**Friday 1st Tri**

Howdy, how are we all? Last day at work for me today! Woohoo! Can't wait for two weeks of relaxing. Me & H are away for the weekend so looking forward to that too.

Pregnancy wise - sickness is creeping in again, but not as bad as it was so its fine. I've just had a call from the doctors surgery telling me there is a prescription for antibiotics for me to pick up as a result of my urine test from Monday (with midwife). I've asked for someone to call me back to give me more detail (hope thats not viewed as time wasting by them?). I don't even feel like there is anything wrong so I'm quite surprised? I've had so many water infections this year and I always live on the toilet when I have them so find it hard to believe that anything is wrong at present (although know they know what they are doing more than I do!). Anyway, I figured it was worth knowing exactly what the problem was so that if there is a symptom associated with it that I've just been putting down to 'pregnancy' I'll know about it incase it resurfaces.



  • Morning!

    Glad your sickness isn't as bad as it was Pep. How weird for the docs to not even tell you what you need ABs for! I would definitely want more info too.

    First day of my Christmas hols today! Woo hoo! I was supposed to be working Monday but my workshop didn't have any confirmed attendees so I've postponed it to the New Ear. Happy, happy days! My tiredness is getting worse by the day, so I'm very glad that I don't have to get up for work for another 2 weeks.

    Happy Friday ladies xx

  • Fig - Lucky you! Thats how I feel! 2 weeks of sleep! Amazing! Ha. Glad you would also ask more questions about the ABs, think the receptionist thought I was being a pain. I'm hoping they ring soon as I'm going to ask them if there's a telephone number for me to see when my ultrasound scan is (i.e. try and get a date!) as I'm getting impatient now... it has been a whole four days you know... lol!

  • Morning ladies.

    Pep I would also want to know what they're for, who would just take anti bs but not know?! Sometimes the nhs makes me wonder. I hope you find out your scan date soon too.

    Fig woohoo for holidays! Enjoy your first day off. Not long until your scan now.

    I've just about come back down to earth, although my mind is now racing about the nuchal. The mw warned me that it's likely to come back as high risk because if last time, so I'm sort of prepared- but it doesn't make it any nicer. I've begin researching private amnio in case the nhs waiting list is a week again.

  • Imp - Sorry to hear that its likely to come back high. It can't be very nice knowing that, sending you inadequate hugs. Just wanted to say that I *think* there is an option to pay the NHS to be seen / results quicker... our brother / sister inlaw have just been through it with amnio, think they paid £100 or something and it sped it all up to be within a couple of days.

  • If we can do it through the nhs then I would rather asi think they do more of them so are better practiced. I'm most worried because of Christmas etc and I know what a gaff everything is with the nhs.

    I did talk to my mum about paying them to speed it up so it's worth asking.

  • Imp - Def worth asking. Do you have any idea when you are likely to get the results back? Also worth keeping in mind that for the NHS the only show stopping days (I hear) are Xmas and New Years day, I know thats still 2 days but could be worse I guess.

  • Had a crazy dream last night! Can laugh about it now. Had my midwife apt at my SIL house (random! She is also pregnant). For some reason all of my family turned up (just mine...) and the midwife started sharing my blood test results and saying how they were indicative of being XX weeks pregnant etc. My parents were hovering over the midwife as they knew it was about me (when everyone else assumed it was about SIL) so I walked away to try and pretend it was my SIL appointment as well, hoping that the midwife would get the hint. Anyway, she didn't and then referred to me by name along with my pregnancy so everyone realised it was me. I sulked, MASSIVELY. I was sooooo grumpy. Even in my dream I was saying to myself whats the problem? So what if its not how you wanted to tell everyone? Weirdest dream ever, but made me realise how much I'm looking forward to actually telling people (myself! and in different groups so I get to do it more than once!).

  • Morning all!

    Pep - yes I'd ask too, how random!! They should have told you! I always had the craziest dreams in pregnancy too, it's bizarre.

    Fig - woohoo for no more work until after Christmas!

    Imp - sorry to hear that the results are likely to come back high. Hope you find that you can speed up the amnio.

