**~ Weekend 3rd Tri ~**

How is everyone? Pottysue has moved to 'the other side'. Little Dude, are you still with us?! Hope things are peaceful with you, Weekender. Isis - is hubby home yet? When does leg-crossing stop?

Yesterday was a farce, awful being so cold. The gasman was a prat. Eventually, when he'd gone (and would get straight back to us about a particular part) we rang the office at 4.30 and they didn't seem to have a clue. At 5.05pm we got a quote for new boiler and installation for over 2k (not what he had said to us at all) and we needed to order parts by 5pm that day. All their answer phones were on and so we have no fix in sight and feel pretty stitched up. Have a different guy coming at 9am, but supposed to be on train to London by 11am. And don't actually have 2k to pay for the works! I made the mistake of eating chocolatey Valentine's dessert at bedtime and have been pacing half the night with heartburn (despite the Ranitidine). Hubby has a cold, was sick in the night through coughing and is snoring hard and I want to throw him off the balcony for the chance of one more hour of sleep. I'm so desperate for a shower and hairwash too!

On the plus side, nursery carpet went down, furniture in, book racks and other bits went up and I'm in love with the tiny wee room! :)



  • Counter, what a sh1t day! I'd def not use that first gasman, if he can't even organise a quote and ordering the parts properly then it doesn't instil confidence. Are you staying overnight in London tonight? Hope so!

    I'm doing ok, better nights sleep and had a good chat with H last night about how to take things forward so that was good. Just need to see doc now and see what they think.

    Hope all is well with everyone else, LD baby out vibes, Isis, H back today? NLH, baby out vibes to you too if you want them!

    Have a good day all x

  • Morning!!! Counter that sounds awful! I really hope you can get a solution with the new gas man. And that you get to London. Weekender hope it doesn't take long to see a doctor and you can get a plan in place. Baby out vibes to several of you ladies now and congrats to ps!
  • Argh posted too soon! We've got baby ballet this morning and then we are dropping p with my mum for a few hours so we can finally start decorating! Aim is to get kitchen and bathroom painted today!! I'm so tired though I'm still in bed, need to get up and get cracking! Have good weekends everyone. X
  • Morning all,

    Counter that sounds utterly miserable! I really hope you get the boiler issue sorted ASAP but manage a hot shower else where meantime. What you up to in London?

    WE glad you've had a good chat with your H and hopefully the doc will have some encouraging news.

    AR good luck with the decorating! It's always a thought but fine once you get going!

    AFM not much to report. Shattered after a couple of crappy nights sleep but it's all bearable now I've finished work! Off to see various friends today and we have a posh lunch booked for tomorrow to use a Xmas voucher so hopefully it'll be a nice weekend. I wonder if I'm the only person to think I'd be happy for this baby to be late...a few weeks of chilling really does appeal!

  • Morning ladies,

    Counter - Sadly I am still here. I'm pretty sure the rest of you will move over to the other side before I do!!! I agree with Weekender, what a ****y day! Poor you. Hope you manage to have your weekend away as planned. The gas people sound completely useless, not what you need at all. The nursery sounds brill, can you flash us a picture?

    Weekender - Glad you are ok. I didn't get on yesterday to see any updates. Are you still in hospital? How is the bleeding?

    AR - Enjoy painting today, hope you get all your jobs done.

    Thanks for the vibes ladies. Please keep them coming, im despirate! Still no sign of any action from me and a week overdue now. At least I didn't have a valentine's baby and I know it'll only be another week max. Midwife appt on Monday so hopefully they can do a sweep then and I'll also be booked in for an induction for later in the week.

    Baby out vibes for those who need them. x

  • Sorry I missed you Sp. Yey to finishing work. Have you got many plans for mat leave? I really wanted to get to term to get some rest and it really did the job. Going overdue is not so great but then I'm just impatient. Your weekend sounds lovely.

  • Counter - have a big hug what a crappy day

    WE - hope your ok hun and hope you get your answers

    AR - good luck with the painting

    Sp- everyone is different LOL il send baby some baby in vibes for you

    Afm no sleep last night because of the wind here I can hear hubby downstairs banging something so I take it something in the garden had blown over. Nothing to report baby wise x

  • Huge apologies for being such a mardy bint! The following things mean I'm in a good mood:

    1. New plumber can do the job for £600 less, on Wednesday, and spent time with us going through our options and costs

    2. I planned to buy a tumbler just before baby came, as we use a room to dry stuff in usually. We bought it early and are getting through our washing, thank goodness, only about 7 things fit me. Tumbler fits in the newly decorated porch so the heat is helping dry that out too.

    3. We got the train a day late, soon as we pulled away I felt more relaxed, snuggled in to hubby with a book and some V-day chocs. We've arrived at a beautiful hotel (Bloomsbury, harpist and hot towel greeted us) with a stunning bathroom. First proper shower since Monday, I feel like a new woman!

    Off to 3pm performance of Duck House, then on to Jeeves & Wooster this evening.

    Very sorry I've done nothing but grumble this week! xx

  • Glad you've found a decent plumer. Enjoy your weekend away and moan to us as much as you want!

  • Hi ladies, I'm v late on! Had a lazy morning after a terrible nights sleep (2 hour blocks, good prep I suppose) and then a soft play party. J wanted to go to my mums to sleep so he's there tonight and tomorrow.

