***weekend 3rd tri***

Hope no on mind me starting off today given I'm the new girl! Was wide awake from 4-5am which is so annoying, a little fb browsing showed I wasn't alone though as counter and ck were also on there!! Mw yesterday was fine. My blood pressure is really low, hence I keep fainting and we also talked about my spd and work. She strongly suggested I stop work sooner rather than later so we'll see how it goes. Baby ballet with p this morning but nothing else planned. Happy weekends!


  • morning!

    hehe caught out! I couldn't sleep yet again but my mob was almost dead so had to go downstairs to charge it so was browsing &,reading on kindle app for a while. Hope you feel better today, agree with mw and stop as early as you feel you can x

    All good here, P also has baby ballet then aaron has swimming but i think michael will take them and ill go to supermarket for a wander instead. Will do some more clearing and tidying this afternoon i think, hopefully a nap too.

    ck 39+1 x

  • Hi AR. Again! :)  Sounds like you definitely need to consider rescheduling when you go off for mat leave! Is that going to be possible or will you simply get signed off when you decide the time is right? Hope your day is relaxing.

    I'm tired! I have a massive coldsore which is my body's way of shouting at me that I need a rest. I used to get several a year from burning the candle at both ends, but I started 'listening' to my body and making the effort to sleep more. And I've a sore throat. Work today, leaving shortly, then home by 5 and lots of rest 'til Monday morning. Very happy that we had a Sparky I know work all day yesterday and sort so many things out, plus a carpenter came and we've a decent quote for nursery floorboards, inside kitchen cupboards and build the porch storage all by mid-Feb. Our home is really coming together now and after a lifetime of mostly 'make do and mend' I'm very excited! :)

    Hello to those that follow! *waves*

  • Ooh missed you CK, another one awake at stupid o'clock! Supermarket? One of my least favourite places ha ha. Nap sounds nice! What are you clearing out, anything in particular or just generic sorting?

  • Hello.... Looks like I am joining the big girls club today :)

    AR- god that's early! Can anything be done about the low blood pressure? Did you have it with P? Hope the SPD isn't too bad. I've started to get quite sore but no way near as you are. Enjoy baby ballet!

    AFM- felt sick and had a headache last night so me and H put a film on in bed and I fell asleep after about 20 mins, standard. Can't believe I'm now in third Tri, that's come around so quickly! May be going cinema today with H if his footballs called off. If not meeting a friend for some shopping.

    Hi to all that follow.

  • Oh god I'm sooooo slow! On my phone so taking a while!

    CK- another early riser! Hopefully you will get that nap. I spent most of last Saturday asleep, wooops.

    Counter- sounds like your house is really coming along now, will have to see some pics when all finished. Hope work goes quickly for you, listen to your body and have a good rest! That's an order ;)

  • Hi Bertie, nice to see you here! Sounds a rubbish evening but if you needed sleep it's all good. And yes, orders understood lol!

  • Morning ladies

    AR, sorry to hear you aren't sleeping great. What are you thinking about finishing work now? When did you plan to work till?

    CK, another up early! Some time to yourself sounds good even if it's wandering in supermarket. Enjoy your nap if you get one

    Counter, it's great seeing the house come together, make sure you do get that rest this weekend

    Bertie, enjoy your day, both options sound lovely. Welcome to 3rd Tri!

    Don't want to brag, but best sleep in ages last night! H was away in Manchester overnight so bed to myself - it might be time to banish him to stepsons bedroom at night Laugh slept from about 11-7.10am when M woke me. Today we have to wait in for her new bed arriving, plus my brother is bringing through a load of baby stuff from my sis - crib, bedding, play mat,play nest,clothes,swing, bbreastfeeding pillow etc etc, can't wait to see what she's sent! Some of it is mine I'd lent her, but some is hers. It's amazing with baby 1 I wanted everything new, this time I'll take whatever I can borrow from people, poor wee 2nd child Laugh apart from that, mum and M have plans to do baking I have housework to do and will get M out for q bit to park or something.

    Hope everyone that follows is doing ok xx

  • If planned to work to 36 weeks but I think perhaps ill aim for half term now which is 32/33 weeks I think. I really don't want to go onto smp earlier though so I will let them sign me off when I get to that point. Sorry to hear I'm not the only one sleeping badly, except weekender!! Perhaps I'll try throwing H out!!!
  • Stupid phone sent before I was read! Bertie welcome to 3rd tri, my time as newest girl was short! Counter get some rest please!!
  • honestly AR,  best nights sleep in ages, highly rcommend it Laugh def get signed off no point starting maternity before you need to x

  • Morning

    AR- sorry you didn't sleep well. Take it easy with work. I don't think you realise how much you are actually up on your feet whilst teaching.....I know I am not one of those sit behind a desk and teach teachers!