    AFM not much to report pregnancy wise. I've lost so much weight now that I don't have any jeans that fit, so I've bought the maternity jeans I loved from last time in a smaller size. Waiting in for them to be delivered today, hope they arrive soon as A is going stir-crazy already! They're underbump so should fit from now until the end, at least my old ones did.

  • Saisi! Wow, lost weight? Is that from sickness? :( I've put on 3lb since the beginning now. To be honest it should probably be a lot more, all I'm eating is junk (my breakfast is usually mini cheddars and a can of coke...) because everything else repulses me. I think sickness has helped keep it at just 3lb, but I'm really hoping I won't put on anymore over Xmas!

  • Pep if you're low risk it can be up to 2/3 weeks. If I'm high risk then I'll probably get a phone call within a working week, so probably about 10 days because of Xmas. Last time it was 48 hours. The worst case is them phoning me Xmas Eve as then I'll stew on it over Xmas.

    Saisi I hope the jeans are nice when they arrive. I dug out all my mat/fat clothes last night and the jeans were the first thing I tried on. Sooo comfy.

  • My leigh topshop maternity jeans arrived on Wednesday. I have to keep pulling them up though, wondering if I should have got the size down.

  • No Pep it's just from breastfeeding (great reason to do it haha). I bought new jeans after I had A and just kept losing weight, I'm smaller now than when I got pregnant with A so I have nothing that fits. Yesterday my jeans actually fell off my bum!! Luckily I was just at home but I thought I should really get new ones and I thought better get maternity ones as normal ones won't fit soon enough.

  • Ahh! Yes had heard of the positives to breastfeeding... I'll def be trying! ;) Good for you, I have a secret desire to end up at my slimmest after a baby too!

  • Oh yeah and I read that people often need a size down in the Topshop mat jeans, apparently they run quite big. Can you exchange them? I went for New Look instead, my old ones wore out so they're not as good quality as Topshop, but they will last one pregnancy and are half the price.

  • Saisi - I've already had them on for two days now so not sure about exchanging them! Think I'll order the next pair in a smaller size and see if they are any better. Just worried the leg part might be too tight.

  • I've got my consultants appointment - 2nd Jan. Typical that gets sorted before my ultrasound! :)

  • Got my scan! Xmas eve, 9am! I'll be 11 weeks only though - so think that makes it a day too early for them to actually do the NT tests? So would imagine we will be called back in (hopefully not too long after).

  • This video just had me crying my eyes out; www.youtube.com/watch

    Hormones or generally tear worthy?! Lol!

  • Ooo Pep, same day as mine!

  • Hi everyone, hope you're doing OK. Finished work now until Christmas Day (boooo) and off to stay with a friend tonight. She will get to know I'm pregnant again since I won't be drinking and no valid excuse for it. I don't mind since she knew I was pregnant last time and was very supportive during the miscarriage. 2 days until my scan, and I can't wait. I'm very nervous but would rather know sooner than later if anything is wrong. I can see me booking further scans as well, since waiting between a six week scan and a twelve week scan will stress me completely! I'm hoping to be able to inform the midwife next week, and book in between Christmas and New Year. I am also toying with the idea of telling work when I get back from a week away I have booked early January, (we're not supposed to work while pregnant) but a fly has got in the ointment. Six months ago our place of work was closed and we were moved ten miles away. Management have now admitted they made a huge mistake and need a few people to go back, and I can if I want to. I DO want to, but if I tell them I'm pregnant I won't be able to since I won't be available to work until 2015 (being off duty while pregnant, then mat leave). Tbh I'm not convinced about the move back since it would be on a new rota with allocated leave (never being able to book my own holidays), but I'd still like the option. Don't need to fret about it today anyway I suppose!

    Late to the party again so just skimmed through other messages. Imp, there is a 3rd option if you're concerned about NT scan results. My clinic offers the Harmony blood test, which screens for genetic abnormalities without the invasive amnio/cvs. Costs £550 but non invasive, and definitely a nicer option. Maybe something to look into?

    Have a good weekend everyone xx

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