***Weekend 2nd Tri***

Morning ladies! Hope you are all enjoying a Saturday lie in!

I got  bot of one but i think that is more to do with not getting to bed until 2am!!! I can't believe it!  had a great night at Hs gig, music was fab and lots of friends turned up!

I had planned to wear a new A-line skirt I had with a petticote but I looked huge! both had an elasticated waist but I couldnt work out if that should be on top of bump, under it, across it?! I asked H if i looked huges and got the blunt reply "well, you are huge!"  As we were heading out he also tole me i looked like a "blooming heffer"!! as if adding 'blooming' would make it a a compliment! Luckily I did get lots of nice compliments from my friends! (I did ditch the petticote though!)

towards the end of the night i suddenly got some indigestion or reflux. I kept needing to burp but it was a bit painful and acidy. not pleasant. Think i downded my last sip of shandy too quickly!

As I had a lazy day y.day, baby did too and didnt feel much movement. Was lieing in bed this morning willing it to wiggle and i rubbed my belly a few time shas this has worked in the past and i got some good kicks! Doesnt react when H pokes it but it does to a gentle stroke of the belly! its strange, i wonder it it makes a noise in there!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



  • Morning!

    I honestly take my hat off to you being out to 2am!! I fell asleep about half 9 last night, I feel like I'm about a hundred! I've been getting quite bad heartburn but that does not sound good. Glad baby bass was kicking away this morning.

    AFM for full week Hattrick I had a bad sleep again last night. Babydeedee was wriggling and kicking like mad. I fell asleep early but then woke to pee and it was wriggle time again. I had an awful sleep and I am 100% having a sleep this afternoon as I'm shattered this week.

    Baby wise, we ordered a monitor on Thursday which came this morning, looks good! I wanted a sensor mat and also a video one for when they're in the room alone and was looking at the angelcare video movement and sound but it was mega pricy at £250!! I did find it online for £177 but then amazon had it on (and still do I think?) for £118, given the other one (without the video) I was looking at was £80 I bought it! So another thing off the list. I really have very little to get now. The only big thing is the crib for our room which is back I stock so I'll probably order it this weekend!

  • Morning!

    Wow Mrs Bass, I also tip my hat to you for a 2am finish, I was in bed at 10. I saw the flash of your skirt on OT, it's beautiful! I've had a week of huge wriggles, but had a bit of stomach ache last night and no wriggles. Was getting worried, but he's moving nicely this morning.

    MissDeeDee, that's a great price for the angel care! I feel your pain on no sleeping, I hope you have a lovely nap this afternoon.

    AFM I am still in bed, lazy hound! Plan is to do a bit of nursery shopping today, need a chest of drawers and shelves etc, then we only need the cot bed, I'm loving this bit!


  • Mrs P, glad he's wriggling again! It is a scare when you think you've not felt much for a little while. Hope you've had a great long lie and have fun today! I can't wait to start decorating the nursery and get the furniture delivered. We're on holiday for a week in oct and plan to do it all then! I can't wait until its done and even to have the furniture built and everything in the room (I am such a saddo!)

    Oh Mrs B, I just realised you only have a week left in 2nd Tri!!!!!! OMG! I can't believe how quick the past few weeks have gone, it's such a difference from counting the days in 1st Tri!

  • MDD, I can't wait either, already have the chair to put up, but we have a sofa bed in there which we need a big strapping man friend to help us move it downstairs as its heavy. Then I can get started. I'm trying to do enforced nesting as I know when the instinct kicks in I'll be too big and too tired to do much.

    I can't believe you'll be onto 3rd tri net week either Mrs Bass, time is flying by x

  • Morning all!

    Mrs Bass- Glad you had a good night last night! Fair play to you staying awake that long, I'd have been asleep in a corner somewhere!

    Typical man thing to say exactly what they think. I'm sure you looked fabulous!

    MDD- Boo to lack of sleep, make sure you fit in a nap later! I love it when buying things comes together and you can tick things off our list!

    Mrs P- Enjoy nursery shopping later! We have excuses to have a lie in when we want one!

    AFM- This will be my last weekend in 2nd tri, as I'll move over onto 3rd tri on Wed! Eeeks!

    It's been a really busy week for me work wise, then have been coming home to newly plastered walls and lots of mess! On the upside, we have ordered the cotbed, mattress, wardrobe and drawer changing unit from Mamas & Papas ( Rialto range) as it was on offer, plus its an extra 10% off until midnight tomorrow. The in laws have bought it all for us so gave them a heads up and a saving of nearly £350/400!

