***Weekend 1st Tri***

Happy weekend ladies!

im just doing a bit of prep for painting our bathroom today then going for a nice lunch in southend.

Not much to report pg wise, but TWO sleeps til scan, eek!


  • Morning Gavin, week 2 sleeps you must be so excited!!

    AFM I haven't been on since Thursday. Had my docs appt on thur night which wasn't anything exciting, just had to fill out a form , have BP checked and have booked my midwife appt for 27th. Nothing else to report really, been very tired fell asleep on the sofa at 10 last night haha. Going for dinner at a friends tonight and shopping with my sister tomorrow.

    Hope you all have fab weekends x

  • Afternoon!

    Gavi hope that prep didn't take too long and you've had a nice lunch.

    Mrs l now you've got the ball rolling as it were! Not long until the booking appointment really hopefully the next few weeks go quickly for you. Enjoy dinner tonight.

    Well its h's birthday and has out with his mates today with paintball so I've bought lunch, sat down and watched rubbish TV! Love having chill time to myself. Think they will be back 4:30. Got a few of them staying tonight too so hopefully I can Sleep and they won't be too noisy! They don't know about the pregnancy obviously so I'm having to wear baggy jumpers as my tummy is definitely sticking out!

  • Hi bunny

    Hs birthday sounds fun, how far gone are you? Hope you managed to hide the bump. My boobs have grown already and I'm only 6 weeks! May have to invest In a new bra tomorrow x

  • Good afternoon ladies!

    Gavi - 2 sleeps!!!!! Hoepe you've enjoyed your lunch, its been a gorgeous day here!

    MrsL - its great to get the balling rolling. You haven't got too long a wait until the midwife appt. I can relate to boobs growing already, mine were much bigger by the time I was 6 weeks. My tummy is also bigger, fortunately I can still hide it with jumpers.

    Bunny - enjoy relaxing before they come back :) everyone needs a chill out day every now and then.

    Afm - I had a bad day yesterday,  came home early from my friends as I was feeling so sick :( today im much better, almost recovered from my cold! Woo! The sun has been shining so I had a bit of spring clean in the bedroom today, now relaxing whilst catching up on tv.

  • Hi ladies,

    Gavi: 2 sleeps to go, how exciting!

    MrsL: Great that you've got a date to see the mw, it just drags so much at the mo doesn't it! Enjoy bra shopping.

    Bunny: Enjoy your quiet night in

    Boo: Sorry you weren't feeling well but glad you're feeling better today.

    AFM: This nausea is bugging me but I've now taken to wearing my travel bands all the time (when there's no one else around!) & that & food seems to be helping. Food shopping has been awful though as the thought of some food really turns my stomach so have told my h that he's doing it tomorrow. Today I've been railroaded into a day & night at the inlaws. Can't think of anything worse but my h's sister died just after we met & today would've been her birthday so I know it's important for him that we're here, although a heads up would've been nice rather than telling me 1st thing this morning when I had to go & teach. We were planning on telling my mum when she visits next weekend so I've said we can tell his parents. Hope he does it soon as they get really funny about me eating too much & I need to snack! Still I've got to get my work finished 1st so I'm in the quiet inside whilst they're outside. They seemed very unenthusiastic last time we announced our pregnancy so no idea what they might be like this time? My mil will probably start random crap for it that we really don't want or need! Sorry for the waffle/rant I just hate feeling crap & it's worse when a) I have to wear a bra (really got to get the next size up) & b) can't just eat as & when! & c) There's a really irritating buzz in here along with a very noisy clock that are driving me crazy!!!!

    Have a good weekend all x x

  • Mrs l I'm between 8+a bit weeks and 9+a bit weeks, but it definitely seems 2nd time round you show quicker! My books haven't grown yet, but I do remember them doing that last time. I would get a new bra even if it's just for the comfort factor.

    Boo hope you continue to feel better. We'll done you for spring cleaning!

    Blackkat hope the night and day aren't too stressful and they react in a more enthusiastic way.

  • Happy Sunday! The sun is shining and it looks like it's going to be a glorious day here.

    Gavi - how was your lunch yesterday? Not long until scan now!

    MrsL - hope you had a nice evening at your friends last night. Enjoy shopping today.

    Bunny - I hope you managed to have a nice bit of time to chill out yesterday.

    Boo - sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, hope you're feeling much better now.

    BK - I hope your time at the ILs hasn't been too bad. I always find it hard to relax in other peoples homes.

    AFM, got my scan date through for 31st march. Feels like a lifetime away! We had a late night Friday so last night I was in bed before 9pm. Hoping for a day spent on the garden today if the weather stays nice.

  • Morning!

    Weather girl hope that the sun stays out. That's good that you've got a date through hopefully the time will go quite quickly.

    Not much planned here, need to do some washing and a bit of cleaning once h's friends have gone. I did get to laze around yesterday which was good.

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