***wednesday 2nd tri***

Morning campers! How are we? Didn't sleep too badly but I'm seals much earlier than I need to be. I was almost in tears by the end of yesterday my hips were so sore. I've been sleeping with my pregnancy pillow but doesn't seem to make much difference. I've got so much to do at work today I've no idea how I'll fit it all in, would quite like to fast forward to this evening!! 1 sleep until scan!!


  • Awake not seals!!! Stupid phone. Just read that back, sorry I'm so moany!! On the up side I'm enjoying ultra wiggly baby.
  • Morning AR, sorry to hear you are in pain. Does paracetamol help?  Hope your work day flies by

    I'm off to work v shortly, typically this is one of our busiest weeks of the year and M is poorly. H is taking the morning off to look after her, and I'm taking the afternoon. Will be bringing work home I reckon. The joys! Can't be helped, and she comes first, work will need to get over it.

    No wriggles or kicks here this morning which is unusual. Must keep an eye on that.

    Hope everyone is well, will try and get back on this afternoon x

  • Morning ar- my pillow comes tonight and I'm so excited!

    AFM well what a day yesterday. I got a call after I posted to say my best friend had taken an Od and could I go to the hospital with her sister. Her poor mum has just had a stroke a few days ago.

    So I did all that and she got sectioned last night and moved to a closers hospital so I'll see her again tonight.

    But then I had my scan in the afternoon and it's ruined me, I was told I was too fat to get my nuchal measurements so now I have to have a quadruple  blood test in 2 weeks and a 16 week scan. I can't stop worrying, and crying. I'm a mess and I feel so ashamed of what she said to me, and I feel bad for hubby that he can't see his baby or know if it's healthy because his wife is such a fat beast. And she said I shouldn't waste my money on a gender scan cos they won't be able to see that either!

  • Weekender. Have a cup of coffee see if the caffeine gets baby moving!

    Sorry read back my post and it's made me look like a drama llama , sorry

  • Forgot to to add the pic

  • Omg Monnie Hug what a day you had. What did she actually say to you? Don't let her get to you. Hope your friend is ok x

  • AR, how frustrating for you. So glad your scan is finally here, we're so close in days but it seems so long between scans. Hope you feel better soon, glad baby is a-wrigglin'

    W/E: I hope M feels better soon. You might have a 'fun' afternoon!

    Monnie, what a rotten bloody day. Don't be ashamed! Your husband will be pleased and proud you are growing him a little mini-me. Try not to worry, I know it's hard. Hugs.

    AFM, working way too many hours, at home and work. Desperate to do some stress-relieving crafty things for Christmas so will probably take the weekend off. All day board meetings today plus meetings with (noisy and demanding) recovery consultant in between :)

    Weirdly, my sex drive has risen in recent weeks, anyone else found this??

  • i just sat and wrote a full length reply to everyone and then press cancel instead of send!!! FFS!!!!!!!

    sorry not got time to do it all again! hope your all ok girls x

  • Monnie are you kidding me she said that? That's disgusting and would be having a few words with pals about her attitude I am big and they had no problems getting mine and my weight wasn't even mentioned at the scan just that I have to attend bmi clinics in jan! I am sorry she was so rude to you please don't take it to heart and sorry your partner loves you and your growing the most amazing thing you can produce be proud of yourself xxx

  • Morning everyone

    AR - I'd like to fast forward today too! Hope the pain eases and you get everything done at work.

    WE - I'm sure everything is fine with baby but it makes you paranoid doesn't it when the movements are different?

    Monnie - What a horrible day you had yesterday! I can't believe she told you not to have a gender scan!! I'm sure the tests will come back clear but I know the waiting is very hard, keep smiling.

    Counter - Definitely take the weekend off! You work so hard. Sex drive, er no haven't found this... its just too tiring, lol.

    NLH - Hope your ok, technology is annoying sometimes!

    AFM - When does 3rd tri start?! I'm 27 weeks tomorrow and some books/apps are saying 3rd tri is 27 weeks onwards? Why is it so difficult to work out!!

    In other news, my dining room is getting there now, thank god! Just the electrics and plumbing to finish and then the decorating can start. Will be so good to have it all finished in time for christmas. Then we can finally start on the nursery :) Baby wise, definitely getting bigger now. People have even stopped saying how small I am so I must be!

  • Morning,

    AR- What time is your scan tomorrow? I have my rescan tomorrow buts it's not until 5! Hope your hips arent too sore today and work is ok for you.

    Weekender- Hope M is better soon. Bet baby will judo chop you shortly!

    Monnie- Dont feel bad, she should never have spoken to you like that! Your H will be so proud of you growing your baby :) Try not to stress about the tests.

    Counter- You work so hard, def have the weekend off! Yes I have lately too, I'm sure our H's arent complaining!

    NLH- Hi, hate it when that happens!

    Hi CC- hope your well.

    Mrs V- Not a clue! 3rd tri sounds scary! Starting the nursery sounds exciting :) Do you know how you want it? I love getting bigger.

    AFM- I had the most wriggly baby ever yesterday, I know shes active as she didnt stop once during the scan but I was getting jabbed all day! Nice to know she is there. Still sounds odd saying she after not knowing for 20 weeks. Ordered some lovely bits from next and also a sit me up bunny. I will be extremely poor now I know the sex lol. Booked tomorrow off as have the rescan, didnt want to wait in work all day so me and H are going to go out for the day as it's not until 5pm.

  • weekender - its so hard when they are ill and you're trying to juggle work. I hope she feels better soon

    monnie - you should not have been spoken to like that and i'd have made a complaint. Try not to worry about the tests, it's highly unlikely anything is wrong.

    cc - i refused to attend the BMI clinic, the only reason i'm in the over weight group now is because this baby made me eat so much early on. Haha!

    Mrs v - 27 weeks is 3rd tri, that's when i moved up last time. You're on the home straight!

    Bertie - mine is at 11.40 and then have the consultant straight after because of P's growth concerns when she was cooking. HOpefully this baby will be normal sized and he'll sign me straight back off to the MW. 20 weeks was the start of lots of worries for us last time so i'm a bit anxious. HOpe your day flies past until 5!

  • Bertie - I think so, although baby's room is a very small box room so I think we will be pretty limited in terms of what we can. I hope the rescan goes well tomorrow.

    Thanks AR - Ooh scary stuff!

    This might be my last post in 2nd tri then! I've never been in 3rd tri before :)

  • Everyone told me 28! I’ve only moved over today.

  • OB I read online it starts at the end of the 27th week so think you're right?

  • Who knows! Maybe I'll post in both for a week, ha ha!

  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm sloping back in quietly. I came back a few weeks ago but the day I posted, I had a bleed and freaked out and disappeared again!

    Everything is ok though. I'm 22+6 today and everything is going relatively well. We found out it's another girl a couple of weeks ago but also that I have notches in my left uterine artery. This increases the chances of me getting PE again along with the growth issues and all the other problems. At present though, she is fine, growth is as expected and we're just taking things one week at a time.

    I'll jump back on tomorrow with personals as normal.

    More hold handing needed and I'm happy to be back to join you all.

    See you all tomorrow!



  • In a meeting listening to men squabbling so thought I'd post a quick hello to Raye Raye! Glad to see you back. Hope things carry on well. A girl!! Lots of cute stuff to buy ha ha!

  • Hi Raye! Didn't realise you was in second tri. Glad all seems to be going well so far. x

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