***Weds 2nd Tri***

Morning ladies,

Dont know why but I am up really early today so thought I'd start us off. I had my 20 week scan yesterday. Everying looked good, the lady said we have a textbook baby which is nice to hear :) we decided to stay team yellow although H said he was looking and didn't see any bits so he is convinced it's a girl. I wish he'd not have been looking especially as we'd decided not to find out but I guess he's not a doctor so he doesn't actually have a clue. My parents came over last night and we were discussing baby names but I am going through a 'I hate them all' phase so I think I'd rather leave it now until we meet the baby haha. 

Hope everyone is good. I've been so busy at work but I am determined to get back on today :) 


  • Morning!

    Great news about the scan little dude :) names is such a flipping minefield. H won't let me have my favourite name :(

    I'm up for the school run as ever. Tired as ever! Got shopping coming this morning and a meeting at school later with a load of cleaning in between. Pregnancy wise v little to report apart from I'm huge!

    H x
  • Morning ladies,

    LD great news about the scan!

    Isis, what's the name he won't let you use? Sounds like a nice day with your LO at school!

    Off to work for me today, haveny been in a fortnight as was using up annual leave so its a horrible thought going in! Think a few more people will find out I'm preggers as its pretty obvious now! Then H takes M swimming after nursery and I'm just reheating leftovers for tea so I'll get to put my feet up for an hour or so, bliss!

    Hope everyone that follows is having a good day I'll try and get back on at lunchtime x

  • Morning all

    ld - glad scan went well xx

    isis - im never going to pick a name

    weekender -

  • Hope work isnt too bad!

    Phoebe wasn't well last night so will be snuggling with her this morning once we've dropped Aaron at nursery. All fine bump wise can see it moving. X

  • Morning everyone,

    Little dude, pleased the scan went well for you x

    Isis, enjoy looking through your purchases, unless it's a food shop, then don't eat all the nice stuff !

    Weekender, hope work goes quickly for you.

    CK, hope Phoebe feels better, enjoy lots of cuddles.

    Afm, work today. I'm happy as a lovely man gave me his seat on the train, normally I'm invisible!

  • Eek, 99 days to go!

  • Morning all

    LD hope work isn't to bad and glad all was good at your scan.

    Isis ill bet you're not huge. Have you posted on the bump thread yet?

    WK enjoy putting your feet up tonight

    CK hope P is ok and you both get a rest while A is out

    I'm in work and shattered already, gotten through most of the cleaning so far and going to have a cuppa and a banana before doing my workout. I've reduced my weights this week because I e been getting some SPD type pain so hoping that sorts it!

    I've posted my scan pic and questions on another thread. The baby has a little fluid in one kidney but hoping its not a problem.

    Hope everyone has a good day x

  • Missed you Mrs P! Morning, glad you got a seat lol

  • Morning Birds!

    LD - Glad all went ok at your scan

    LR- i know its hard but try not to worry, all that kinda thing is new to me so i'm afraid i wont be much help to you

    Ck - Hope little P feels better

    WE - gonig back to work after time off is rubbish, scrap that, gonig to work full stop is rubbish!

    Mrs P - hurrahhhh for getting a seat on the train! i make sure i put my baby on board badge on whenever i go on public transport now!

    as for names blimey, its so hard! everything i like he hates or everything he likes is named after a film star or some model he had a crush on in the 80's!

    Poor Kid

    AFM - still sick every bloody day! work is poop as always, off to aqua natal tonight! and got hospital tomorrow!  not felt any movements of flutters for few days so im a bit worried?


  • Isis - Maybe your H will change his mind on the name after the birth :) Have a good day. Put your feet up for a bit!

    Weekender - Hope work isn't too awful. At least you can chill out a bit tonight.

    CK - Hope P feels better. Enjoy lots of cuddles.

    Mrs P - That's so nice of the man to give you his seat. I've seen heavily pregnant women on the tube be completely ignored, it makes you wonder about some people. Also yey to 99 days!

    LR - I saw your other post and hope everything is ok. Try not to worry and google was never anyone's friend. I'm probably being thick but what's SPD?

    NLH - Sorry you're still ill. Is aqua natal good? I quite fancy trying it but am not sure it's on in my area. It's still early days for movements so try not to worry. I don't think they need to be regular until much later on.

  • I'll do personals properly when I can be bothered to walk back upstairs for the iPad!

    Unfortunately it's just good coming this morning but I'm doing a good impression of mother Hubbard so much needed!

    I did order some maternity stuff last night as I got an asos voucher for my birthday. Have got two pairs of jeggings, a jumper, a tshirt dress thing (to wear with leggings) and a waist belt which will hopefully fit!
  • LD - Aqua natal is really good, gentle excersise and techniques with breathing  

  • I do aqua natal aswell.  It's very very light exercise. Tbh I'd barely call it exercise! I go more for the chat afterwards and because my friend and cousin are also pregnant and go.

  • Afternoon everyone

    LD - I'm sure sure they check that area in much detail do they? The consultant zoomed in on my baby's bits in order to find out!

    Isis - Hope you manage to put your feet up inbetween cleaning! Hope the clothes fit.

    WE - Hope going back to work isn't too bad.

    Ck - Hope your daughter feels better soon.

    Mrs P - Eek, double figures :)

    LR - You put me to shame by still working out. The most I'm doing is walking the dog!

    NLH - I'm not sure you need to be aware of the movements just yet but could be wrong? I'm sure someone else can advise better!

    AFM - Back at work and feeling better but still not 100% Got loads to do so hopefully afternoon will go quickly. Nothing much to report baby wise, but feeling movements now which is nice.

  • Hi all,

    LD - great news about the scan! If he'd seen bits then that's more reliably likely to be a boy but if he didn't see anything then really it could go any way!  

    Isis - I'm also curious about the name you aren't allowed but totally get why you'd keep it to yourself! Hope you got lots of scrummy food!

    WE - I haven't had a chance to officially welcome you to 2nd tri! Great to see you. Hope you've enjoyed your AL...don't think about going back to work until you really have to...like the morning off!

    CK - aw I hope P is feeling better soon and enjoy the snuggles.

    Mrs P - yay for getting a seat! And 99 days....it's flying in!!

    LR - hope you are successfully managing not to worry too much. I know it's hard but it sounds like you've heard similar stories from other MDers where it's all been fine. Sounds sensible to be easing off on the exercise. did you see the photo of the heavily pregnant woman from California doing heavy duty weights? I thought she looked amazing but took such a slagging!

    NLH - Defo too early to be worrying about a lack of movement. Many people still aren't feeling anything at all at this stage. Enjoy aqua natal! I refuse to go until I get a bump as at the moment I'd be pouring out of my swim suit in a very unattractive way!!

    AFM had the MW yesterday and heard the wee heartbeat which was lovely! I was the only woman in the waiting room without a bump!! Everyone at work is laughing at my attempt to suggest I have one....really it's a small pokey out belly! Ha! At least I know everything is okay in there though!

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