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Morning ladies

have to apologies I'm really struggling to get on to post during the week with work, plus Im always on my phone and keep getting logged out! I do read your posts though!

Think we're going to have a mad rush of BAs all together very soon! (Obviously you first Mrs 50s!) so baby out vibes a plenty!!

AFM 30 days left at work and I am literally counting them down! Of that I have an antenatal app, at least 2 midwife apps, a day working from home and a day to take H back to the hospital so I don't think I'll have a full week in the office between now and finishing up. I was going to finish up at 37 weeks but my hugely supportive work have made me bring holidays forward to take H back to the hospital (he's got next to no sight in his eye at the moment and can't drive) so I've also moved my finish date forward a few days to 36+3 and will just start my actual mat leave a week earlier. I'm so disappointed with work, strange how the tables turn that I'm not going to be there for a huge chunk of next year, all of a sudden they don't care about anything! I bust a gut for the place all year (we were working on something when I had the MC earlier in the year and there was only me my boss and his assistant that knew about it so I ended up with only 2 days off after my ERPC as I felt like I had to get back to help out or the whole thing would fall to bits because of me) and this is the thanks I get! 

Sorry don't mean to just rant about work! And TT you made me laugh out load about the kipper down the radiator! Now that would be hilarious!

Baby wise, I've been expecting the movements to slow down a bit but if anything I feel him even more now! Huge belly bulging movements which equate to constant bad night sleeps and early mornings. At least I can have a nap today! Heading to b&q to get paint and going to empty the room to be the nursery and hopefully paint tomorrow. The flooring arrives next week and is hopefully getting laid next weekend then all the furniture can get built and we can make up the room! I so want it done, just so I know it's ready and not something I need to think about. 

whats everyone's weekend plans?x



  • Morning!

    Missdeedee - your work sounds like a nightmare. Hope the nursery decorating goes well.

    Afm - all good here, had a 4d/hd live scan yesterday and it was fantastic. Baby is def still and a girl and measuring what she should be. Very happy. I posted a thread with a link a vid clip and pics. Nothing much bar the usual plans for thisn weekend.

    ck 28+1

  • I saw your post but not on FB so couldn't see them. I'm glad you enjoyed it though and that baby is still a girl lol!

  • MissDD - sounds really unsupportive at your work, those 30 days will fly by and you can forget about them for a bit! Sounds like a busy weekend you have planned.

    Ck - lovely photo glad you enjoyed it, makes it all so real!!

    AFM - 39+4 and had a pretty good nights sleep. Put LO to bed very poorly with a high temperature so expected a bad night but she slept for 13 hours and is loads better this morning! H working this morning so going to go and see my mum and dad for a cuppa and maybe a wander into town. Don't really have any other plans, just waiting for baby to arrive!!

    Hope you all have good weekends x

  • Miss deedee - sorry work are being twats. Don't let it bother you. You have bigger fish to fry x

    ck - scan pics look great and the confirmation of girl.

    I went for a sweep yesterday but cervix is too high and couldn't be done. I was told the babies head is very low which is good!
  • Quick update. Been awake on and off all night. Had constant period type cramp up until about 6.30.  Since then has been on and off and very uncomfortable! Will keep you postedbut rreally hope things are happening!

    Really strange as I have no idea what contractions are meant to feel like so I don't know if its the real thing or not?

  • LP - glad head is really low, hopefully things will start soon x

    Sam - sounds very promising, hopefully we'll be hearing a BA from you very soon! Fingers crossed x

  • Morning all!!

    Sorry I've not been able  to get on during the week, its been a tiring and stressful week workwise for me.

    MDD- Sorry that your work is being crappy, wont be long now!

    CK- awww glad the 4D scan went well!

    Banzy- glad your LO is feeling much better, enjoy your day!

    LP-sending lots of baby out vibes your way!!

    Sam-Eeeeeks exciting!! Hope that this is the start of it al for you!!

    AFM- after a horrible hectic week at work, im glad its the weekend! Today we're buying paint for the babys room, not too sure on colour yet, we're undecided. Then a trip to look for a nice chunky christmas tree, its the first christmas in our house, after moving in, in May. So the old one is banished to the conservatory and I want a nice new one, complete with all new decorations! How the little things excite me lol.

