***Weekend 2nd Tri***

Morning ladies. 

Up early this morning as my little dog was sick (I could hear him trying to conjure it up from the soles of his feet from upstairs!) anyway came down to clean it up and let him out and I promptly threw up right after it. It was purely down to my crazy sense of smell!

So he's now lying fast asleep and I'm looking at clothes online!

Not sure what our plans are this weekend, maybe go for dinner tonight as I don't want to waste our last two days before I go back to work on Monday (sobs!) I also need to pick up a few other maternity bits, I have been living in jeans and tops but don't have much workwear and what I was wearing before holidays mostly was bigger non-mat tops etc and they are too tight and too short now!

Those who work in an office environment or similar, what do you wear to work? 

Baby wise, not much to report. We did get two baby presents yesterday! I was so surprised! One was a gorgeous knitted hat and little cardigan from a good friend of my H's late gran and the other was from a couple who are very good friends with my parents (I grew up with them as my sort of aunt and uncle) and they gave us a beautiful pair of little booties with rabbit ears on them (they are sooo soft!) a really soft padded rattle, tiny socks and a set of hats. They are so gorgeous, I nearly cried! 


  • Morning! Going back to work is rubbish miss dd isn't it! I'm still getting away with the baggy top thing but going shopping with mum today in the hope of some workwear too- I'm thinking maybe linen trousers some tops and a few cardigans.... Gonna be lost when it gets cooler as my summer dresses/leggin combo will need to go :-(

    That's so cute re pressies :-)

    AFM- we've now done the "big" stuff, travel system, sling, cot, nappies (gone tots bots and little lambs - they are sooo cute!) so feeling quite :-) day out with mum today and then a nice chilled eve :-)

  • Have fun today weeme. Glad you've got the big shopping done! We ordered our pram and furniture etc this week too, was great knowing a its done! I've decided to give the cloth nappies a go too! I've ordered some miosolos, so all in ones. Hopefully I'll get on with them! I wouldn't even have considered it but the woman in the baby shop certainly sold them to me when she went over the cost of disposables and also how long he take to degrade at landfill, I had no idea!

  • Good morning ladies! Just a quick hello from me as today is big brother's wedding day so I've got a fry up to cook then off to the hairdressers to quaff my do! Hope you all have lovely weekends :-)

  • Morning,

    MDD, enjoy the last of your time off. Work wise I got a pair of black maternity trousers from gap and a couple of vests so can wear a normal cardigan. I also have a opulent of dresses I an wear with leggings. I'm a bit more smart casual than smart for work.

    Weemee, enjoy the day with your mum.

    Rose, hope you have a lovely time at the wedding.

    Afm, and apologies for those that have already seen on FB, I fell down the stairs yesterday, landed on my back and bum so didn't touch my stomach. Was winded and in shock and kept getting teary so spoke to the midwife who said to go to hospital to get checked. Pootles heartbeat was fine so the only damage is to me. I've got beautiful bruises and a pulled muscle in my shoulder. She showed me the labour ward while I was there and it looks ace! Off to my mums day, a bit of shopping and a telling off for not telling her will be on the cards today I suspect.

    Have a lovely weekend all x

  • Morning all, 27 weeks today so over to 3rd Tri for me, can't believe it!!

  • Wow, BE, the home straight for you! Good luck over on 3rd tri, we'll miss you! X

  • Morning all!

    Thought I'd try and get on early to catch up with you all :-)

    MDD- Poor dog :-(

    Aww I love baby presents! As for clothing, I guess I'm lucky as I can wear what I want. I've recently ordered a few tops in a bigger size, hoping that they'd be a bit longer in length, as I'm tall. They're ok, but a little big around the shoulders etc. I'm sure once bump gets bigger they'll look ok! I shop mainly at new look as they seem to have a less frumpier range than most places!

    Weeme- Morning! It's a good feeling getting the big things done Isn't it? We've so far bought the car seat, base, pushchair and lots of little bits. We have decided on the Nursery furniture and the In laws have said  they'd like to buy us the set ( lucky us) so we'll order it once the Nursery doesn't look like a box room still!

    Rose- Have a fab day at the wedding! I hope the rain holds off wherever you are!

    Mrs P- Oh no! Hope your feeling a bit better! Glad that you got checked out, if anything it's good for peace of mind. Be careful! :-)

    AFM- Nothing much to report, pretty busy still with house things, especially hard when getting home from work and then having to do things like strip wallpaper- urgh!

