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I can't quite get over how ruddy uncomfortable night-times are, when I'm only 33 wks pregnant! I *could* have nearly 9 weeks of this nonsense left and it's driving me potty! I've got 'period pains' something chronic, discomfort from baby's movements and I feel like I might explode. 'Full to the brim with baby' is how my husband described me, yet Baxter has got a heck of a lot of growing to do yet, ha ha. 

Yesterday I wasn't very productive at work, hoping to improve today. After work hubby cooked a gorgeous dinner and we watched Blue Jasmine on box office, Cate Blanchett was excellent. Today is day 9 of boilergate. It's a long time with neither heating nor warm water but hey - better now than with a newborn bab and post-labour mum in the house! Should have heating and hot water by 3pm today. I have to work from home in the afternoon because there's no one who can be around for the plumber after 1pm, but I'm good with that ;)  And should be off out for a drink with a friend in the evening. If I can stay awake!

LD - any progress on that baby being ready to meet the world yet?! 



  • Morning counter

    Amazing how uncomfortable you can get right, hence why I'm awake right now! My ribs literally feel like someone has given them a good kicking in!!!!

    Glad you will finally have some heating and hot water today that defo deserves a drink!

    Same old same over here, miserable and uncomfortable, also slightly worried I've got an infection coming down below as I'm feeling quite sore, got another sweep tomorrow so I will mention it! Defo think baby will not be here anytime soon! But I'm Trying all that's possible to get things moving!

    Just a waiting game now I guess, just wish I could get some sleep whilst waiting.... But nope!!!

    Be back on later xxx

  • Hey

    Counter really hope your boiler is sorted today...a nice hot bath would sort you out tonight x

    Nlh hope your ok...hope your sweep is more productive tomo. X

    Afm kitchen saga continues with me cancelling the one i ordered for a cheaper quote else where have to go check out the details at 8 am this morning before work at the trade centre. However does mean I should have new kitchen in a couple of weeks x Baby wise all ok none of those weird pains and slept ok. X
  • Morning!

    It's 7am!!! Not 3! Woo hoo! AR where are you? Does this mean you had a slightly better night too? I do hope so!

    Counter I can't believe you are still without a boiler! What a trauma. You are coping admirably well I must say. Sorry to hear that bubs is making you so uncomfortable though - I really hope it's not another 9 weeks of this discomfort for you!

    NLH - Oh that would be rubbish if you have an infection :( Hope the sweep tomorrow works and that you are bouncing and walking lots meantime. look forward to hearing your news! Any inkling on flavour??

    H decided to sleep in the spare room last night so that if the insomnia got me again I could turn the light on and potter about the bedroom instead of getting up. (Bless his heart!) I was out like a light by 9.30pm, only up for the toilet once and managed to get back to sleep despite the back pain and didn't wake till 6!!!! Delighted! Feeling loads better for it. I defo did some damage to my lower back while painting the bathroom as it's been crippling me but spoke to the physio yesterday and she gave me some ideas and has booked me in for tomorrow. I'm wondering if this baby is a little tiddler as I haven't had that discomfort you girls talk about. Very rarely is baby putting weight or limbs anywhere uncomfortable...maybe bubs is just good at curling in a ball!

    Oh and I had my leaving bash at work yesterday and received the biggest box of goodies you've even seen!! It was amazing! I really do wish I'd listened when I was told not to buy much 0-3 or newborn stuff....I already have more than baby can wear and bubs isn't even here yet!!! Also received £110 in Next vouchers which was just super generous. Feeling all fluffy as a result!

  • Missed you there ABC as it took me so long to type! That's rubbish about the kitchen but I hope you get it sorted! What style/colour did you go for? We did our kitchen this time last year and I still adore it. It's my favourite room!

  • Hey sweetpea its cream doors with a black worktop x cant wait our existing one is really grotty x Hope your back eases and keep resting...glad you enjoyed yesterday x
  • Morning!! This is the latest I've joined the thread in weeks!! Counter you've done so well to mange without the boiler! And you're right, better now than with a newborn. The end is in sight! Nlh sorry you're still waiting, remember no one is pregnant forever! Abc, kitchen sounds lovely. I hope it doesn't take long to get installed and is all sorted before baby. Sp yay for sleep!!! That's fab! How lovely if your colleagues too. What are you going to spend your vouchers on?
  • Sounds lovely! We were the same - ours was horrendous beforehand so it just feels soooooo luxurious now! Have a good day!

