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***weekend 3rd tri***



  • Oh that's just mean!!

    yeah its a superstition about having the pram in the house before the baby!

  • Oops, mines been here since I was 18 weeks, probably a bit late to shift it now!

  • Hi ladies, I'm here, but no baby yet! Been feeling terrible, midwife actually came out & checked on me on Friday - nothing 'wrong' as such - think its side effects of antibiotics (had a longer course this time, hence worse side effects) Feeling bit better this evening, managed half my dinner!
  • Ive slept approx 11 hours the past 2 nights (well bar trips to the loo).

    I had such a breeze of a 1st pregnancy - I can't believe how different this one is!

    Good news - the supervisier of Midwife had written yo all the community Midwifes to tell them I can labour in water (regardless of their training or lack of).
  • Brilliant news HF, sorry to hear you've been feeling rubbish though x

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