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Morning ladies

Did you all have a good weekend? We spent nearly all day yesterday outside in the garden tidying it up after the winter. It looks much better now!

Today, I have my second acupuncture appointment and then hopefully grabbing some lunch with mum afterwards as she's keeping F occupied whilst I have my appointment.

Pregnancy wise not much to report. 3 weeks until scan! Feeling rather heavy at the moment so I really need to watch what I eat. Boobs also feeling huge!

Hi to all who follow, hopefully I'll make it back on later to catch up.


  • Morning WG!

    Sounds like you had a productive weekend, its so nice having the sun out and being able to enjoy your garden. How is acupunture? A friend of hers had it during her pregnancya and she said it was brilliant!

    AFM - I had a lovely weekend. Went to visit my nan yesterday on the south coast, beautiful day! Pregnancy wise, I thought the nausea had passed but it's now back :( also we've booked in for a reassurance scan at a local clinic. I'm a worrier and H is impatient. I don't have my booking in appt until next week then it'll be a few weeks until my 12 wk scan, which feel like ages away! I just want toknow that there Is something in there, im constantly worrying. Every ache and pain I get I panic, so Thursday is the day! Now its booked, im worried even more!

    im still off work, so today im going bra shopping as mine do not fit after the current growth spurt!

    Hi to all that follow, I shall be around later to catch up with you. Enjoy your day :)

  • Morning all.

    WG - weekend sounds lovely, hope you didn't do too much though.

    Boo - sounds like a lovely weekend. I was like that with my early scan, just wanted to know it wasn't all a big joke.

    AFM - well, it's scan day. Not until 1230 so I am spending most of the morning trying to distract myself. I am excited but also nervous at the same time. Just hope everything is OK.

    I'll pop back on later, hopefully with a beautiful scan pic of Bubble

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Hi everyone!

    WG hope the acupuncture goes well, do you find it helps?

    Boo - I'm also booked in for an early scan on Thursday, we can be scan day twins! I'll be 9+2 for mine. I'm so glad I booked it in because like you I'm a worrier and the 12wk still seems ages away!

    Gavi - hope it all goes well lovely, can't wait to see bubble!

    AFM I'm off work this week,. just fancied taking some A/L so I'm pottering around, seeing friends and having my scan on Thursday! Hoping I'll be able to get on every day this week as well since I won't be as distracted.

    My nausea is still lingering but I'm not being quite so violently sick every monrning (touch wood!) and we told IL's yesterday who were over the moon!

    Hi to all that follow

  • Morning all.

    WG - Jealous of your garden, I'd love one. We live in a flat so we have a balcony which is nice, but not the same!

    Boo - Not long at all for scan day! Sounds like a lovely weekend

    Gavi - How exciting. I'm sure all will be fine, looking forward to your update later xx

    Malteasers - Glad the sickness is going, have a lovely week off and good luck for scan day!

    AFM - Well, I've made it past 4 weeks! Currently 4 weeks 2 days. I've been feeling sick almost constantly and really tired, with sore boobs. All of which I'm over the moon about...weird that I'm happy to feel rubbish! Had a lovely weekend with H before he goes away next weekend to watch the rugby in Rome, I'm quite looking forward to a few days on my own is that bad? I know I will be missing him by the time he's on his way home though.

    We booked an early scan for 6 weeks 5 days, so only 2 weeks and 3 days to go for that. I'm waiting to hear back from EPU as last time I was there they said I would be monitored in my next pregnancy, but whether this will happen or not remains to be seen. My GP was over the moon when I went in to see her on Friday, she cheered and clapped!

    Feeling good. Albeit a bit queasy! x

  • Gavi -Scan day is here!! Only a few hours until you see bubble. I'm very excited for you!

    Maltesers - ooo yes scan date twins!! Haha. I'll be 9+3 for mine. My appt isnt until 5.40pm on thursday so it will be a very long day!

    Rod - I can relate to your feeling of being pleased to feel rubbish! It gives you some reassurance. Enjoy your weekend without H, its nice to have your own space at times.


  • Hi Rod! Know what you mean about being happy to feel rubbish, not that I'm enjoying it but I comfort myself that at least it means baby is developing and that's the main thing x

    Boo mine is 10am, don't think I could wait all day!!

  • Morning, I'm on my phone at work so will do personals when I get home. Good luck gavi for your scan. I'm another one with an early scan this week, it's on Friday. Feeling less icky in the mornings and slightly less tired so hopefully that's because I'm getting closer to 12 weeks although I had no symptoms last time. One of hs friends asked him Yesterday if I was pregnant as I looked it. If he's noticed I don't know how I will keep it hidden from work colleagues for 3 more weeks!

  • maltesers - I could go tomorrow morning but H can't make day time appts this week so evening will have to do :(

    gavi - how did it go?

    Bunny - not long until your scan. seems to be the week for them!  I'm pleased you're feeling better :)

    Well, bra shopping was a success. My boobs are now huge! ha!

  • Hello everyone!

    Back home and Bubble is growing nicely. Measuring 12+1, and with a NT measurement of 1.3mm. Just got to wait for blood test results to get the combined risk but the relief of seeing that heartbeat and Bubble dancing about is enough to keep me smiling today

  • Now for personals!

    Malteasers - glad the sickness is easing off. Not long til your scan!

    Rod - hope that EPU look after you lovely. That two weeks will fly by, keeping everything crossed for you xxx

    Bunny - hope the sickness goes soon for you. Mine seems to be on its way out but my BOOBS. Goodness me, they're killing me!

    Hope you're all having a lovely day x

  • Ah lovely update Gavi so pleased for you. You can relax now!! xx

  • Boo - I know what you mean about the scan feeling like ages away, I think I'm only a week ahead of you. Hope the nausea disappears once and for all.

    Gavi - Great scan pic, glad all went well. I bet it all feels more real now!

    Maltesers - Enjoy your week off.

    Rod - what a lovely response from your GP :-)

    Bunny - hope you can keep things a secret a little longer!

    AFM, acupuncture went well this morning. Feeling a tiny bit achey but other than that fine. I'm not sure if it's helping yet as I think only time will tell as to whether I not I get one of my bad headaches or not. My neck does feel like it's moving easier though. I'm booked in again next week so fingers crossed 3 sessions will really make a difference.

    I had a tiny bit of spotting again this morning so I'm back on the paranoid bench. I'm really starting to wonder whether it'd be worth paying for a private scan. My NHS one is in 3 weeks but it feels so far away and I've not really had many symptoms, not that I had many first time around either, but maybe it's because none of this is new to me? I don't know.

  • WG - sorry to hear you're spotting. I think if I were in your position, I would book an early scan, just for peace of mind. I think for what it costs will be worth it, so you can hopefully put your mind at rest x

  • That's what I'm thinking Gavi, I'll speak to H tonight and see what he thinks. I think I also want for someone to tell me I'm not imagining it all!

  • That's what I wanted too...I had a scan at 7+5 just so I knew it wasn't all a big joke (was still panicking this morning before 12 week scan though!!)

  • Weather girl an early scan might be a good idea to put you at ease. Would you get an NHS one if you've had a couple of spotting incidents?

    Gavi that's great news! Lovely scan pic xx

  • I'm not sure Bunny, I'm not having any pains or anything so I don't know if they'd be particularly keen on sending me for an early scan. The MW didn't seem too worried about the spotting but I guess I need a bit of reassurance.

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