  • AFM h and I ended up watching Independence Day until 11.45pm but bizarrely I then went straight to sleep and slept ok ish. My bump is so uncomfy. I can feel baby right down in my pelvis and so high up under my ribs his actually as high as my boobs almost. At the same!! I think he's tall like his daddy already!! Just pottering About the house this morning then have a friend and her 2 little boys over this afternoon. Can't wait until growth scan tomorrow. X
  • I'm meant to be sleeping (H got up with J) but I'm about to get in an argument with asda. They have a banner outside the store advertising a Lego minifigure build and when I rang last week no one knew about it or phoned me back, then they put it on their fb page yesterday and my friend double checked the stores list this morning and ours isn't on. I've already told J :( I'm now waiting for someone to call me back again so I can figure out what we're doing.
  • Hi Autumnrose sounds uncomfy hope you have a nice afternoon with your friend

    Isis how annoying...i hate when someone says they will call back and they dont x


    Sitting outside trade centre far too early...hope it wont take long got a meeting at 9 x
  • Abc - I'm kinda jealous of your new kitchen, Its the one room I would love to do is the kitchen you will have to flash before and after pics

    Sp- leaving presents are awesome I did well from work too, with regards to what colour I really think baby is a girl, even though I still manage to call it a he when talking

    Ar- ooh good luck for scan tomoro x

    Isis- angry pregnant lady calling Asda..... I feel sorry for them x

    Managed to get back to sleep for couple hours now need to get my butt up and ready as the inlaws are coming over.. apparently I shouldn't be left on my own...... I like being on my own lol

  • Reality check - I have a guy doing some project work for me here, his SIL gave birth last night, expected a girl, had had several scans, nursery has some pink, clothes are all girl clothes, she has spent all night in shock - she had a boy!!  Eek

  • Morning,

    Counter- Full to the brim with baby made me laugh, but I agree, thats how I feel! Hope the boiler finally gets sorted, an afternoon at home doesn't sound so bad!

    NLH- Hope that it isn't an infection, good idea to get it checked tomorrow though. Baby out vibes for you.

    ABC- A new kitchen sounds great. Whats it like?

    Sweetpea- Glad you had a good nights sleep, bless your H. Thats lovely of your work people :)

    AR- Your baby sounds like its in a smilar position to mine. Be nice to see baby again tomorrow. Enjoy you afternoon.

    Isis- What a pain, hope they can do something for you.

    AFM- Had my friend over last night and we had pancakes for dinner, yum. Slept really well again, thats 3 nights in a row, must be a pregnancy record for me! Still no mat cover for me... I have 7 days left! I am trying not to get stressed about it as they have had since October to sort it out.

  • Counter- OMG! I keep joking that will happen to me! It has happened to somebody I know too. Must be abit of a suprise lol.

  • Morning ladies

    I really must get up earlier to join in with this party ;-)

    Counter- i really hope your boiler is sorted today

    NLH- I hope the baby makes an appearance soon and that you don't have an infection

    NLH- we have a cream kitchen with black granite worktops. It will look lovely once it is all done.

    SP- sounds like you received some lovely gifts

    Isis- hope you sorted out whether there was something at Asda or not!

    Bertie- Pancakes for dinner ...yum, yum!

    Counter- I was at soft play with a friend yesterday. She was telling me about a friend of hers who had 3 boys was told by scan she was having a girl. Did pretty much the same of having lots of pink everywhere and when the baby was born it was a boy!

    AFM- Tired today and my legs ache! We are having a 'lazyish' day at home. A few things to sort but I might take the kids to the library this afternoon.

  • I've heard of that several times. Apparently it's much more common to be told it's a girl and it be a boy as it's possible to miss a willy. If they see a willy though then they've seen it so you hardly ever get told it's a boy and it be a girl. Luckily we had loads of extra scans with p so I was confident, this time we've see his boy bits twice now and will get them to confirm again tomorrow!!
  • it's the first time I've ever heard of it happening IRL AR. It doesn't make a difference to me, uors is a surprise anyway!

  • Bertie try not to worry about work. That's their problem!! S4 sounds like you need a nice relaxed day too. No LD yet? Hope that's a good thing!!!!
  • Counter two couples in my nct class were told they were having a certain sex and then when they had another scan they got told it was the opposite sex

  • Section4

    Counter- I was at soft play with a friend yesterday. She was telling me about a friend of hers who had 3 boys was told by scan she was having a girl. Did pretty much the same of having lots of pink everywhere and when the baby was born it was a boy!

    AFM- Tired today and my legs ache! We are having a 'lazyish' day at home. A few things to sort but I might take the kids to the library this afternoon.

    Oh crikey, that lady!! Can't imagine that. I've been told to brace myself for a girl. I want another baby after Baxter and my friends laugh at me when I say I hope I end up with all 3 children being boys.

    Hope you get a good 'laze' in! :)

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