***Weekend 1st Tri***

Morning you lovely lot! It's the WEEKEND!

Anyone got any plans for the weekend. I am going to football with my dad today and then off to a friend's birthday party so I'll need to pretend to be drinking. Fun. I feel much better than yesterday, a day of rest and a decent sleep has worked wonders. Just pottering around the house tomorrow and I will try and head to M&S to get some bras as my b00bs are expanding at an exponential rate!

Have a good weekend everyone! x


  • Morning gavi! Sounds like you have a goid weekend planned. Pleased to hear you're feeling better, sleep does wonders!

    I am working all weekend... yay(!) Nobody at work knows yet, so I will be keeping my nausea to myself lol

    I told my best friend yesterday as im her bridesmaid in 6 weeks, worried if the dress will still fit!! Plus its her hen do next weekend and didnt want her thinking im a spoil sport by not drinking. I also went to see the GP yesterday, booked in to see midwife on the 20th March. When does it begin to feel real?!

    hi to all that follow and hope you have a good weekend xx

  • It's quiet on here!

    Gavi - good luck with pretending to be drinking! Hope it works!!

    Boo - it still doesn't feel real for me! I think when I had my booking in appointment it felt a bit more real but I still find myself saying 'if everything goes ok' and putting 'hopefully' ok the end of sentences. I guess with my TTC journey it's hard not to. Maybe when I start feeling movements or the 20-week scan I'll allow myself to believe it!

    AFM - well I put a deposit down on a new (used) car today!! So excited! It's a 5-door A3 in blue. We're seeing the last of our friends to tell tonight, then it'll be official! Just a few to text tomorrow. Eek! I think we will go to the baby show tomorrow - was umming and arring but decided to as we won't get another chance now.

  • Hi ladies,

    Gavi: Have fun at the party & bra shopping! Glad to hear you're feeling better

    Boo: How far along are you? Last pregnancy it didn't seem real to me until around 22 or 23 weeks when I felt movement. I was very lucky to have a small bump & barely any signs of pregnancy which was great but made me doubt it the whole time! I'm seeing the gp on 13th March (they don't register you where I live until you're 8 weeks).

    Browny: Exciting to be telling everyone & great news about the car. Have fun at the baby show.

    AFM: Not much to tell. It's now been a week since I got my BFP & the time is dragging. It's so hard to lie to people & not tell them & I've got to do it for at least another 7 weeks! Eeek! Also almost any of the small pregnancy symptoms I had are gone. I have still have to pee quite regularly (which I'm hoping I can hide at work on Monday as I've been on half term this week) & a few times a day I 'feel' something going on so I know I wasn't completely mistaken about actually being pregnant. At least this time round I know that having no symptoms isn't anything to worry about.

    Happy Weekend all x

  • Browny - new car sounds great, we used to have an A3 and it was a brilliant car!

    Blackkat- im 6+5, I can't register until 10 weeks where I live which feels sooo far away. Like you I don't know how I'm going to keep it quiet, Ive only known 2 days and im struggling! Well, 2 people know. Haven't even told my parents or in laws yet!!

    good luck with work on monday, im sure you'll be ok!

  • Morning everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

    I'll come on later and do personals.

    Had a good/bad Friday. Had our early scan and saw the baby which was amazing. Everything was fine and was just so emotional. In the afternoon though, our rabbits were out in the garden and when we checked on them a fox had got in and killed them both. Was really upsetting seeing them and thinking about what they went through. Now it feels like the day we saw the baby was tainted :(
  • Hi everyone!

    Gavi - hope you enjoyed the football and Dad time :)

    Boo - You're a bridesmaid? I'm very jealous. I have only been a bridesmaid one and that was when I was small!

    Browny - Hope you enjoy the baby show. I went yesterday and my goodness I was knackered!

    Blackcat - The early weeks really drag. I swear have already been pregnant 6 months! You have my sympathy.

    Pickle pants - congratulations on seeing your baby but I'm very sorry to hear about your rabbits.

    AFM - Baby show yesterday was exhausting. I fainted! Felt like a right tool but it was just so hot and busy and I was tired. Luckily I was right by the midwife station who sorted me out. We got a few bits, some cuddledry towels and morrck hoodies. Nothing major though. I also got my SIL some gifts. Still tired today so had a bath this morning and feel all pampered now. The in laws are here but have gone out with H for the day so I am going to watch a film and cook a gravy tea. Not sure what yet, not a full roast but maybe sausages mash, veg and gravy.

  • Thanks Boo: I only work Mon & Tues now & actually going back to work (as much as I don't want to as I haven't got all my work done yet) will help me take my mind off the pregnancy!

    Picklepants (great name BTW!): how exciting about the scan but so sad to hear about your rabbits, try not to link the 2 events in your head if possible, take care x

    Ducky: Glad to hear that you're well rested after your epic day out yesterday. I love my cuddledry towel, might splash out on a morrck hoody this time round as I know everyone raves about them. & enjoy dinner. Roast sounds delicious, mmmm

    AFM: I finally got round to booking a holiday yesterday. Been trying to since January but got frustrated by the prices. So we're off to a eurocamp in France for the last week in July/1st week in Aug. Funnily enough neither of us realised it but we'll be away for our 3rd wedding anniversary so that'll be nice. Nothing to report pregnancy wise, just a bit tired really. Gonna get my hubby to take a 'bump' photo today of my food baby!

    Hi to those who follow x

  • Well football wasn't brilliant...conceded in the 90th minute so I was missy stroppy pants most of the evening. Managed to get away with the not drinking easy enough, I just said I'd taken some codeine for my sinus pain and didn't want to drink on it. Got some lovely bras in M&S with matching knickers (they're just non wired, padded bras) - as I got measured I got a £5 off voucher so it all only cost me £27.

    Boo - how lovely that you will be a BM. Pretty sure the dress will be OK, what style is it. If anything I have lost a little bit of weight as I am off food, so it might be OK.

    Browny - get any purchases at the Baby Show? I think I might go to the one in Birmingham in May if I can get a train ticket cheap enough.

    BK - It's weird as time goes fast and slow at the same time. It's been six weeks since my BFP and it feels like ages and nothing at the same time. It's nice to have booked a holiday isn't? Just breaks the long nine months down!

    PP - so sorry to hear about the rabbits. There are quite a lot of foxes around here which is one of the reasons our cats don't go out.

    Ducky - hope you're feeling better today. That dinner sounds yummy! Happy 12 weeks lovely lady

    Enjoy the rest of your weekends folks. Two days til my first MW appointment!

  • Gavi - least you got away with not drinking and got some nice bras

    Boo - where's your friends hen do?

    Ducky - that's not good about fainting, glad to hear you're resting.

    Blackkat - thanks. Exciting that you've booked a holiday, where about in France is it?

    AFM, no further update from earlier but wanted to come back on and do personals
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