    H came home and I could feel my whole mood change, I've been so on edge this week. Ball bouncing has resumed!
  • Hello,

    Counter- What a pain in the ar&e I hope you get your heating sorted

    WE- Glad you got home

    AR- Hope you get the decorating sorted

    SP- Enjoy your visits and lunch tomorrow

    LD- Sending you baby vibes

    NLH- sorry you got a crap nights sleep again

    Isis- So glad your H is home, get bouncing on that ball!

    AFM- had a lovely meal last night. I slept ok but not great. Is it weird I am so, so excited that I'm getting my front door done? Our house is from 1900 and has the original door set back with an open porch, with 1960's odd glass in it. I'm having it totally refurbished and stained glass put in to replace the dodgy glass, and a bespoke door made and fitted into the arch at the front of the porch with a solid oak door. I can't wait to get it in it'll lift the whole house

  • Hello ladies:)

    Counter moan all you like glad you got a cheaper quote x

    Weekender glad your getting home hope your feet are firmly up x

    Autumnrose hope decorating went ok x

    Sweetpea hope you had a nice time...baby in vibes for you to get some rest x

    Littledude baby out vibes...you tried everything to evict?

    Nlh hope you sleep better tonight

    Isis you back on to baby out vibes now h home?

    Bll door will be lovely x

    Afm had midwife yesterday but slightly confused how do they measure how engaged baby
  • Is as the way she was talking and things she was asking had me alarmed lol...like i would be lucky to make another 5 weeks of work. Today had more braxtons and usual kicks. Finally bought new kitchen so just waiting to see when it will be delivered x
  • LD I don't think you've been impatient at all! I think you've had a really relaxed attitude! I'm sure once I reach my due date it'll be a different story! Are you scoffing pineapple like it's going out of fashion? Bouncing? DTD? Hot curries etc etc?

    NLH lots of vibes to you too! Hope the storm damage wasn't too bad.

    Counter I was glad to see the positivity list! :) hope you are feeling better and thoroughly enjoyed your time in the lush hotel!

    Isis great that your H is back and you can resume evicting that baby of yours! Lots of baby out vibes to you!

    BLL your door sounds gorgeous!! I love home decor especially vintage/traditional/original features! I'd be excited too!

    ABC re engagement as far as I understand it they are just looking for how far the baby has moved into your pelvis. I've also been told that the level of engagement bears no relationship to the imminence of labour so baby might remain 3/5 engaged for weeks! Obvs engagement is a good sign that baby is getting ready but certainly don't let it panic you. Yay for the kitchen!

    We had a lovely day yesterday seeing friends. Damn the nesting instinct though as I have an overwhelming NEED to repaint the bathroom, gut the kitchen and cook for Scotland! At least I now know what my mat leave will consist of! Lol! I've also booked in a haircut and will organise a massage as well as go shopping for all the march birthdays that will come after baby is born meaning I don't need to think about that later! I will defo book in plenty of couch time too though! Happy Sunday all!

  • Lol sweetpea....nesting instinct has set in for me already ...driving my h mad...realising this time round much more tricky keeping house how I expect it / want it to be with a toddler running around x Never realised you were also scottish or i had forgotten lol x
  • I can't even begin to imagine being this pregnant and having a toddler! I don't know how you girls do it - mucho kudos!! And you are putting a new kitchen in! Hardy!

    I'm a teuchter from the islands but live in the big city now (boooo! Lol!) where are you?

  • Morning all! We got loads of decorating done which is fab, still a way to go. My hips are in agony this morning as I spent most of the night on the sofa. Yesterday morning H put nasty chemical damp sealant stuff on our ceiling, which has finally dried after a leak in dec. you're supposed to then leave windows etc open for 12 hours before sleeping/being in there as it's nasty stuff H didn't open the windows but shut door so when we went up to bed the room was full of it.....
  • ....he said it'd be fine if we opened windows. I got very upset and said he didn't care about me and baby (irrational and hormonal much?!?!) so stormed downstairs and slept of sofa which is about worst thing for my spd. The crying was over reacting but I was exhausted and bed is about the only place that's not painful. He's very apologetic this morning and had left me to lie in (the now well ventilated bedroom!) and taken p downstairs! Hopefully we'll get some more done today. Hope you a
  • Morning ladies,

    Sounds like busy weekends! AR, I'd have taken a huff too, pregnant or not who'd sleep in that? Men!

    I've seen Counters updates on fb. Sounds like she's having a fab time too!

    AFM, I spent yesterday evening sat on sofa, then went to bed at back of ten, just got up, feel sooo much better for a good night's sleep. Now positioned back on sofa and mum is making my breakfast, H has taken the kids out.  Plan for today, H is getting the pram and car seat from garage, and a few baby bits from the loft, mum is going to clean the pram and car seat covers and I'm going to continue sitting on sofa. Keep thinking today is Saturday!  Oh must repack my hospital bag. But that's about it :)

    Actually quite jealous of you guys that are nesting, I'm having to suppress the urge to clear our cupboards!

    Have a good day all x

  • Staying on the sofa sounds like a fab idea to me!! Im not much of a cleaning nester, more of a reorganising/doing sort. I plan on watching the oympics from the sofa this morning whilst H and p do a listof jobs ive complied!!! This afternoon he's taking p down to see the new lambs on the farm we live on the edge of and im going to visit my horse. Making the most of the sun shining.

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