    This weekend we have hubbys family ( aunt, uncle and little cousins) up from Sussex, so if the rain holds off, a family BBQ tonight. If not, it'll be an oven jobby!

    Tomorrow we'll prob nip to ikea as we need a few bits, plus its my nephews 4th bday party tomorrow and theyve invited the world and their children..great!

    Enjoy your weekends ladies!

  • Hi ladies, was up at 7am today. Hung all the nappies outside (must get them in before the threatened afternoon rain arrives!) Then went and rode my horse. He was a bit fresh (keen), having had a couple of weeks off, so my intended boring plod round a few fields turned into trotting & cantering in a massive hay field! He did, as ever, look after me tho :-)

  • Hi everyone

    MDD that does not sound like a nice thing to wake up to! Sounds like you've been given some lovely things Smile

    weeme sounds like you're really organised, definitely deserve a nice chilled day!

    Rose enjoy the wedding!

    MrsP have a nice day at your mums but don't overdo it! Bet you're feeling really sore today Sad

    BE That has really flown by, can't believe you're heading over already!

    Gemini, sounds like you ave a lovely weekend planned.

    AFM not much to report.  Picked up my new car yesterday so can finally go pram shopping. I'm starting to stress that at the moment I have nowhere to sleep when baby arrives and nowhere to put any things.  The house is a tip, living with my mum and dad and my brother seems to be storing everything he owns here! Seriously, there is stuff everywhere, there are 2 double bedrooms he has filled and I'm meant to be having one but he won't come and sort his stuff out (he's living with his fiancee) and at the moment I'm paying rent and for a storage unit and sleeping in the smallest room in the house! Still burying my head in the sand about OH as well, he says he's bought a house for us both to move into but we've hardly seen each other for over a month now and I know he's having two operations fairly soon so no idea really where I stand or what to do.  I'm hoping if I ignore it it will go away!  I'm hoping to finish my assignment today then just have a project to do and will have finished my post grad diploma.  Got a week off work now so fingers crossed I can motivate myself to get the lot done!

    Have a great weekend everyone

  • Morning everyone! Sorry I've not been around much - lots going on, plus I can only get here in the evenings and sometimes it's hard to catch up on personals. I'm missing you lots though.

    First of all, congrats to everyone who had scans recently, I was thinking of you all and am so pleased that everything has gone well. I had mine this week as well - I'm delighted to be having a healthy baby BOY! :-)

    Aww missdeedee your poor dog, hope he feels better soon. I don't work in a formal office, mine's a creative studio, which is just as bad as I need to look really cool whilst stretching old t-shirts desperately over my bump! Next formal trousers are quite nice though and like MrsP said, vests with cardigans or blazers can look good. I actually bought a few pairs of work trousers before I started my job that I don't need now, and I was going to sell them on ebay, but would you like me to email you some pics and details first? No worries if not, just wondering :-). I've bought a few maternity tops from H&M. They are cheap and fit really nicely, maybe get some bits from there?

    Wow weeme you're organised. Have fun shopping!

    Rose, enjoy your brothers wedding lovely :-)

    MrsP I hope you're still feeling ok and reassured this morning? I was thinking about you last night, must have been so scary.

    BumpEnvy - my goodness how did that happen?? Eeeeek!

    Gemini I feel your pain, we're decorating too and I feel like I haven't had a proper sit-down after work in weeks. FX for nice weather for your BBQ.

    HF - glad you enjoyed your ride and I hope it doesn't rain!

    Jem - oooh I didn't know you were picking up the car already! I recommend the M&P Sola as a pram, now you've got a car with a decent sized boot..... ;-).  Sorry that the house and OH situation isn't how you wold ideally like it to be and that your brother isn't being very helpful right now. I think you need to sit your OH down and have a word - you're 20 weeks pregnant now and you need to know what's going on, and where you and baby are going to be living. It won't go away of you ignore it - although I know that ignorance can be bliss. But it won't help to hide from it. You know I'm only saying this because I care about you and not to be mean, I promise. xxxxx

    AFM - well we've been busy decorating and have finally finished the painting. I've getting new carpets laid right now as I type - can't wait to see how the nursery looks! We've done cream walls and repainted all of the woodwork, radiator and the door in bright white, so that it looks nice and clean and fresh, and the cream carpet is going down now. We've bought our furniture, in walnut wood as a contrast to the cream and are now trying to decide what interior decoration to go for. We're currently torn between Mamas and Papas Mille and Boris set or their Jamboree one. Before we knew that baby was a boy I preferred Millie and Boris but now I'm leaning towards Jamboree. So exciting!

