***weekend second tri***

Morning ladies! 

Im grumpy, H promised me a lie in theme didn't come to bed til 1.30 so couldn't get up with the boy, I'm staying in bed all morning tomorrow! Scan today, I'm nervous and excited! Will update after :) 

H 16+5



  • Ooh exciting! What time is it at?

    Never got to reply yesterday. Sonographer said she couldnt see any obvious boy bits but legs were crossed so.also said could be easily hiding so could equally be a boy lol

  • Ah so really is 50/50, I hope they behave this week for you! I purposefully booked a place that does a free rescan if they can't tell you, this is our baby I'm sure they're going to be pesky lol appointment is 2.30 so it won't be til later I update.

  • Phoebe was the exact same, and we were told the same lol. We had gender scan 2 weeks later. With A he was legs wide  open. Looking forward to finding out and going shopping though :-)

  • Good luck today Isis! Let us know how you get on!!!  Your little one sounds like a cheeky monkey CK :-)

    We are currently in packing hell this weekend!! We move house next Saturday and I've been up since 7.30 packing the kitchen. OH has taken over now and is going to finish up as I'm off to meet my Mum for lunch and a look around Kiddicare! I just need to keep telling myself it will all be worth it when we've moved in and have a place that is finally ours!

  • Morning every one!

    Isis- Hope the scan goes well, will checking back for an update!

    CK- I hope the next scan can give you a definite answer!

    Rose- I feel your pain! That wasus a coupld of months ago! at least you get to escape!!

    Mrs P- Saw your other post- Hello, hope the car is ok?

    Our car broke down last night. H went to pick his band mate up to drive to a gig and died when it got to his house. Luckily not while H was driving and more so not when i drove to town earlier in the day!!

    Had a lovely lie in this morning, need to get H to drill holes in the drawers so i can add the new knobs! That's all i have planed for today!

    Im 27 weeks today!!! eeeks! going to hang on here until Monday then head over to the final Tri!!!! eeekS

  • Well the baby was rather pesky and had their legs covering their bits but it looks like its a girl!

  • Yay! Girls seem to be very shy at showing their bits! Will you get a rescan? Any pics? Xx

  • She did eventually get a couple of clear looks so although they won't commit 100% she did seem quite sure it's a girl as there's no bulge and she saw three lines and the labia. The pics are rubbish, baby was facing down the whole time and wouldn't budge! Got my 20w scan on 8th oct.

  • Thats fab news. Mummys instinct was right then :-D x

  • Yes, I'm always right ;) it's just been so different this time I really would have been surprised if it was a boy. Now how do I stop buying loads of baby things?

  • yay, girls are fab!  congratulations. want all my girls stuff?  Laugh

  • I've been sitting in my hands this afternoon whilst you've been posting on fb lol I need pennies first!

  • Dont stop just buy!

  • Mrs Bass, it only went in to have the air con cleaned, it was starting to smell of wee. Nearly 250 quid later the air con has also been recharged and I've got 2 new rear brake discs. Oh well, better safe than sorry!

    3rd tri! Eek! Keep it nice and warm for us x

  • Isis- what lovely news!!! These girls are being pesky!

    I agree with CK- just shop!!

    Mrs P- Wow, that was an expensive clean! The AA man thinks our alternator has failed but will have to wait and see what the garage says tomorrow!

    Ive been avoiding thinking about the 'arrival' stage of pregnancy but as its getting closer its starting to scare me! Next week im in third tri and we have our first NCT class! Its sinking in that im soon going to have to get this baby out and be a mummy!! eeeks!!

    Still got a bit of a funny tummy so im thinking its less to do with what I ate and more to do with hormones or huge uterus messing with my digestive system!! might mention it to the MW on Wednesday.

  • Fingers crossed its not too expensive.

    I'm sure it is just normal pains, but definitely mention it to midwife x

  • Hi all, just heading out (in the awful rain!) so just a quick post from me!

    Isis lovely news, sounds pretty much team pink!

    Mrs P why does your car smell of wee!? I think I've missed something! And Mrs Bass I can't believe your 27weeks!! It seems like maybe 6 weeks since we were all on 12 week scan count down!

  • Ahh a little girl! Congrats Isis!

    Hello everyone else, hope you are all well!

    I can't wait for my scan tomorrow, hope baby isn't awkward. We have to wait all day as H is at work, it's going to drag!

  • Is this your gender scan OB? Eeek!

    I am absolutely shattered, more packing today. Feeling a bit grouchy too.... H is going to have to make an emergency dentist appointment this week, and the cat has a funny scab on her neck so will need to go to the vets.... all in the week we move and are skint!!! Sods law eh!

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