***Weekend 1st tri***

Hello. Thank goodness it's the weekend!

How is everyone feeling? I'm knackered and have lots to do but determined to have a good weekend!! Beautiful weather in this corner of the country.

The decorator arrived at 8am, yuck. Husband is sleeping after a nightshift. I'm off to do some extra hours at work, and Harry has got the final shift of his first week at work. 2-10pm and he'll have done 36 hrs plus 3 days at school. But after 8 weeks of doing nothing it won't hurt him, ha ha.

Hubby and I are kicking our day off at 4pm, a walk, trip to Blockbuster, stop for a drink somewhere by the sea, food, and settle down in our newly-decorated lounge for Strictly and some serious dessert indulgence. I miss my son being at work but the coupley-time is fab I have to admit! 

Hope everyone is as well as poss and enjoying the weekend xx


  • Morning

    Sounds like you have a lovely day planned :)

    I am 7+0 If going by my date of my last period! It's trickling by, Going to phone midwives on Monday to sort an appointment out for the 8th week :)!

    Not feeling too bad just tired!.. Heading out shopping today, H is home for a 4 day weekend which will be lush! love having him home!

    Hello too all that follow :)

  • Morning ladies

    Counter your day sounds lovely apart from going into work!

    CC, enjoy shopping. What does your husband do? Enjoy having him home

    Off to visit my mum today. I'm totally stressing about Tuesdays scan, hardly slept last night, so I'm hoping itll take my mind off it.

    Hope everyone is doing ok xx

  • I literally came on to post here and then remembered I wasn't allowed! Waaaaaah!!!!!!

  • hey CC, it seems so slow doesn't it. But we found out at 3+6 (but 'knew' sooner) and here we are at 9+4 - suddenly -  and our 12 wk scan came through and it's only 16 days away. Crikey. happy for you re hubby, enjoy!!

    WE - I feel so bad you're stressing about Tuesday. Our scan date was there when I got home last night, then overnight I had TWO really upsetting scan-related dreams. So I get where you're coming from. There's nothing you can do but wait, which is rotten. I really hope you start to relax a bit.

    On the subject of 12 wk scan - the testing that goes alongside the scan, the midwife said "if you don't hear in a week or so, everything's fine". Last time around I was definitely happy with that approach, I was invincible and nothing at all could possibly go wrong, lol. This time it's really different. Do you know what happens wrt results of testing? Or how long they take?

  • *sweetpea*

    I literally came on to post here and then remembered I wasn't allowed! Waaaaaah!!!!!!

    How are ye?!

  • I'm lurking but I can answer you Counter! They said the same to me, but I had my cons appointment 9 days after my nuchal screening and my results hadn't even come back!! I panicked. The letter came 2 and a half weeks after the scan. If you are high risk they will call you as soon as your results come back (though clearly not within 7 days at our hospital even though that's what they said!), and if not you just have to wait for the letter.

  • My H is a prison officer in London, we live in Dorset, so he stays at his parents when he's working.. So some times he's away for a week

  • Counter my midwife said they send the results to her if all is ok and she posts out to us, but if theres a problem they'll phone direct

  • Hi ladies do you mind if I join you guys? Just found out on Monday that I'm pg again.... Finally got over the shock and now I'm back here. I used to post on old forum during my last pregnancy and it was fab .... I shall try and post often .... You all seem to be feeling ok today sorry I have not done personals just quickly posting to say hello:) x

  • Hey ABC. Congrats! The more the merrier!!  :)

  • Morning ladies

    Welcome ABC Wave

    How were our Saturdays? Mine was nice, good visit to my mum's, got an hour of child free shopping with H met my mum and M and my friend and her daughter for coffee then saw my sis, BIL and gorgeous 6 month old nephew. Then my brother popped in too! Got back at 10pm and pretty much went straight to bed. Oh and mum and I booked tickets to take M to see Disney on Ice, mums so excited Laugh. Its on in 3 weeks

    Today we are going to the local country park this morning then I think H wants some daddy/daughter time this afternoon so some quiet time for me.

    Hope you are all well xx

  • Hey WE, what a great weekend!

    This was us at 10am at a café in the town: 

    Since then we've wandered around some galleries and furniture shops, bought a lovely piano stool that matches the wallpaper that went up yesterday, and the boys played ball with Lily the dog on the cliff top on our way home, whilst I sat on the piano stool (looking like a nutter) watching the boats on the sea. A good start to a Sunday, lol.

  • Hi ABC - Welcome and Congrats!

    Weekender - Enjoy your time this morning and then your break this afternoon :)

    Counter - I am slightly jealous of your breakfast this morning looks lovely!

    AFM - Had a bit of a restless night last night I had a very small about of red blood last night, But none this morning when I woke, or any since, So hoping it was just a one off :)!

    Had a lovely walk this morning with H and Eric!.

    Now going to snuggle on the sofa and watch some trashy TV!

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