**~ Fri 3rd tri ~**

Morning. TGIF!! Hope everyone is well. Had awesome MW appt y/day, work meal last night, and am tired. Always tired lol.

Just about to leave for work. Got lots to cram in. Straight after we've got our baby/toddler first aid course, after that popping to meet the twins, pick up something for tea and fall back in to bed ASAP, going to be a long day. 


  • Morning. Busy day counter! Meeting the twins sounds like the best bit. I am so tired and achey, still suffering from Wednesdays mammoth day at work I think. My left arm is very sore from the whooping cough jab yesterday too. Very tempted to call in sick today but I'll just create more work for myself in the long run so better not! Baby all good, last night he was curled up down my left hand side and I could feel his back and little bottom sticking out, so cute! Happy Friday!
  • Happy Friday ladies,

    Counter - hope work goes quickly. Meeting the twinnes us def the best part.

    AR - Ouch! That jab is a killer. Hope work isn't too tiring. I love feeling a back and bum poking out.

    Afm - I've only been off work a week and I'd quite like baby to arrive now! I just don't see it happening and it doesn't help that I am getting twice daily phone calls from my mum for updates. As if I'd have a baby and not tell her :) all good though, I am enjoying afternoon naps massively.

  • Lol i started a different thread

    So copied and pasted will delete other x

    Hello No thread this morning has thrown me lol....well still woke at 5.30 for a pee even though L at grans but did manage to go back to sleep. Another busy day for me with a whole school competition and meetings. Can believe its friday again weeks are flying past. 7 weeks till maternity commences x Have a nice day everyone x x

    Counter enjoy your cuddles with the twins.

    Autumn rose the whooping cough is a sore one :(
  • Little dude hope you dont have to wait much longer x
  • Morning

    Counter- enjoy meeting the twins

    AR- hope work goes quickly for you today and you can get home and rest!

    LD- enjoy the rest! I never managed to reach maternity leave with my first as I had her at 31 weeks!

    ABC- Are you counting your mid term in those 7 weeks? I'm not ;-) For me it is 4 working weeks left!

    AFM - haven't managed to get on the thread during the day but have been reading, and catching up,  of a night! Blood test today to see how my iron levels are. I was very jealous of yours Counter yesterday. Mine are at 97...they were only 114 at my 12 week bloods. The way that I feel I am sure they are even lower now. We'll have to wait and see at my consultant appointment on Monday. Have a school mum coming over for lunch and a playdate today. Her other boy is the same age as my C, so that should be nice.

  • S4, will definitely contribute to feeling crap with that level, how rubbish! I had iron injections through the second half of my first pregnancy and it made such a difference, I was a limp dishrag without. Are you taking iron at the mo?

  • Abc - 7 weeks will fly by.

    S4 - good luck with the blood test.

  • Counter-I've been on some form of supplement since my 16 week appointment... I am currently taking Spatone and Feriglobin at the moment. I can't take the tablets....in any form! The side effects of feeling sick, light headed, dizzy and a constant headache ...I felt even worse! I can cope with the constipation ;-) I have just got to the stage where I would happily have a blood transfusion! I ended up with one in my first pregnancy.

    Oh I forgot to say today is a VERY significant day for me pregnancy wise. I am 31+1 today. This is the day I had A. I always feel I can cope with having the baby now. Hopefully I won't as A involved 117 days in NICU! I just feel so much more comfortable and confident in feeling that it could be another long road but we would survive!

  • Morning ladies,

    Counter, busy day! Enjoy cuddles with the twins x

    AR, you'll be glad it's the weekend, you've had a busy week. Hope your arm feels better

    LD, baby out vibes to you x

    ABC, sounds a busy week, hope L enjoyed being with grandparents

    Section4, yay to 31+1, I reckon you'll be cooking that one a good while longer though

    All ok here for now I think, 33 weeks tomorrow....yesterday I called for a gp appointment to get a sickline, they have given me a telephone appointment on Tuesday Bang head but I then called work and told them that was my plan and if for any reason I can't get a sickline then I want to bring my mat leave forward. They were good as always and said they thought I was doing the right thing and if I'd suggested I was going to keep working they'd have tried to talk me out of it. So, quiet weekend then have my mum coming to stay on Monday for a while till we can't stand each other anymore Laugh so next week got consultant on Tuesday, then gp Tele appt then midwife on Thursday.