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

  • Hi ladies,

    MDD, that's lovely about the presents. I have only just invested in mat work clothes but got a nice black skirt and dress from seraphine. Was also planning on getting some black trousers and then wearing my normal tops for a while. I don't really want to spend too much but not having anything to wear is getting depressing.

    Weeme, enjoy your day with your mum.

    Rose, hope the wedding goes well. Good luck for your reading.

    MrsP, sorry to hear to you fell down the stairs but glad you and the baby are ok. Y

    BumpEnvy, good luck on third Tri.

    Gemini, have a nice weekend with the family. You're brave going to ikea!

    Horsefan, how long do you plan on riding for? I'm very impressed with the 7am start.

    Jem, hope your brother sorts out his stuff. Good luck with your assignment. What's the pg dip in?

    Afm, I had a mammoth lay in today. Been so tired all week I've been late to work every day. Not got too much planned this weekend. Was meant to be going to see H's parents but we've been banned because his mum has a virus so its a weekend at home doing jobs I think. Just starting to think about looking for prams and cots so might do some research this weekend and freak again about how we are going to fit a baby in a one bed flat!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  • Rose hope the wedding went well and you have a great time.

    Mrs P I didn't know about your fall, I hope your ok lovey. Glad pootles is all ok!

    BE I can't believe your off to 3rd Tri! That seems a lifetime away!

    Gemini sounds like a good weekend. I hope you've had better weather than we have for a BBQ.

    HF I was confused about the nappies thinking you were on the ball but then realised you will mean for L!

    Jem what car did you get? We ordered the Jane trider with matrix car seat/carry cot. I was so impressed with it. I know you were looking at the Jane prams too. I hope you get sorted out at your mums, can she not speak to your bro? I've been thinking about you and your OH but didn't want to pry. I know you've got so much going on just now with your work too but I do think your going to have to bite the bullet and speak to him.

    Penny so nice to see you lovey!!! I thought you had your scan this week too!! Huge congrats on your baby boy! I'm delighted to have another on team blue. That would be great about the work trousers if you want to email me? Not sure if they'll fit me though, I think you might be a bit thinner than I am! We've gone for walnut furniture too! I don't know why but we had seen it before we had the scan and I thought it looked like baby boy furniture, I've had a feeling all along we were having a boy though so I think I've been subconsciously looking at more 'boy' stuff! Also, I'm usually around at night after I get home so post if your about?

    LD can't beat a lie in if you've had a hard week. Have fun looking at prams, I love the shopping bit!!

  • Little Dude, it's in Environmental Decision Making, I was supposed to be doing an MSc but might have to give up on that one!  I'm so jealous of your lie in, I always seem to be up early.

    Penny thank you, it's nice to feel cared about.  I was talking to OH yesterday and he said he'd bought a bed so I said for your house and he said ours but I'm still reluctant to trust it at the moment.  I keep reminding him that time is ticking and I need stability but he always has reasons that things are moving slowly but that's starting to wear thin now too Sad We were supposed to be going away together this week but he's cancelled that because of these operations he's got to have and it was the one chance we would have had to actually spend time together properly.  I know the problem won't go away and I know I'm just kidding myself thinking it will but with everything being so unsettled at home as well it's just easier to hide from it all! I love walnut furniture and think that sounds great with cream...I like the jamboree set best of the two Smile

    missdeedee, it really wouldn't be prying don't worry.  I bought a Kia Ce'ed, I have a car at the moment from work but it's being changed next month for a two seater van and there is no way I'm putting baby in that!  I do love the Jane prams.  I wanted the slalom pro with the formula car seat but they don't make it any more.  The Trider with the matrix is on my shortlist though, is it heavy?  My mum and dad have offered to buy the travel system but I think if I ended up with that one I'd have to offer to put something towards it...

    I want to go shopping now! Would be a waste though as things stand.  I've had a really productive day and got my assignment finished and gone to see a friend.  I can get started on my end of module assessment then probably end up tidying all my brother's things! He just gets funny when asked to come and sort it so if I leave it it will never get done

  • Oh Jem, get your work sorted out when you go back for your mat leave, it will make you feel better than some things are 'on track'. And if your bro is being wierd about things at your mums, as you say, just start tidying out one of the rooms (make sure you don't do it all yourself!) incase you need it.

