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Morning ladies!

couldn't see a thread so thought i'd start one this morning! What's everyone up to this weekend? I was shopping yesterday followed by the good food show (I met Mary berry!!!! Well it was a book signing rather than an actual meet & greet but still!) but my pelvis is really sore today after all the walking. Meeting my bestie for lunch today and she wants to buy me a cape as a joint birthday/christmas present which is my way of avoiding buying a mat coat as I can continue to wear it. However not sure I'll manage much in the way of shopping sadly. Other than that not much planned - 7 family members for a 3 course dinner tomorrow so need to get organised for that! 

Hope everyone is well - hello to all who follow! 


  • Hi ladies!

    Sorry I haven't been on this week, work has been very hectic as usual and then I had a jam-packed day off yesterday as it was my birthday! I hope you're all doing well. SP excellent idea about the cape! I had been having a similar dilemma and may nick your idea! Enjoy your dinner with family :)

    We have a busy weekend, I'm seeing a friend today and then tomorrow we're seeing friends for brunch and then off to my Mum's for lunch. I had a lovely baby bump massage treat at Champneys day spa yesterday - I would really recommend it! Otherwise I overdid things a bit yesterday (too much swimming/shopping/eating!!) so am feeling a bit achey this morning. Baby is doing well and kicking away lots- usually at the most inconvenient moment! I'm at 24 weeks today ('viability day'!) which is scary stuff... this is all going so quickly!

  • Morning ladies :)

    SP, your day yesterday sounds great, I LOVE Mary Berry! Good luck cape hunting today, hope you aren't too sore x

    Rose, nice to see you and belated happy birthday. Bump massage sounds lovely, yay to 24 weeks!

    Nice night last night, H made dinner which was pleasant surprise then we watched bachelorette, has anyone seen it? Worst film EVER! sounded like it could have been a female version of the Hangover but it sooo wasn't. Never mind!

    Tonight is our anniversary treat - off out for dinner then to see the Lion King, can't wait. Then tomorrow is an early start to go to my friends daughters christening, need to leave about 8:30am, so will be up bright and early!  So I think that will take most of the day. Pregnancy wise def feeling lots more movements which I'm pleased about, I was starting to get worried :)

    Hi to everyone on later. Have a good weekend x

  • Happy birthday rose!!! And happy viability day! ❤️

    Happy anniversary WE! How lovely to have a surprise meal cooked! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thoroughly enjoy the theatre tonight. V jealous!

  • Morning ladies,

    Sweetpea - thats brill about meeting Mary Berry. Enjoy lunch today and the big meal tomorrow. You're very brave cooking for that many people.

    Rose - Happy birthday for yesterday. The spa sounds lovely. I did one at 12 weeks and it was a bit pointless then :) Yey to 24 weeks. I know how you mean about things going quickly.

    Weekender - happy anniversary. Have a great time seeing the Lion King.

    Unlike you lot who are dead busy, I have a really lazy weekend planned. I think the most we are doing is buying a car seat and planning to have Sunday lunch out tomorrow! I'm 24 weeks today and really happy about reaching this milestone. I still can't quite believe there is a baby growing inside me sometimes. That must sound odd haha. I'm also in a world of pain today after going to a gym class on Thursday. I can barely walk but I'm still not as bad as my H who is struggling to do anything. Damn you squats.

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. x

  • Happy viability day to you too LD! I know exactly what you mean about a baby REALLY growing in there! It's still quite overwhelming to me! Enjoy your chilled out weekend. What car seat you going for?

  • Ooh lovely weekends going on. Fab. Happy birthday for yesterday Rose.

    Escaped work at 1... Went to Dobbies and had a huge salad (good girl) then, because they were on a BOGOF, a huge cream scone (bad girl). Gorgeous. Though I'm anti-Christmas (pre Dec 1st) I got carried away and we bought stuff to put on the tree. Having all new in the lounge this year, first Xmas in new house etc (plus I can put my old tat up at work!).

    Watched Prisoners at the cinema. Bloody a-MAY-zing film. Not been on the edge of my seat like that since I don't know when! Then lovely evening in front of tv comedy, cheese on toast for supper and early night :D

    Have got halfway theough Project Wardrobe and are now off to drop son at work, stick a mac cheese in the slow cooker then we've some gift-buying for friends and rellies birthdays to do. And maybe a sneaky lunch. I forgot how much I love weekends ha ha.

    Pregnancy wise we've been saying how lucky we've been last few weeks and how it's all fairly manageable, and I'm a world better than a few weeks ago. Feel very lucky about that!

  • Afternoon everyone!

    Sp sounds like you had a fab day yesterday. I love Mary berry! Hope shopping is going well.

    Rose belated happy birthday!

    Weekender enjoy tonight, that sounds lovely!!

    Ld happy viability day!

    We've been out and ordered the car we tried last week. So excited as we've never had a brand new car! We've bought a skoda Octavia. They are so pretty and are owned by volkswagon now so they have be engine. Plus they are huge inside and have a gigantic boot.  I'm tutoring this afternoon then riding  tomorrow we have someone coming to view the horsebox as were selling it and then lunch out with the inlaws.  busy busy!!

  • Thanks Sweetie, we bought the maxi-coding pebble. Also spent 2 hours in mothercare which was brill.

    Sounds like a lovely weekend Counter.

    Congrats on the new car AR.

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