    CK- sorry you didn't sleep well either. I hope you do get your nap!

    Counter- sounds like you are getting very organised at home. Don't work too hard- sometimes our bodies do tell us to rest. Something I deeply regret in my first pregnancy.

    Bertie- Welcome over to the 3rd tri. Most of us are just recent graduates! Cinema sounds nice...hopefully the football is called off!

    Weekender- glad you had a good sleep. Probably very much needed with what you have been through in the last few weeks.

    AFM- another one who had a great sleep.....and a lie in until 10 this morning. VERY much needed. Not sure what the plans are for today. The first time in ages we have had a free Saturday!

  • Afternoon all,

    It looks like I'm bringing up the rear as usual

    AR- How annoying to be awake at 5am on a weekend. There's a few on here that are pushing it to the end, I'm already struggling with fatigue at 32 weeks then again infections an aneamia won't help

    CK- Hopefully you're enjoying a nap I type

    Counter- I'm excited your house is nearly done. Our plan was to have everything done by 'noods' arrival but it's not going to happen. When we bought the vicarage 18months ago it was a sh!t tip. It's habitable now but still needs the downstairs toilet tiling and bits of woodwork finished.

    Bertie- Welcome to the third tri!!

    WE- I've got some second hand stuff. I really really wanted a Stokke Xplory but even second hand I paid £400. I couldn't justify the £1,700 for the whole travel system so just bought the carseat/isofix new.

    S4- Glad you had a lie in too.

    AFM- I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. I didn't set the alarm but was eventually woken by my brother turning up, by which time I'd slept for 15 hours solid!! I'm really hoping it gets better once my infection clears up and the iron tablets are started because I don't want the next 2 months to be like this x

  • Hey everyone

    Autumnrose sorry to hear your struggling take care of yourself you need to for p and baby x

    Ck hope you get a better sleep tonight

    Counter sounds like the house is coming together

    Bertie hello and welcome

    Weekender and section 4 its grest getting a good sleep

    Bll hope you feel better soon

    Afm had an ok day...had L swimming this morning and been pottering around house rest of day.

    Baby wise lots of kicks slept better too x x
  • Morning all. Hope you've had better nights. Mine was slightly improved sleep wise but not great! BBL I really hope you feel better soon. Not much planned today, need to sort through the massive piles of boys stuff we've been given. Will pack away bigger bits and get smaller bits sorted so I know what I still need. Also need to make p's Xmas thank you cards so I can send tomorrow, bit slow on that! Hope you all have relaxing days. X
  • Morning AR glad you had a slightly better sleep last night. Sounds like you have a pretty organised day ahead! I really must get some things organised for this little one. My quiet day yesterday ended up with taking a trip to Westfields and getting A a new non school coat. Today I think we will head to the park for a while.

  • Hello Ladies, how's the weekend been? I'm bushed. Yesterday was busy at work but I got maximum me-time in the evening, 2 movies, some comfort food and dog to myself. Then I got in to online researching/shopping and was still at it when hubby got in from work at 1.30am! Today we've been for a gorgeous cooked breakfast and ordered flooring for 4 floors, bought 3 lots of paint, a shower rod I intend to use to double up hanging space in baby's wardrobe, emptied one of Harry's rooms (the boy has about 20 consoles, 6 million leads and a gazillion trading cards that had to be moved to a different floor!) and scheduled, by week, the rest of the work we need to do. And now... Sweet Home Alabama on the telly and a big mug of hot chocolate :-)

    I've got a secret strategy... If I keep really busy then baby arriving will seem like a rest, it'll be a breeze even if he/she's a screamer, ha ha.

  • Haven't really made it on this weekend, but Counter I'm exhausted reading that! We've just done the same week by week plan for what needs doing as our weekends are quickly filling up worth plans and we still have so much to do/organise! Where have the last 5 months gone?! Doesn't help that we have done absolutely nothing productive this weekend...oops!

  • Flossy, did you find what I found, that once January hit it felt like there really wasn't *that* much time to do everything? Before Christmas it seemed like all the time in the world!

  • I'm with you both. In my plans of what needs doing pretty much all time (and pay cheques!) have been used up between now and baby time already. Scary!
  • Yep, when it was 'next year' it felt like we had ages...now it's all a bit too imminent!  AR, I did the same. I've already had my Jan pay so I only have Feb and March left and I've pretty much spent it all in my head already!

    Our original plan was to work on the house before our 20-week scan as I knew after that I'd be distracted by the baby and Christmas. That didn't happen at all and now I'm nearly 30-weeks and we've just ordered the new kitchen!

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