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Morning all

i am in the office early so thought i would start the thread! hope you are all ok today?


i got my new car last night and as its bigger than my last i got to the office really early so i coud park my car! ended up being a big old political argument at work yesterday because i requested a space at my office! i haven't been given one, i'm just using someones whilst they are on holiday!!!


Cannot wait to get out of here!!!!!


on a positive note! its viability week for me this week! woo hoo!


  • nLH - woohoo to a new car! Grr at them being arses about spaces!

    What's viability week?

    Afm iirs hubby's birthday today he's already had me up at 7! He's now downstairs playing FIFA which I got him while I tried to get some more sleep! Going to treat him to some beers down the pub later!  Not much baby wise think it's still sinking in that it's an actual baby lol

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning

    NLH - congrats on the new car. What did you get?

    CC - babies are viable from 24 weeks meaning they can survive on the outside with medical assistance. Hope your hubby has a nice birthday.

    AFM - just work for me today. Hoping to see Gravity tonight after pregnancy yoga. I'm feeling really tired again, I could sleep for a week at the moment.

  • Morning all,

    NLH brill news about the car although so crap about the spaces! At least you have a temporary one for now.

    CC - do you both have a lovely day off planned? Enjoy!

    LD - Not sure what Gravity is but enjoy anyway! I really must get organised and start pregnancy yoga. My local class is pricey and it's really putting me off!

    AFM - had an awful night as H's son has been kicked out by his mum. Son is nearly 21 been unemployed since leaving school, unmotivated and skint. He's staying with us at the moment but I just can't live with another adult in the house, constantly in our space, having the heating on all day, helping himself to food and not contributing a jot. I'm feeling very stressed out as I realise H is in an impossible situation. It's awful! H has given him some deadlines and told him that living with us isn't sustainable. I think his mum is sick of him not working or contributing either however so where does he go? Feeling very blue :( Anyway, I'm sure something will have to happen to sort it out before I have a breakdown!

    Hello to all who follow!

  • Nlh yay to new car. Do you like it? We're waiting for our new car to be delivered soon.

    Cc hope your H enjoys his birthday

    LD how are you finding pregnancy yoga? I dis post natal yoga after I had p and really enjoyed it.

    Sp that sounds like such andifficult situation. I hope it gets resolved quickly.

    Afm p and I have no plans today. I want to get some bits done around the house that have been nagging me since we moved in as have some new curtains to hang up in the lounge. I'm tutoring this evening but that's as exciting as it gets. Nothing we pregnancy wise!

  • NLH- Yay to the new car. Shame your work are being a pain about the parking space!

    CC- ope you can get some more sleep! Sounds like a nice day for your H.

    LD- How are you finding pregnancy yoga? I am still yet to find one near me.

    SP- Sorry your in a tough situation. Hope things improve for you soon must be difficult at the moment, last thing you need!

    AR- No plans sounds good. What tutoring do you do?

    AFM- Just got back from midwife app. She was lovely thankfully as I have heard there is one in town who is a bit of a cow. Heard babys heartbeat which was nice and all bloods etc good. Out for a meal with a friend tonight so should be nice. Oh and H orderd a bse for the car seat we got this morn as was on offer :)

  • Bertie. Yay to hearing the heartbeat. That's the best bit of midwife appointments.

    I'm a secondary science teacher so I do tutoring from 11+/entrance exam stuff up to a-level. Tonight's is very low level so easy but it's a nice way of getting a bit of extra cash.

  • Ahh SP, that sounds awful. Hopefully H telling him there is a deadline on him living with you will motivate him to getting a job and moving out.

    AR - Enjoy decorating/tutoring.

    Bertie - Glad the midwife appointment went well.

    Gravity is a new 3D film about space. Looks quite scary though.

    Pregnancy yoga has been pretty good. I'm only doing a 6 week course and I think that will be enough. I used to do yoga before getting pregnant and it's nowhere near as hard as that. In fact I fell asleep last week but she's really informative about what positions I should be adopting to get the baby into position etc so it's worth while. I've paid £48 for 6 lessons which I didnt think was too bad, especially for my area.

  • Ha that's the end of my cinema plans. It's not out until 7th November.

  • Morning everyone

    NLH - Glad you have a space for now. Are you having maternity risk assessments (because you should be!). You can highlight the concern and they should make a reasonable adjustment for you to be honest and give you a space until you go on mat leave.

    CC - ha ha yes it is an actual baby :) But I know what you mean, it doesn't seem real sometimes does it?

    LD - I was thinking the same thing about gravity SP, no idea what it means! Is pregnancy yoga good?

    SP - Sorry to hear what you are dealing with, must be so hard. Hope your H can sort something out.

    AR - Hope you have a productive day, I'm exactly the same with trying to get things done at the moment.

    Bertie - Glad the apppointment went well and you heard the heartbeat.

    AFM - Plodding along nicely at the moment baby wise. My nappies are arriving today and I'm strangely excited!! No where to put all the stuff at the moment but never mind. Dining room work coming on, I have a roof now :)

  • AR- Ah that sounds cool and like you said a great way for extra cash. Science was never my strong point!