    I've been pondering 'Nuggets' movements over the past few days, as I guess I feel him move sometimes during work ( maybe because I'm too busy to notice) and then some in the early morning and more in the late evenings when I'm chilled and lying/sitting down. I have an anterior placenta so the MW told me that I may not feel him as much as those without an anterior placenta, guess I just want to know everything is ok! I don't know, we worry ttc, we worry when pregnant and there'll be lots of worry when they're here!

    Today I've got a day of cleaning and ironing..oh the joys!

    Have a lovely weekend everyone!

  • Hello ladies.

    MrsB I'm another who is impressed with your staying up skills! Anything after 11 and I'm useless the next day. Glad you had a good night (apart from the acidy stuff).

    MDD, sorry you aren't getting much sleep, I can sympathise! Sounds like a bargain on the monitor. You're very organised!

    MrsP, I'm still in bed too! Ha ha. Have a lovely day shopping.

    AFM, I had 2 days of no sickness which was amazing but then yesterday was bad again. Had 16 week appointment the other day and heard the hb (if only for a few seconds as baby was being a monkey). Looking forward to our gender scan now. It's booked for the 16th, day before our 2nd wedding anniversary. I'm not feeling anything specific, but after the Doppler at my appointment my tummy felt really weird, and then it happened again yesterday after I had a slush, so I'm hoping that I'm not too far off from feeling baby! Quite achey today but I presume that's quite normal. Not much planned for the weekend as H is at work. Should clean the house but I'm too lazy!

  • Oops sorry Gem I missed you! Glad you've ordered all the nursery furniture! Our inlaws are buying our furniture too. I agree, it's just one big long worry from now on! Hope you feel more movements soon.

  • Ob, we have our MW appointment on the 17th, our 2nd anniversary! X

  • Ahh we got married on the same day!! Were you on hitched? Did you have a different name?!

  • I was just Gabs, and changed to Mrs Penguin after, can't say I post very much on Hitched, probably as many posts on there as here and I've been on hitched since 2010.

  • I know!! the previous couple of nights ive fallen asleep in the sofa by 9:30! i even refused to be the designated driver as i thought I might have to head home at 10pm! im probably going to fall asleep this afternoon and again by 8pm!!

    missdeedee- what a bargain! Ive had a little look at monitors but ive got no clue, might leave that one up to H!

    MrsP- I was lieing in bed this morning thinking about how to get baby to wiggle. Ive heard a glass of cold water usually does it, was slightly releaved when they started moving! have fun nursery shopping! i still havent had a chance to get the drawer knobs, might be a next week task!

    Gemini- There is a whole lot of worrying involved with being a parent, even before you become one!! one of my friends is taking her eldest to uni today and she is worried about that!

    OB- hopefully it means that the sickness is wearing off soon though!

    can't believe I only have 1 week until third tri! keep a space warm for me Gemini!

    Over the last week or so, ive felt some tightening on the bump which I had assumed was my skin stretching as bump grew but Ive just read that it's actually my body practicing contractions!!! Yikes!

  • Hiya OB! Hope the sickness subsides!

    Mrs Bass- I'll keep the bench warm! Scary huh?!

    Since writing my post this morning, baby has not stopped wriggling. He loves to prove me wrong!

  • very scary, people on 3rd tri have their babies! eeks!!

    Has your Poddle Pod arrived? I have a google after you mentioned you ordered it and though they looked really good, would love to know what you think of it!

  • I got on Mrs Bass, obviously I haven't anything to try it out with, but can see how it would work in making Pootle feel secure.

  • Thanks MrsP- do u think you'll use it instead of of a bouncer seat thingie?!

  • Mine hasnt arrived as yet but sll the mummies on the fb baby group and a few of my friends have them and they say that they have found them to be a god send! Can't wait to test the theory!

  • Ive got a bouncer but am thinking that I'll use it say in the bedroom if Im getting ready, put him on the bed or downstairs whilst I do a few jobs. Not sure on the sizing in relation to our moses basket but it might fit in there for night time sleeps as well as in the travel cot when he gets too big for the moses. Plus when moving him into his own room, it'll be good for the cot.

  • Hi everyone. nice to see the thread so busy! On phone as cant do personals Im afraid.

    Just been round babies r us looking at furniture. so many cute things but resisted buying!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

  • Hi ladies, sorry I'm on phone and really tired so can't manage personals. We've been to eureka today, Jude loved it which was the main thing. I'm now settling down ready for strictly! I have had lots of heavy type feelings so I think everything's growing again!

  • Hi ladies, sorry on my phone so can't do personals as you've all been busy today.

    I've been round my mums tonight for my sisters birthday. It was a bit mental and loud as my whole rather latge family were there. It was also rather strange watching them all do jäger bombs for the first time. The baby decided to kick me for the first time tonight. There was no mistaking it and I could feel it for a little while :)

    Isis, is that the eureka in Halifax? I loved it there when I was a kid, didn't know it was still going.

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