***Weekend 2nd Tri***

Morning all, sorry not been in much this week. Hope everyone is well?

loving I still have another week of work! Going to look at cots today. For those that have bought there's, or seen ones, what make or where have you got your cot? I've seen a silvercross one I really like but (not suprisingly) it's quite pricey!

ETA - scan day for me on Monday so wont be buying anything until after that, I'm nervous and mega excited!


  • Morning MDD. Our Cot was actually a shop display model cotbed (140cm long) off eBay. Mainly because it matched the style of furniture we already had (ikea wardrobe and drawers - that ikea had stopped making, Grrr). But it also did what we wanted: 3 different heights, sides came off when baby became toddler and big enough (is a cotbed, not cot) to last till child 4 ish. (although we have moved her to a bed at aged 2, but that's only because baby#2 will be having cot)

  • I had a great time watching friends hubbys band play last night even if pub was a bit of dive and I got asked to dance by incredibly drunk man, who was oblivious to bump, wedding ring and the fact I was foot taller than him. He then tried kissing the keyboard players wife (she is in her 50's) and he got chucked out by barmaid!


    Off to help friend move her caravan today. Well more specifically, reverse it onto her drive for her! Then got some pictures to put on wall and hopefully time to play with new laptop!

  • Morning ladies. Can I join in please?

    I'm 14+3 today.

    Nothing much to report really. Got a few things to do today but that's it.

    I have a Mamas and Papas cot. It has drop side (which I've never used) and 3 heights. It's beach coloured to match furniture. We got it from Glasgow Pram Centre

  • Morning! Everyone must be busy this weekend - quiet thread! Can't believe this is my last week in 2nd Tri, it's feeeling so real now and I can really picture the baby being here :-)

  • Morning BE. How on earth are you 26weeks already? Eeeek!

    Not much on the agenda for me today. Might do some baking. H has promised to clean car out ...... but he said he do it friday, and yesterday too .... so not holding my breath!

  • HF - I know it's crazy! I laughed at your post cos my H has been promising the same thing! We will both have to put our foot down today ;-)

  • Morning ladies,

    Hope you're all having lovely weekends. My parents and niece are visiting for the weekend so spending a lot of time with them. It's lovely to see them. :)

    I'm currently hiding in the lounge with the cats while everyone is getting ready. The cats were in need of work peace from my 7 year old niece and a mummy cuddle!

    Not a lot to say about baby really other than she is being very abusive with her kicks today!

  • I forgot to add... We got our cotbed for H's step sister. Unused as she co-slept. We'll 'dress' the nursery using old mattress (unused but 2 year worth of dust!) then buy a new one when baby will actually go in it!

    It was a silly priced one but I can't remember where it was from!

  • Hello everyone, on my phone again :-( just nipping on to say hi. I've had two nights with next to no sleep so Im not feeling great. all good practice though I guess. I seem to have one nipple that's started leaking as well!! This pregnancy business is so glamorous lol. 20 week scan tomorrow and Im actually terrified!

  • Hi everyone!

    We had a busy day yesterday, stripping the dreaded wallpaper off the hall, stairs and landing. My dad came over to help so I didnt do too much. I was however spoilt this morning by hubby with a lie in and breakfast in bed. Hes been very productive today and make a loaf of bread! I however am still in my pjs, I have prepared a braising steak stew and its currently in the slow cooker for tonights tea, so I can be let off right? ;-)

    I'm still feeling lots of fluttering and movements  but not  really any actual kicks. I have a high anterior placenta so could this be why its not actually thuds/kicks yet?

    I hope your all having a lovely weekend!

    Gemini x


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