    Hope everyone else is doing well x

  • Morning,

    Counter- TGIF indeed! Glad midwife went well :) I love my appointments. Busy day! Enjoy meeting the twins!

    AR- Did your midwife tell you book the jab or did you just do it? Hope your arm feels better soon. The flu jab killed mine! Aw now that is cute!

    LD- Fingers crossed its not too much longer! I think I will get daily calls from MIL...cant wait :-/  Afternoon naps are the best!

    ABC- Glad you managed to get back to sleep. I feel like the weeks are flying too!

    S4- hope bloods go ok. Have a nice day with your friend :) Thats great, you have hit a milestone today!

    Weekender- Thats good of work, got to do whats best for you. Hope your mum staying goes ok! An extra bit of help will be good for you.

    AFM- Didn't manage to get back on yday as I had a busy day at work for once. Interviews for mat cover not going to well at the mo. Had 4 people all comment on how big my bump has got this week, I like the comments though, maybe I am weird lol. 30 weeks tomorrow, these weeks are flying by! Only 4 more at work. Out for a meal with H and his mum and step dad tonight. And another meal out Sunday for MILs birthday. I love eating out :) Baby wise all good, she was wriggling all through my training yesterday i couldnt concentrate!

  • Morning!

    Counter - enjoy meeting the twins! How exciting!!

    AR - it's rubbish feeling so tired and sore! At least feeling that mega cute bum reminds you why you feel as bad as you do!

    LD - baby out vibes for you!!

    ABC - lucky you getting back to sleep! Hope the 7 weeks flies in!

    S4 - sorry to hear about your iron levels. Is that even with taking the tablets? I'm on them too but they haven't done a follow up blood test! Hope you enjoy the playdate.

    WE - that's so annoying about having to wait for a phone appointment!! Glad your work are being so supportive. Fingers crossed you and your mum don't drive each other nuts too quickly!

    Bertie - I'm the same in that I can't concentrate when bubs moves. I find it totally addictive! Hope you manage to find someone for your cover.

    AFM - this stoopid insomnia is getting worse. I was up and about between 3-5.30 and after that I managed to doze for a while. I had the physio yesterday about my back pain and she was fabulous. She gave me some good advice as well as exercises but the number of pillows I now have in bed makes turning over a military operation! H is back from snowboarding tomorrow and I literally have no idea how he's going to fit in the bed! Lol!!

  • Morning ladies

    Counter - You like keeping busy don't you?! Hope you have a nice time meeting the twins.

    AR - Lovely you can feel the baby's different parts now. My baby's bum is about the only thing I can identify!!

    LD - It must be frustrating! Hopefully you won't have long to wait. Have you been trying any baby out techniques?

    ABC - 7 weeks will fly by, believe me!

    S4 - Hope your iron levels are ok. Good milestone as well, hopefully baby will cook for a while longer this time.

    WE - Have your work offered you maternity suspension? We did this for someone who has signed off work. She was paid full pay until 36 weeks when her maternity leave automatically kicked in. Might be something to think aobut if you don't want to start your maternity leave really early.

    Bertie - Baby moving is very distracting isn't it? Especially when they are kicking your bladder!!

    AFm - Half day at work today :) My friends are coming down to stay with us this weekend so will be cleaning all afternoon and cooking dinner. Looking forward to my baby shower tomorrow as well, I know who's coming but that's about it, very exciting!

  • SP - How exciting that your H is nearly home :) Bet you are really glad to have him back! I know what you mean, I pretty much had to do an eskimo roll to get out of bed this morning!! With regards to the lack of sleep, apparently your body is programmed to not go into a deep sleep for the first 3 months of baby's life as they are your priority! Learnt this at our NCT class.... best to know now I suppose :)

  • MrsV, I should get full pay if I get signed off till 36 wks when mat leave would automatically kick in, which would be ideal. What's mat suspension? Your weekend sounds good, enjoy your baby shower!

    SP, as long as you're comfy, send H to the sofa! You'll be glad to have him home x

    Bertie, enjoy all the eating out this weekend! I love eating out :)

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