    LD- I have tried it a few times before pregnancy but never regularly. I am keen to go now though, so will have another search online. I remember almost falling alseep last time I went, think I got too relaxed lol. Ha, shame about the cinema!

    Hi Mrs V- glad all is well :)

  • Hi Everyone

    Oooh NLH what car do you have? Your work are such arses bet you're on countdown to mat leave!

    CC it does take some getting used to, Happy birthday to your H and hoep you ahve a good day.

    LD bless you hope you get to see it when it's out and yoga is good, I had a workshop a couple of weeks ago and although it was a bit new agey for me some of the techniques were really good.

    Oh SP so sorry that must be really hard for you and your H, hop it gets sorted soon and the son gets himself together - at 21 he really should be able to do that! Easier said than done but please try not to stress about it and look after you and baby.

    AR have a lovely day, sometimes those with no plans are the best!I love ticking jobs off the list too (saying that I ahve a million that I haven't done and have now been left for H when he gets back, wouldn't want him to be bored!)

    Bertie yay to the heartbeat that's lovely x

    Mrs V loving that your baby collection is taking over, and yay to a roof that's defintiely a good thing.

    AFM I've been feeling a lot better which is a good job as unfortunately my managers mum died yesterday so she's off and I'm running round like a headless chicken to keep everything ticking over and making sure she doesn't have to thin about it. On the plus side the time is going really quickly and H will be home soon. Travelling to London for a 3 day course next week which isn't ideal but again will pass the time and I'm meeting some friends.

    Been feeling a few more kicks including one real 'doof' this morning and I also have a spot the size of mount vesuvius on my chin - joyful and I never usually get spots even as a teenager! I'm blaming the hormones xxx

  • AR - hope you have a lovely day

    Bertie - that's fab about the HB! It's amazing. Enjoy dinner!

    LD - that's pretty good for the yoga. Loving that you fell asleep!! I did ashtanga yoga before fallling pregnant so I might buy a home pregnancy DVD. H and I are TRYING to save half my salary each month in prep for mat leave so proper classes would be a luxury.

    Mrs V - that's brill about the nappies! What colour did you go for? Mine arrived yesterday. I got the white ones. They are so cute! Good news on the progress on the house!

    Grif - That's a shame for your boss....and for you being mega busy. What is it you do again?? Sorry if you've alread said! You really want the next couple of weeks to fly in! It's just fabulous feeling the baby kick and those big ones are so disconcerting! I was getting that during a meeting yesterday and found it so hard to stay focussed!

  • Hi everyone, just sneaking on quickly as am having a very late lunchbreak. Hope you're all having a good day!

    NLH- that's not right about the car space! i agree get them to do a risk assessment or add to the existing one!

    CC- enjoy your day with your husband

    LD- i'm looking forward to seeing Gravity, shame it's not out yet :( Good to hear you're enjoying the pregnancy yoga, i start mine in a few weeks and am looking forward to it already, i hear good things about it!

    SP- sorry to hear about your difficulties :( very hard situation, i feel for you all, hope it's easily resolved. maybe a bit of time away from his home with his mum will sort things out?

    AR- enjoy your day and the tutoring!

    Bertie- sounds like a good day all round! It's wonderful hearing the heartbeat isn't it? Enjoy your dinner!

    Mrs V- glad to hear all okay, plodding is good! Hope you find somewhere to keep the nappies hehe!

    Grif- hope work not too hectic... hormones have a lot to answer for if you ask me!!

    AFM I am shattered today to the point where I want to have a 'feeling sorry for myself' cry (someone give me a slap!!!) No reason at all for the extra tiredness other than cooking a baby. I had my midwife on Monday which went well, she has advised us to sign up for a gazillion classes so we're going to look in to those (alongside our NCT ones) Baby is kicking lots and had his elbow or foot in my ribs yesterday which felt very odd!  Otherwise it's just business as normal :) Hi to any who follow!

  • Hey ladies

    i got a ford focus, trying to get used to driving it as its much bigger than my last car, but its really nice and im pleased with it! just feeling a bit nervous

    had a rubbish morning at work - ended up crying in front of my boss as i went in to ask him if i could go as i was getting really teary at my desk as my hips were hurting so bad! felt like such a div! anyway i came home about 2pm had a little nap, im still in so much pain though! gonna go have a nice hot bath

    yes i have a risk assessment every 6 weeks, i just don't think my company are very good! there very amature, luckily one of the directors in another department has said i can use his parking space until i leave on maternity leave so i will start using it next week

  • NLH- Sorry you're feeling so bad. Glad you were able to go home and yes, enjoy a nice soak and try to relax. My company are the same, I havent had a risk assessment done. Thats nice of the other director, atleast that will help a little. x

  • SP I'm in HR - so very useful for pregnant ladies! It does get quite hectic althoguh i do really enjoy it. I know it really is such a shame, I feel for her after we lost my Dad in March it's so awful. At least it's keeping me out of mischief and yes I am very excited eek.

    Rose sorry you're feeling down, you defiontiely don't deserve a slap but have a hug x

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