    The trider is heavier than some of the lightweight prams (some of them I could probably lift with one hand with the seat on!) but we do alot of walking with the dog and I want something sturdy. I could lift the base with one hand when it was folded just last week so at 19weeks pregnant and I didn't find it too heavy. It didnt seem any different to lifting a full washing basket. The wheels pop of literally in seconds which makes it even lighter. It also folds really small.

    We looked and looked but I couldn't find anything to beat it. Everything else we looked at I found myself ending up saying, but it doesn't have/do xyz that the Jane does. I love the fact the car seat lies flat as the pram carrycot. I really wanted a carrycot but then wasn't keen on it then being thrown in a cupboard after 6months or so as it was unrequired. This way it then becomes the rear facing car seat. I also looked at some of the other car seats and you can see they are noticeably smaller than the matrix so I do believe it will last through until a good weight so no need to buy another car seat at 12months. I just felt that long term it would genuinely save us money. I also plan to use the matrix in the house downstairs during the day for naps.

    We bought it from the same shop when we bought our furniture and nappies and other bits and pieces and the woman who owned the shop was great and gave us a good discount for buying everything together. She was fab with the pram, she threw in for free, a rain cover for the carry cot (it comes with one for the seat base but not the matrix), she also gave us the mattress for the matrix to allow overnight sleeping if needed, the cosy insert for the car seat for extra safety for newborns and she gave us the footmuff for the pram when your using the seat base. If we had bought all the extras it would have been another £130 or more.

    I like the kia's and definitely better than a van. We've traded in my car and picking up our new car next week. My Audi TT is going for an A4 estate, just slightly different then! My H will be driving it day to day as I feel it's a bit big but will be great for travelling and with the dog!

    Penny - meant to say I like the jamboree too! I looked at that one but then ended up ordered a set from boots of all places. Not sure if you've seen there bedding sets? I've gone for the sunshine safari one, I've got an image in my head of what the room will look like and it ties in with my colours. I don't want the room blue or mega boyish, I just want it bright and fun like a baby nursery. Plus we've told people we don't know so might seem odd if we then have everything blue!

  • Hi ladies, thanks for the kind wishes. Feeling better today, still a bit stiff and bruised but not too bad. Felt Pootle moving around last night which was lovely (I have an anterior placenta, think someone else des too, but explains why I'm not feeling lots of movement).

    I think my mum thinks Pootle needs a new outfit for every alf hour so I came away with so many baby clothes!

    MissDeeDee, we are exactly the same as you on the nursery front! Can't wait to see a flash!

  • LD, hope you managed to get everything done round the house.

    Missdeedee that's so weird, I 'knew' we were having a boy too and we picked out the walnut furniture before the scan! Where did you get yours from? Ours is Mamas and Papa's Hayworth. I love it, I can't wait for it to arrive. I had looked at that set in Boots, it is really lovely. I think it will look lovely with you walnut furniture. I know what you mean about wanting it to be bright, I can't stand baby blue - which doesn't help since most newborn baby stuff is baby blue!  I've emailed you about those trousers. x

    Jem, why don't you ask to go see the house with your OH? If it's yours together he can give you a key and you can start moving stuff in.... right? I hope you get a chance to see and speak to him soon.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better today MrsP  x

    I just spent three hours in Mamas and Papas and Mothercare this afternoon with my H and MIL. We only went shopping to buy a babygro and some essentials like plain socks. etc. We ended up buying bags and bags of clothes (in my defence there was a sale on at Mothercare!) as well as pretty much the entire M&P Jamboree interiors set for the nursery. And the matching moses basket. And a cute green storage basket for his toys. And although we bought our nursery furniture last week, but it was on their deposit scheme, we were entitled to their current 'buy furniture and get 20% off' offer which only started this week so although we spent a lot of money we also saved a fair bit - which paid for all the clothes in Mothercare! I'm knackered from shopping but really happy. :-)

  • Hi ladies,

    I've been really rubbish at the moment getting on here.

    Glad you're okay after your fall.

    I was convinced that my scan would show a boy... But no! In great detail we saw that she is a girl!

    She is kicking like a crazy girl at the moment and is currently hiding up under my ribs with is very painful :( her kicks have become so strong this week that you can see them through my tops which is a bit bazaar!

    I'm currently in a tizz about where she is going to sleep... Do I need a Moses basket or crib? What decorations do I need?! Nursery is painted very neutral and new carpets go down this week. All the furniture is ready to go in there. I'm so not ready to have a baby!

  • Congratulations on your baby girl Custard x

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