy some paint this weekend and paint the nursery and look to buy some curtains etc. I still am uncomfortable with my pelvis and its hard to move in bed and walking, but when I feel him nudging/wiggling/kicking me its all so worth it :)

    Hope to catch up later xx

  • Morning!

    Candy, how lovely to feel those movements, work can totally wait :)

    Imp, hope you feel better today and get some big kicks, might be that baby's in a different position?

    Sasasi, hope the mw appt goes well, might get to hear the heartbeat!

    Lxia, enjoy your lazy morning, love mornings like that!

    Afm, well, apologies firstly for not being on for aaaages, I find it difficult to post each day with shift work and then some days I don't have anything to say really! But I have been keeping up with you all and am so glad that everything is going well for you all! Am feeling lots of movement now and have a proper bump too yay, it's so amazing isn't it x

  • Sorry leelee cross posted,  how cute about the bear in the cotbed! Enjoy decorating, can't wait to start doing ours! Do you see a physio for your pelvic pain? Got a support belt? Might help you x

  • Hi CO - just nipped back in before getting on with work boohiss haha! I haven't seen a physio the mw at my appt last week just gave me a pamplet on it and some exercises to do, I must admit I've been so tired I haven't even done any, so I'm not helping myself, I know! I asked her about the support belt and she said they are very hit and miss, it can work for some but not for others. I'll need to start those exercises and see how that goes.

    It's great feeling those wiggles and the hiccups are too cute haha, it feels real when you feel those and have a bump :) How many weeks are you now? xx

  • Hello ladies!

    CA - What a lovely start to the day! Don't blame you for wanting to stay in bed :)

    Imp - Sorry to hear you are still poorly, I hadn't thought about baby being able to hear your tummy - they must wonder what's going on!

    Ixia - Enjoy the lazy morning, the sun is out here now so I hope it is there too!

    LeeLee - Tucking in teddy sounds adorable!! I think we need a photo ;) What colour are you painting your nursery?

    CO - Lovely to see you here! I think mentioning of a bump calls for another photo request!!

    AFM - Enjoying my day off today and the sunshine is out which is helping my mood. I'm feeling like I should get something positive done today but realistically it'll prob be another day of doing nothing!! Not much to report here baby related so just plodding along waiting for consultant appointment next week when we'll find out if they'll let me try for a natural labour or I'll find out when they want to plan a c-section for. Scary stuff!

  • Morning!

    Sorry for not being around for a couple of days, I promise to be a better MDer!

    CA, how lovely that you could feel baby CA so much this morning :) I agree, stuff work, baby CA is so much more important.

    Imp, hope you're feeling much better soon lovely. I bet Happy Feet has just wriggled into a new position so you can't feel them so much.

    Ixia, hope it brightens up for you soon and that you have a nice day.

    SaSaSi, hope it all goes well with the mw!

    LeeLee, ahh so lovely that you have your cot bed, complete with bear and blanket! Love it :)  What colour paint are you going for?

    CO, hurrah for a proper bump and lots of movement!

    AFM, it's viability day! Eeek!! I can't believe I've got this far, I really can't. It seemed so far away and almost completely out of reach when I first got my bfp, and now here I am with a proper bump at 24 weeks. Crazy! I'm so happy *fluff*

  • Missed you PS, enjoy your day off in the sunshine :) Not long to wait now for your appointment next week, hope it all goes well.

  • Fig - So excited for you! Happy viability day :) xxx

  • Chocolate Orange - Im so behind, I didnt realise you were pregnant! Congratulations :)

    LeeLee- sound like the nursery is coming along well! Sorry to hear about your pains, but as you say it will all be so worth it :)

    PS- enjoy some time off! Sorry but Im not aware of your background - why might you need a c-section? Whatever delivers the baby safe and sound is the most important thing :)

    Figaro - HAPPY VIABILITY DAY! (now I know what it means lol)

  • Afternoon all,

    CA that sounds so lovely :) I can't wait to feel movements!

    Imp - sorry you still aren't 100% I hope you're out the other side of it now.

    Ixia - hope you enjoyed your lazy morning

    SaSaSi - good luck for your appointment

    LeeLee - how exciting that you have the cot up now. Bet its feeling more real :)

    CO - glad you are well and lovely that you have a proper bump!

    PS - enjoy your day relaxing. Productive stuff can wait especially when the sun's shining!

    Figaro - congrats on viability day!

    AFM: well yesterday we were told the landlady had said yes to us having a cat, sent off application etc then I got a call today to be told she's pulled out! So gutted! The estate agents have another property in the same village that might suit us better and it's not on the market yet as it needs some work doing but they are giving us first refusal so just waiting to hear when we can view it. My mum is going to view it for me as I'm back home now for 2 weeks but I trust her judgment!

    The past two nights I've woken up with really painful hips. I still had it this morning but it seems to have died down a bit now. Assuming its normal pregnancy growing pains?! X

  • SaSaSi - I had a rectal prolapse a few years ago and they still haven't established why it happened. I had an op in May 2012 to yoink it all up and fix it but now they are concerned that the act of pushing during labour could cause it to prolapse again or damage the repair from the op. Nobody is really sure as they've not had someone whose had my kind of operation then go on to get pregnant as it's usually something that happens to older people. So it's all just a bit of guesswork and weighing up the risks on their part!

    Browny - Not sure if hip pain is normal but I know I'm not too far behind you and I've been getting it at night too so I'll guess it is! Sorry to hear the landlady has pulled out but I hope you find somewhere even better soon x

  • Browny - FX something comes along soon for you! I would imagine it is pregnancy pains  but if you are worried no harm in getting checked out?

    PS - OUCH X A MILLION! I am sure you are in gd hands.

  • LL Yay for the cot, are you delighted with it?  What colour are you painting the nursery?

    CO Nice to see you.  I'm glad you're feeling baby move now, it's such an amazing feeling isn't it?

    PS enjoy your day off in the sunshine.

    Fig yay for viability!  :)  As you know I am full of smiles for you today.

    Browny, sorry your hips are sore.  I've had it too, i found sleeping with a pilliw between my knees/legs had helped them.

  • PS - you have got a lovely day off today, it's gorge here now the sun has broken through. Blimey that does sound like scary stuff I hope you get some positiveness from the consultant and some good advice :)

    Fig - happy viability day, feels great doesn't it :) Fluff away matey haha

    Browny - so sorry to hear about your house, that is bloomin typical! I hope the other house is a good one even if it sounds like it needs work doing to it, fingers crossed it's just cosmetic. Painful hips yep, this happens all the lovely signs of being pregnant and stretching

    AFM - for those that asked, I'm sort of swayed to painting only one wall in a sort of apple green shade and keeping the other 3 walls in cream, we also have cream carpet, we haven't decorated this room since moving in. One of my stickers have arrived and they are cute can't wait to put them up on the walls (the alphabet ones with the animals interwinned). I'll see if I can post a pic of the cotbed with the teddy and blanket, but it probably won't work :) The pics are on my iPhone so I don't know how to attach them here?



  • If you go to advanced reply LL, the click the film icon, then add from computer.

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