**~ Weekend 3rd tri ~**

Hi Ladies. Lovely that it's the weekend! Hope you all get nice weather, I keep reading that it's going to be a bit pants out!

I've woken in pain with Braxton Hicks and can't sleep through so thought I'd post.

Yesterday I signed off work early as I felt rubbish, which hasn't happened before. But I've all weekend to get on the laptop and catch up. Lovely evening with friends, 6 of us chattering and giggling, 2 of us due to give birth in the next 4 weeks :)  I hope she doesn't queue-jump me! Ha ha.

The baby size thing has me a little worried so despite my PGP I plan to be on my feet as much as humanly possible today, to try and bring things on. 

Hope you're all getting lots of lovely sleep! xx



  • Morning counter

    I had a restless night too with cramps in my back that kept me awake and then weird dreams when I was asleep!! It's gorgeous here at the moment but the forecast is rubbish. We've not really got plans but like you I want to be on my feet as much as I can manage. Come oooooooooooon out please babies!!!
  • Counter,- baby out vibes for you, lots of walking lots of sex lots of curry!

    AR- same applies to you! We are going to have a baby boom soon again xx

    Afm I slep for a good solid 4 hours, so I feel good haha, today I'm off for a hitched meet so I'm very very excited to see all my lovely ladies again, as I won't see them now until madam is here!

  • Morning all.

    Counter and AR - lots of baby out vibes for you both!

    Monnie - enjoy your meet up.

    AFM - have been awake for an hour or so,  baby does not want to let me sleep! Summoning up the energy to get out of bed and go into town to buy bras that actually fit!

  • Morning!  

    Counter and AR, you're getting all my baby out vibes!  Skimming yesterday's thread, I see you've agreed to the same day? Smile

    Monnie, it's so sad that sleeping a solid 4 hours has become a good result.  Enjoy the meet!

    AFM, I've got my (late) 28 wk midwife appointment at the hospital this morning, so hopefully they find my vein quickly this time!  Two hours later is my scan, so the plan will be to walk the short distance to costa for a bit between the two.  I'm curious to see what they estimate baby's size to be.  I assume they will take all the normal measurements and check growth.  Other than that, today H will be putting together the sofabed for his man cave/the spare room, and finally our house will be 'done.'  Woohoo!!

    Anyways, hello to everyone else!

  • Counter - get walking!! Glad you had a nice evening, sounds like you needed it.

    AR - the weird dreams from first tri seem to have come back for me too! It's weird how vivid they are!

    Monnie - enjoy your meet. 4 hours is a good stretch of sleep these days!

    AFM - I'm still in bed! Need to get up as dad is coming over shortly to help H put up the wardrobes in our bedroom. Apart from that we don't have much planned so looking forward to a quiet weekend. H put the car seat in the car yesterday so we could check it's ok, feels weird to think there'll be a little someone in it very soon!

  • Missed you, Vix!  Have fun bra shopping, hope you find something ridiculously comfortable!

  • Missed you Vix & Wispa!

    Vix - I really need to buy a couple if bras. Since I finished work I've been living in my sleep bras from Mothercare because they're so comfy. I can't really leave the house in them though!

    Wispa - that's good that your midwife does appointments ok a Saturday, wish mine was that flexible! Hope all goes well with the scan, enjoy seeing the baby again!

  • Morning lovely ladies! I'm back from my week in Center Parcs and need to catch up with what's been going on.

    Counter, yay for a fun night last night, hope you have a nice day today. Lots of baby out vibes.

    AR, lots of baby out vibes for you too, hope things happen soon.

    Monnie,  enjoy the hitched meet. Is it an otter meet? I read hitched a lot but post very infrequently, I should post more as it's a lovely community.  Yay for a good night's sleep too.

    Afm, had a lovely week away. I was worried before going as I'm sore with spd and thought I might struggle with the walking, but just took everything very slowly and let H do as much of the lifting as possible. Sorry I've not been about much, internet access has been a little bit sketchy, so I've been on a bit but not enough to keep up, have I missed anything big- other than section4's ba? Babywise all's good, getting lots of bigger movements, she's been an active little thing on holiday. On the less good side the carpal tunnel is kicking in, I'm still sore walking, and I've been getting some uncomfy Braxton hicks the last few days.  So normal pregnancy gripes really. Off to the parent's today to catch up with them and my sister & neice, it's looking lovely here at the moment too (though the for recast isn't great for later.)

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

  • I'm clearly very slow typing in my phone this morning, missed loads of you!

    Vix, good luck with the bra shopping.

    Wispa, hope the midwife and scan are both good. How come you're being scanned again? (I probably should know, sorry.)

    Flossy, enjoy your lie in and a quiet weekend, sounds lovely!

  • Hah, it's like all four of us were typing at the same time!

    Flossy, enjoy putting your feet up while the men folk do the DIY Wink. Are you going to be leaving the car seat in the car from now on?  Now there's a question, should we be fitting the car seat early just in case?  Do people do that?  I've just now got visions of H having no idea how to do it as we stand outside the hospital.  Maybe we should practice.  Or get a base.

    As for the midwife doing Saturday appointments, she doesn't!  I've an appt at the hospital as when I saw her last I asked her what would be easiest for them in terms of bloods, and she said if she did it at the antenatal clinic at the GPs, the. She would have to go back to the hospital, but that she could set up an appt for me at the hospital instead to have it done directly there!  Normally midwife appts are only between 1:30 and 3:30 Friday afternoons!

