***wednesday 1st tri***

Morning, how are we all? it's been very quiet on the first tri threads over the past few days, hope I've not been left here on my own!

not much to report from me, ive slept well he past couple of days so feeling less tired. Managed to stay awake until 10.30 last night, go me!!

as I mentioned on Monday I told me boss, such a huge relief they know now and she's been really nice. Midwife appointment next Thursday. Still no scan date through but does This usually follow after the booking In appt?



  • Morning MrsL.

    I'm pleased it went well telling your boss the other day. It must feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You should get your scan appoinment through a week keep after your booking in appoinment (well, that's how mine worked anyway!)

    AFM, I also managed to stay up late last night. It was nearly 11pm for me! Busy day today so I'm looking forward to a  quick dinner tonight followed by catching up on some telly.

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry I've not been around much! My job requires me to travel so it's not always easy for me to get on & do personals.

    MrsL - glad it went well telling your boss, it's a relief when you've told someone as you no longer have to hide.

    WG - that is a late night! Enjoy catching up on telly, there's quite a lot of good stuff on atm.

    AFM - got booked in for a second scan next Friday so they can do the tests. Told my colleague at work yesterday who was pretty shocke (not s
  • Sorry on phone.

    Getting stressed out from my friend who keeps asking when she can tell people, I really feel like she's pressuring me & kinda wish I hadn't told her now :(

    Anyway, Hi to all who follow, will try to get back on later
  • Hi all.

    Work was mad yesterday so didn't manage to get on at all.

    Mrs L - glad you told your boss, it's always a nice relief. I imagine you'll get your scan date through after the appt with MW.

    WG - sounds like a nice evening. Well done on the late night.

    PP - that's a bit of a pain. Just tell her to pipe down and respect your feelings!!

    AFM - I felt like absolute [email protected] yesterday...nausea all day and cold and achey. Feel much better today, although work probably won't be much better!

    Will try and get back on later x

  • PP - that's a bit mean of your friend to keep pressurising you over telling people. Tell her you're not ready yet and try not to let it get to you.

    Gavi - I'm glad you're feeling a bit better than yesterday, hope work isn't too bad.

    I've just dropped F at nursery and now need to crack on with some housework before I have to head out later. Will try to get back on later this afternoon.

  • Afternoon all.

    Mrs l Glad you feel relieved after telling your boss. At our hospital you book your scan in when you are there at the booking in appointment as the department is next door.

    Weather girl 11pm is really late! Don't know how you did it! I think 10pm is late now.

    Picklepants peoples reactions are sometimes funny. Just tell your friend to do one and you will tell when you are ready!

    Gavi hope you are still feeling better! Is it pregnancy or a bug do you think?

    Think we've booked the CVS for next Wednesday, hopefully it will be fine as I will be 10 weeks and 5 days rather than 11 but that's the closest they could get with clinic dates and I think if it wasn't safe they wouldn't do it, plus they can always rearrange if need be. Not been on much because of my grandad. Unfortunately we've been told he probably won't make it to the end of the week so just waiting for phone call :(. Glad we got to tell him our news at the weekend and he was awake and aware of what we were saying.

  • Bunny, I'm sorry to hear that about your Grandad. Will be thinking of you all x

  • Hi all

    WG - yes a huge relief telling her. Hope u get an earlier night tonight x

    Pickle pants - ignore your friend it's your news to tell not theirs. Do it when you're ready x

    Gavi - hope you feel better today

    Bunny - sorry to hear about your grandad. Hugs to you x

    AFM I'm whacked now works finished. Just had a message from my mum to say my auntie has cancer so feeling a bit down :( going for a long soak and an early night xx

  • Bunny - good luck for the CVS, I will be 2nd tri by then but I will make sure I pop back. Sorry to hear about your grandad x

    MrsL - sorry to hear that, have a nice bath and relax. Horrible news but vibes for your auntie,

    I think it was just generic pregnancy woes, unless my Crohn's was playing up a bit but I don't think it was that. Work was busy but at least it makes the day go faster. I am now watching the footy and painting my nails.

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