***Wednesday 1st Tri***

Happy hump day ladies!

I am feeling pretty queasy this morning, and very achey. Had a slightly later night than I am used to, and I think I just can't hack it any more! I am meeting one of my oldest friends after work to tell her our news, and then I will be having an early night.

Hope everyone is well x


  • Morning all

    Gavi - hope you feel better and enjoy meeting your friend.

    AFM - not much to report today, seeing my friend later on and hoping my brother will come round to put up our curtain pole in our bedroom as we've not hard curtains since Sunday now and it would be nice to have a lie in!

    Hi to all who follow
  • Morning Gavi, hope your queasiness passes quickly & your early night helps

    AFM: I finally feel like the time is actually slowly moving forward, got my appointment with the gp on Friday. I know the appointment itself isn't exciting but it'll be nice to be put in contact with the mw to get the ball rolling. Told work on Monday as they were talking about Sept & I know there are 3 ladies who are coming back from ml soon so they might get the part time contracts that they want! My mum is coming to stay for the weekend & I'm really excited about telling her. This nausea is really annoying but I keep telling myself that I'm lucky I'm not actually being sick & that I'm incredibly lucky to actually be pregnant. It really helps me get into into perspective.

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Morning ladies.

    Gavi hope you get a good nights sleep tonight! And have fun telling your friend.

    PP - We have no curtains in our living room its amazing what a difference they make.

    Blackcat  - It always feels more real when you have gp appts etc doesn't it!

    AFM - I feel sick as a dog this morning! YAY! I'm also shattered already and its only 9am. My decaff latte aint gonna cut it I don't think! I am loving these symptoms, I know its weird, but it just reassures me hugely.

    Love to all xx

  • Crossed posts with you there pp! Hope you get your curtains up!

    Rod: So lovely to see you over here & yes it's weird to feel rubbish but be happy about it!!

  • Thanks! :) My H said to me yesterday 'I'm so happy you feel like ***' hahaha! He says the sweetest things....

  • PP - that sounds like a lovely day. I have a friend who doesn't sleep with any curtains or blinds or anything. Weird!

    BK- glad time is speeding up for you. It's hard not to complain when you feel rubbish, but you're right, it's good to appreciate it.

    Rod - good, more sickness, loving it. Another day closer to your scan :)

    How early is too early to buy something baby related? I am going to John Lewis at lunchtime to buy some bits for the new bathroom and I think the chances of me resisting the nursery floor are slim!

  • Yep only 2 weeks 1 day! EEP!

    Ha! I don't think its too early, just don't go mad! x

  • Mooooorning!! What another beautiful sunny day it is!

    Gavi - I didn't get back on afyer your scan, im so pleased to hear it went well. Must start to feel a  it more real now. Enjoy telling your friend your news :)

    PP - the mornings are getting much lighter now, I'd struggle to sleep without my curtains. Hopefully they'll get put up today for you.

    Blackkat - its great to start he ball rolling! Enjoy relling your mum the news. Its so exciting telling people.

    Rod - pleased to hear you're feeling rubbish!! ! Meant in the nicest possible way! I hope it gets easier throughout the dayxx

    AFM - well i had a mini reak down last night!! Hormones ey! I'm so so scared about the scan tomorrow, I've convinced myself something is wrong. Theres no rational reason for it either. Im a mad woman!! Ha. I feel sorry for H!

    Today the sun is shining,  so i plan to enjoy it :)

    Hi to all that follow xxx

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