**Boxing Day 1st tri**

Morning ladies...apologies for the lateness to the thread yesterday! As you can imagine between O's present opening and a trip to my ILs we had our hands full! Both sets of grandparents and siblings know our news now and to say they're made up is an understatement! ;-) Off to my parents today ..more madness no doubt as they kept all of O's toy presents at theirs so they could watch him open them! In other news the bloat/mini bump is beginning...know it happens earlier in subequent pregnancies bu


  • but 6 weeks? Crazy! Couldn't wait to get into my huge new pjs last night!! Enjoy your days...will try and pop back for personals xx
  • Morning Coco. Glad you had a good day yesterday and your family are all delighted with your news.

    AFM - i had a lovely Xmas. I'm having a surreal 'can I really be pregnant' moment probably because I'm now feeling good and don't have any kind of bump as yet. It's strange but there was a baby on my scan on Monday so it must be real lol. Less than 1 week left for me in 1st Tri. I'm waiting out until next week and if I don't hear anything to tell me I'm high risk I'll be starting to tell everyone.  We'll tell OHs family when we see them at new year then I'll tell my friends that don't already know then I guess it will be a FB update. Exciting!!!

    Happy Boxing Day xxx


  • Oh and I meant to say from yesterday's thread - huge congrats Ducky and welcome to the 1st Tri threads. You deserve to be here xxx

  • Morning Coco and CA. Glad you both had a lovely day yesterday. Work was good fun, despite the computer system going down. H couldn't wait to post the news on FB but waited until late on Christmas Eve night.My Mum has taken great pleasure in telling the rest of the family the news on my behalf, bless her. She refused to get excited until we had the scan. Mum and Dad are coming down this morning for a walk on the coast and lunch then I'm working at 3.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Morning ladies.

    Coco it sounds like you had a nice day. I'm glad everyone was so happy for you.

    Ca- less than a week, eeeek! How exciting.

    Ixia I'm glad you are able to share your need now, how exciting.

    AFM It's my last day at the inlaws today, we leave tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting back to my own home and seeing my kitty again, I've missed her. Nothing to report pregnancy wise other than my boobs seem to be growing again, I hope they don't continue at this pace!

  • Morning ladies, hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and that Santa was kind!

    Coco, enjoy today with your parents!

    CA, yes, you are pregnant my lovely, I've seen that little baby too, and what a beautiful baby it is x

    Ixia, lovely that your mum is so excited. We did a late Xmas Eve announcement too :)

    Imp, enjoy your last day. I'd be looking forward to seeing my kitty too. Hope this is your last growth spurt in the boobage department!

    AFM, 13+1 today!!! I don't know where the time has gone. I rolled over in bed last night and felt a weight in my belly move with me. It wasn't a movement or a flutter, more of just a weight moving along with me, but it still made me very excited! Only a couple of days left in 1st tri now...eeeek!!!

  • Coco - Doubt the time of year is helping with the belly either, hehe! :)

    CA - Glad you've had a lovely Xmas and everything is starting to sink in for you.

    Ixia - What did you say on your FB update?

    Imp - My bbs have been growing too, I only have one bra left that fits!

    Fig - Wow, time flies! How exciting :)

    AFM - We told our parents and siblings on Xmas eve. One of Hs siblings got quite intense - started talking about baby classes etc. All a bit much, but they were the last house we visited so I could have perhaps been overtired by then too! They also commented on how I didn't need to cover my belly up because they didn't start showing until 25+ weeks with their first. I wanted to say not everyone's the same.... instead come away feeling like a twit for being in maternity jeans at 11 weeks.... gosh, we are so sensitive when we are pregnant aren't we? Lol!

  • Good morning everyone. Happy Boxing Day!

    Still can't believe I'm here. I also had a mad moment thinking my test line hasn't got any darker today, but it has a smidge. Plus still only the equivalent of 11 dpo so incredibly early and still such tiny amounts of HCG *says my rational head* I am determined to enjoy this pregnancy though, no matter how long or short it is!

    Coco - I got new PJs too. Nothing like new PJs to snuggle into.

    CA - Your last day here then you're off to sending tri! How exciting!

    Lxia - Bless your mum for being so exited. My mum is the only other person that knows at the moment. However being an IVF pregnancy and other close family knowing what we were going through, I guess we will tell them if everything is still looking promising on NYE.

    Imp - You must be graduating to 2nd tri too soon?! My boobs have already grown too in response to my meds, they are already big enough. Will cost a fortune in bras!

    Fig - Another almost graduate! Can't believe how fast the time has gone.

    Pep - How nice to tell the family. What is it with people and the 'my pregnancy went like this so all pregnancies work like this' stories?! Dingbats.

