**^friday 1st tri^**


Glad malteasers scan went well and I hope boos did too.

Got mine late this afternoon so hoping that the day will go quickly and all will be fine. Quite nervous about it but there's nothing I can do so need to get on with work to distract me! 


  • **crash** good luck bunny, you must be nervous as hell but I hope it brings good news. God knows, you deserve it x

  • Morning bunny. I hope everything goes well this afternoon, will be thinking you.

    One more sleep until scan for me! I'm also feeling nervous. Busy day ahead today so I just want to deal with that first!

    Hi to everyone who follows.

  • Morning!!!

    bunny - Good luck this afternoon! I hope all goes well for you.

    WG - Inhopentoday isn't too busy for you and tomorrow goes well.

    AFM - I had my scan and little squidge is perfect!! It was amazing and so surreal! I was amazed at how much we could see already. I can now relax a little :) Thank you for all your well wishes. 

    Today H is working from home so he's taking me out for the afternoon, back to work tomorrow! :(

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • *crash* Wishing you all the best for this afternoon Bunny, will be thinking of you xx

  • Morning ladies,

    Bunny: Good luck today, I really hope it goes well.

    WG: Hope yours goes well tomorrow

    Boo: Glad to hear yours went well yesterday

    AFM: Ok, I have to admit I'm jealous of all these early scans (although I wouldn't wish the sensitive reason on anyone). So glad that everyone seems to be doing well. I've been a bit of numpty. My 10am gp appointment was actually yesterday! I phoned today & apparently they're choco block today & only a locum in. Also no appointments for 2 weeks so I have to keep ringing (on days I'm not working) & hope I can get squeezed in somewhere. I'm so annoyed at myself. Especially as I was really hoping to get a scan date for early in my 12th week so that I can go & visit family at the end of that week with a scan. Also was hoping to have it done in the holidays as I'm not sure I can hide it much longer before people at work start guessing. Trouble is there are now apparently 2 part time mw (one on a Tues & 1 on a Wed) but I really hope I don't have to wait too long to get my booking in appointment booked. I'm honestly such a numpty!!!! Wish they sent you a text reminder like the millions that the NHS dentists too. My hubby brought me lots of packs of crisps last night so because I ate so many last night I think that's why I'm feeling better today. Time to get some washing sorted, get the dishwasher unloaded & re-loaded & the house tidied a little for my mums visit! Can't wait to tell her!

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Sneaking in to say Blackkat if you ask your GP surgery they should be able to give your the local midwifes number and you might be able to self refer yourself to them for your booking in appointment if the GP can't fit you in. My midwife insisted on having the booking in at 8 weeks to give her time to get the scan organised for 12 weeks x

  • Hi PS, I asked them if I could do that apparently there policy is that you have to see your gp 1st. I'm wondering if I should give them a call later today so see if they've had any cancellations

  • Really? That's so silly if they say they can't fit you in but won't let you do it yourself. I hope you manage to get a cancellation soon!! x

  • Hello,

    Scan went well and we saw the heaetbeat. I've been dated at 9 weeks exactly so we should be able to have the CVS in 2 weeks time. It was a relief to see baby but I don't think I will relax until we've had the CVS results. Its funny seeing baby at this stage they look all squished up!

    Sorry to hear rods sad update and am thinking of her and her h.

    Weather girl hope your days not been too busy, not long now!

    Boo glad the scan went well, hope you've enjoyed your afternoon out.

    Black at doctors annoy me with appointment systems. Hopefully they can fit you in soon. Crisps are obviously the way forward for feeling better!

    Hi Hollywood and coco thanks for the good luck wishes!

  • Hi all just wanted to say fab news on the scan front. So sorry to hear about rod.

    Wishing you all fab weekends x

  • I'm so sorry I've been absent the past week, with my job it's really hard to get on here properly & do personals.

    I'm out tomorrow but will make sure I get on over the weekend & say hi properly.

    Had our scan today & they're sending us back in 2 weeks to have the tests done as it was too early.
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