    Tonight we're over at friends for a meal.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone! Baby out vibes for all needing them! :-D

  • Morning everyone!!

    MissDD- sorry work is being pants! have fun painting the nursery!

    CK-saw your photo on the other post, what an amazing picture! You must be so excited about meeting her now!!

    Banzy- glad I is feeling better!

    LP- shame about the sweep but good news about the position!

    Sam- that sounds very promising!!!!! fingers crossed!

    Gemini- oh how exciting! I love all things christmas! It our first one in a new house too but we have so many decorations, don't think H would be impressed if I bought more!


    AFM- H and I have no plans at all this weekend! He doesnt even have a gig tonight! yay! I might see if I can get him to still up the wall sticker in the nursery, I unrolled it and flattened it the other day in preparation. Also there is a funky independent baby shop the other side of town I want to go to, apparently they have a great sling selection. not sure Saturday is the best day for that thought!

    I've started sorting through all the stuff we have bought and getting hospital bags ready. My friend went into labour 5 weeks early so keep telling me to get prepared now!

  • Morning all,

    MDD, that's rubbish that your work are being so crap! It really will fly by though and be here before you know it! Hope H is doing ok x

    CK, ace pics!

    Banzy, enjoy your free weekend, baby out vibes if you're wanting them.

    LP , hope you don't have tot wait for a sweep next week and little lady decides to arrive before them.

    Sam, hope you're doing ok, how exciting if this is the start !

    Gemini, hope you have a relaxing weekend, enjoy paint and tree  shopping.

    Afm, I am still in bed, bliss! H has gone toake me a cup of tea , love him even more. We have a lazy day planned of watching tv detectives all day whilst just touching up paint from where the joiner put the shelves up. Meeting our ex neighbours for Sunday lunch in Leeds tomorrow so might do some shopping too.

    Have a lovely weekend all, will keep eyes peeled for BA 's x

  • Hi Mrs Bass, have a lovely quiet weekend! X

  • Painting. Again. Really cheesed off with it now!

  • Still here and still not knowing if things are happening or not!? Put the TENS on about an hour or so ago and since then pains don't feel half as bad but obviously this could be because of tens. Feel in limbo at the minute and just want to know if this is the start or not

  • P.s tell all your OHs that there are possible signs of early labour. H is currently doing the hoovering!

  • Oh Sam exciting. I didn't really know if I was in 'proper' labour with Isla till it felt like I couldn't sit down. I described it to my H and mum that it felt like someone had shoved a broom handle up my bum haha!! At that point we went to the hospital and Isla was born 1 hour later. So excited for u x

    AFM still no signs DD tomorrow. Went to water babies with Isla this morning. Scary to think next week we could be taking a baby to watch too. Going to buy Isla's party food this afternoon ready for tomorrow. Weather is terrible so glad we didn't arrange to see any fireworks this eve. Isla hates loud noises so it's a no go for us really. Come on ladies let's get these babies shifting!!! xx

  • MrsB- not at broom handle up bum stage so still a while to go. Have been timing them and they are still quite irregular, sometimes 4 mins  apart sometimes 7. H is keen to go to the hospital to see what's happening but im happy plodding along for the time being. Still not convinced its the real thing!

  • Gemini - I love buying Christmas decorations, I could spend a fortune. Enjoy!

    Mrs Bass - sounds like you have lots of baby plans this weekend, enjoy.

    Mrs P - sounds like a lovely weekend you have planned.

    HF - boo for more painting but think of the lovely end result!

    Sam - come on baby!

  • Mrs B - 'broom up the bum' That made me laugh! Hope I has a lovely party tomorrow x

  • Thanks banzy. Sorry that's the only way I could describe the feeling!! Sam seems you're doing a fab job. And sounds so similar to my labour with Isla. Just before I went to hospital my contractions were irregular. Some one on top of another then nothing for 3/4 mins. Good luck. Xx

  • Back from shopping. Spent a fortune on the tree and decorations. I just kept throwing individual decorations into the basket, I love all the nordic ones! I spent about £40-50 on baubles alone..oops! Bought a lovely tree as well. Im not good being allowed out to spend money pre baby, think I'd better spend my first 2 weeks mat leave lcked up in the house so I cant spend! Ha

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