  • Ducky I think I'm going to have the biggest smile on my face every time I see you post in here! What a journey you have had, I am so pleased you finally have a BFP.

    I know - I was at a friends the other night who was saying that when your pregnant your sex drive increases. Again, wanted to scream 'this is just your experience from your pregnancy - its not textbook!'. At least from all of this I've learned never to make similar comments once everyone knows I'm pregnant!

  • Fig how exciting, it sounds like you felt baby! :)

    Pep- some people really try and force their opinions on you. Some people seem to have an opinion on everything.

    Ducky, lovely to have you here. Your tests will start to get darker but it's a very gradual process. Comparing one day to the next sometimes stressed me out, but over a few days I could see the gradual increase.

    I'm *only* 12+2 today so another week in first tri.

  • Hey all am on my mobile so a bit hard to mention everyone but glad everyone had a lovely Xmas! I had a nice day but was in a bit of a panic yesterday morn, had pain in my groin and top of my leg all day. Also had what I can only describe as ovulation type pains a few days ago. Am only 4+5 and my last was ectopic so am panicking a bit now. It doesn't feel the same pain as before at the mo but I don't know what it is, anyone experienced this? I have a scan 9th Jan but if this carries on I'll be up
  • The hosp before I'm so nervous. Hope everyone has a nice relaxing Boxing Day x
  • Hey ladies

    Coco - how exciting to tell everyone sounds like a lovely Christmas

    CA - glad you had a great Christmas and not long left in 1st tri for you!

    Ixia - glad you got to tell everyone. Sounds like a fab Christmas even if you've had to work over it!

    Imp - nothing beats feeling of own bed. Are you in Ireland or did o make that up?

    Fig - wow almost at end of first tri. So exciting

    Pep - what a fab Christmas present for your family

    Ducky - hello again.  What fab fab news for you!

    Sc1985 - hello how are you feeling now?

    Afm - one more night than home tomorrow from in laws. Am struggling without champagne and red wine to ease my annoyance with fil.  Come down in morning without make up and he tells me he can definitely tell I'm pregnant from my face. Apparently if you look like you've been out on the sun without sunglasses it's a sure sign you're pregnant.   Pale eyes and a pale upper nose. Absolute rubbish I even Googled it. I just wasn't wearing make up and their house is so cold the lower part of my nose always goes red! Then spent all morning telling me he can tell im pregnant because of my face. There were extended family here yesterday who we haven't told yet as wanted to get to 12 weeks and fil says in front of one of them  "look at her she's so radiant it's so obvious she's pregnant" and spoils it all.  Didn't even apologise to us.  

    Stupid question.  When is officially end of first tri? Stupidly assumed 12 weeks them but that's obviously only 36 weeks.  Do you call it 13.3?

  • Sc if you're worried then call the hospital, don't worry in silence.

    Cj- yep we're in Ireland. Our boat has been cancelled on Friday lunchtime so we're getting the late boat and will be home at 3am.

    Sorry your FIL is such an idiot! I bet you're looking forward to being home. As for first tri I think it's 13+3.

  • Ah bet you're be glad to be home even if delayed. . We got ferry here but luckily rough sea sent me to sleep. Flying back though tomorrow night to city airport and can't wait.

    Fil is a doctor so believes he knows everything about everything.  When mentioning due date of 4 aug he already made a comment about ensuring they are in London then to help out. How will I handle that one?? Think if he had his way he'd be in charge of  the delivery. ..

  • Are you in Ireland too?

    I think you'll just need to tell him in no uncertain terms you don't want family there at the birth, you and hubs only.

  • No in France as H is French.   I know I'm already getting way ahead of myself but thinking we would tell them to come about 2 weeks after birth ha and not for too long. Would that sound reasonable.  They would stay with us and will want our space with new baby.   Is 2 weeks after birth reasonable sounding?  

  • I'd just say that they're not to plan anything at this stage and that you think you'll want some alone time to settle into a routine. Will they have to stay with you? Could you try and get them to stay in a hotel.

  • Ah Imp would love them to stay in hotel but think big no no politically.  The French are totally different and his family are very rustic.  Theu are all of the view need to be together 24 hours a day (drives me insane) and everyone should want to be together at all times and doesnt matter if cramped or crowded.     Whereas I love and need my own space.  We have a 3 bed flat so for them not to stay with us they would probably take as an insult and am conscious as the foreign grandparents their time with any kiddies with be so precious as few times a year.  Not broaching it with H yet but think my position will be a couple weeks after baby born and for limited time say 4 nights. Obviously won't know when baby will be born and they both work still.   Somehow  I don't think I will be popular!

  • Fair enough, I can understand that. I think 2 weeks after is a good plan and very reasonable. I don't think you need to discuss it until nearer the time.

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