    SG, I'm having the scan because I had a couple days of reduced movements, but all seems fine now.  So they wanted to double check the cord and placenta are all ok, but I'm now looking at it as a cheeky way to see little girl again and maybe see how she's growing in there.  She was bang on 50th percentile at both scans at 20 and 23 weeks.  Man, I'm getting spoilt for NHS scans! I hoe the BH and carpal tunnel ease up.  Take it easy!

  • I think H wanted to make sure it was all ok as we got it a couple of weeks ago so if there were any problems we were running out of time to return it. Plus I told him I wanted him to know how it all worked before she arrived! I'm figuring we'll probably have to stay in hospital for at least a night, but if everything is straightforward in theory they could kick us out the same day. We're about half hour from the hospital so thought it'd best to have it in the car in case.

    Think we're going to leave the base in the car now we know it's in properly but leave the seat itself in the house until d-day!

  • Okay AR, synchronised eviction here we go! Is everyone as desperate to go in to labour as early as this as we are, or are we just impatient minxes?! My girlfriends last night were really relaxed saying 'I think you'll go way over' and 'why are you so anti-Caesarian?'. Wtf?!? Why would I want to wait if the size is a concern?! Lol.

    Monnie - a decent sleep, even if short, can make a lovely difference. Have a fab day with Hitched gang!

    Vix - good luck with your bra-buying! Seems mean that they're a necessity in pregnancy but they cost so bloomin' much!

    Wispa - good luck with scan - what time is appt? And how really lovely to be finishing off your house. You only moved about 20 seconds ago (it feels like)!!

    Flossy - I found testing the car seat weird. Sort of the most surreal 'there's a baby coming' moment so far. Having the pram in the house and washing clothes is one thing, but being outside of the house - where people can see - installing a car seat. Well. It made me feel all funny, lol. Hope you have a relaxing day.

    SG - welcome back :) glad you didn't overdo it on your hols, sounds really nice. Shame to have to come back?!? Hope the carpal tunnel doesn't exacerbate and that maybe baby shifts position to ease the pain you're getting :)

    I have been reading in bed, answering work emails and mollycoddling my dog. Now to get up and tackle the Mount Everest of washing up from last night's dinner. :)

  • Flossy, sounds good keeping the base in the car. I'm Still undecided as to whether we need a base.. But the further along I get the more I think we need one.

    Counter, the scan is in ten minutes. Just seeing if I can get my bloods done quickly before hand as I forgot my notes this morning and they couldn't do it at my appointment! I had to get the bus home and back just to pick the notes up. Annoying.
  • Oh gawd!! Baby brain :) g'luck!

  • There should be some system to account for baby brain.  Though, this is the first time I've forgotten them.  Of course it was the time I really needed them for the bloods forms, but hey ho!  All is fine on the baby front.  Sonographer could see good fetal movement, but couldn't get her to give a good vicious kick.  I didn't feel anything, but she was being squirmy.  Maybe she's just lazy?  I know I'm not even 30 weeks yet, but I was happy to see that baby is estimated bang on in terms of size, about 3 lbs today (1389g).  

    Oh, and counter I'm pretty sure I'm going to be trying any baby out methods from 38 weeks, despite the whole first babies are always late bit.  My SIL had the same due date as me for her first and he was 2 weeks early!

  • Good news then. Perfect sizing, excellent. :)

  • Wispa im glad svan went ok. First babies arent always late, p arrived at 38 weeks

    I think we'll probably get the base out tomorrow and check H remembers how to do it all. Will leave the base in then I expect.

    Baby out operation continues here. Walked round the park today, my hips and back are killing me now but hopefully itll help. H is cooking a very spicy chilli for tea. Tomorrow I might attempt to walk to the pub for lunch. Its about 20-30 mins but across fields snd stiles etc so coukd be amusing. H reckons itll be a disaster and ill get stuck in the mud half way but inthink thought of a nice lunch will keep me going. Not aure about getting home again!!

  • Well done AR, sounds like you did well. I went further than I thought I would. Baxter has moved from back to back to around the side and although I still b*tch and whine, there's no doubt the change has helped my pelvic pain. Tomorrow sounds fun for you :)

    I've got work and chores to do tomorrow but must make time for some marching too!

  • Wispa, glad everything went well at the scan and she was wriggling plenty.

    AR, hope you're relaxing now after walking round, enjoy your pub lunch tomorrow, assuming you make it ok!

    Counter, yay for Baxter moving round, hope it eases the pelvic pain somewhat. I wasn't ridiculously eager by 37 weeks last time but I think I was ready to have the baby. I got exponentially more impatient every day post 40 weeks though! I'd quite like 38-39 weeks this time, though that seems quite soon in some ways, I've still not done anything at all to prepare for the new baby.

    My day has mostly been quite good, but went downhill a bit this evening with an exorcist level projectile vomit from the little one, cue much washing of sicky clothes (J's, H's and mine!) steam mopping of the kitchen floor and wiping sick splashes off the walls with bleach. I've a sore back now, so I'm chilling on the sofa, and will be getting an early night in case the sickness continues overnight. I have had mini eggs though, so it's not all bad!

  • Oh no sg, I hope j is feeling better this morning and you didnt have too bad a night.

    another night if very weird dreams and had a nice sleep from 6am to 9am, why is it easiest to sleep then?! Luckily H has been up with p since 6.30. Assuming it doesnt rain im going to attempt , y wslk to the pub. H thinks im being stupid and ill cripple myself, it is a bit of a trek throuh the mud. Hope the stiles are strong enough to take my current weight!!

    Hope everyone has a nice sunday

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