**Friday 1st tri**

Morning ladies! Hope you're all well. Sending lots of vibes to Ducky for her scan today...hope all is well with you and babies lovely. I've my first blood tests today after work, otherwise not much planned. Weekend wise we're likely to start packing boxes Saturday with non essentials to get prepped for moving when we find somewhere. Sunday is joint birthday celebrations with my Dad so off out to dinner...it's my 30th on the 19th :O x


  • Morning!

    Ducky, thinking of you, sending positive sticky vibes and everything crossed for you.

    Coco - Good luck with the blood tests! And also packing - no harm in being prepared. Enjoy the birthday celebrations too!

    Still feeling rotten with a severe headache. I don't like complaining when it took so long to get pregnant but it really is rough going on with work, house etc when feeling so awful. I don't know how people with a child already cope! I was off work yesterday, seen my consultant for post surgery check up, All dressings now removed and he is very happy with how things are healing. I have to go back every 3 months for 2 years just incase cancer appears somewhere else or spreads to lymph  nodes. My poor body is under such strain and its all so emotional! Looking forward to doing nothing all wkend except FIL for dinner on Sunday night.

    Instead of having my early scan on the 22nd, I'm having it this afternoon instead, they had a cancellation!! Whoop Whoop! Leaving work at 12 midday,

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Morning all, positive vibes for ducky today xxx

    Coco, that's good you're starting some packing for moving - we moved earlier last year and if theres one thing I'd recommended is to start early! Oh and write what's in each box, what a nightmare it was searching through all the boxes to find the stupid tv remote! Enjoy your birthday celebrations

    Sasasi, I've been getting headaches too, mainly in the evenings, I've avoided paracetamol (silly I know as It is safe!) but have just got some 4head which I might have to start using. Glad the doctors happy with your progress, gosh I bet it is all emotional. Good luck for your scan, how exciting!

    Afm, not much to report, want the next couple of months to go real fast as on countdown to the anomaly scan, feels like ages away! Not got much planned for this weekend, just a chilled one really, might go somewhere nice for Sunday lunch - if I'm not feeling too sick! Have a good one everyone x


  • Morning all,

    Ducky, hope the scan is positive. Keeping it all crossed. X

    Coco- enjoy the birthday celebrations. Packing with no where to move yet is very organised.

    Sasasi-good news both about your body healing and your early scan. Let us know how it goes.

    AFM - similarly to you sasasi I feeling shocking. Yesterday was my 6week mark and today I feel so tired, headaches, struggling to eat, but hungry if I don't. (It was reassuring to see others are grazing too, as I felt a bit  silly wanting food but not being able to eat much) I'm detriment not to complain in real life except to H, as it took so long to get to this point and were so pleased it seems rather ungrateful to complain. No one at work knows so I'm trying to be my usual cheerful self but its hard. I've had a few comments on looking tired and washed out. I ran yesterday and then spent the evening recovering! 5 and a half more hours and I can go home!!

  • Morning all!

    Quick post mainly to send loads of vibes to Ducky for today Hug

    All fine here, no symptoms still which I'm not complaining about, just the niggley pains down below and slightly sore and bigger boobs.


  • Thank you for thinking of me ladies. I'm still bleeding very lightly, CBD this morning still said 3+. I think I may be placing too much faith in the pee sticks but it is the one thing giving me hope that baby might be ok and the bleeding is something else.

    Will update later. Never been so worried in my life!

  • Hi everyone. First of all apologies for being awol for a while. I had very bad anxiety about the whole pregnancy around the 7 week mark, the time I miscarried last time. I was getting myself extremely worked up. Stressing that I had cramps, then stressing that I didn't have them. Prodding my boobs daily and panicking the moment they weren't quite as sore as before. To top it all I peed on a stick and the line came up immediately but was half a shade lighter than before. I had cold sweats, more panic, and ended up throwing all the tests in the bin and logging off any pregnancy related websites since they were causing me more anxiety. Hubby was away from 27th Dec, and then I went to meet him in Scotland on 4th, coming back yesterday. Had an OK time but weather horrendous so the ski centres were shut, too wet and warm for ice climbing, etc. We did walk up one snowy mountain but then when we got back I panicked again that exertion wasn't good for me. However, we are told to keep active and exercising, walking and climbing is my normal exercise, so surely if I take it a bit easier than normal (we only had a 4-5hr day, half our usual) it should be OK. Anyway, I have my second early scan today. By dates I am 8+6 and 8+5 by ovulation. Hoping and praying that little heartbeat flicker is still going strong. My NHS dating scan date came through as well, 5th Feb. So I am going to try to keep schtum at work until then. Next week I have a meeting to transfer back to my old patch, which I really want to do, despite the conditions being that they will build leave into my rota so I can never choose my holiday dates. I suppose teachers manage, so I will have to! However, if they know I'm going to be off duty for a year, I won't get the transfer, hence trying to keep quiet (we're meant to tell them the moment we get a bfp so we go desk bound).

    Anyway, that's me for now. I'll try to stick around again, anxiety permitting. Will update later after scan if I can, before work tonight.

    Good to see you're all still here! Ducky, fingers crossed for you later as well. Our scans are pretty much the same time, so good luck!!

  • Sorry just crashing in :)

    Ducky I'm keeping everything crossed for you and Barefoot did I miss your important announcement (BFP) what fabulous news, keeping everything crossed for you too, all the best ladies xx

  • Hi LeeLee, thanks. I got a bfp right at the start of Dec, so first proper cycle trying after the mc. Gives hope for us older ladies!

    Scan went well, measuring at 8+4 so a day behind by my reckoning but perfectly consistent with the 6 week scan so must have implanted late. Heartbeat present and correct at 170bpm which is great and was amazing to hear, and I saw arms and legs and the heart and a nose :-). They showed me a quick 4D view which was good but not worth it really just yet. EDD now 18th August. Will post pics when hubby has finished scanning them!

  • Our scan was good news too. Double the good news as it is TWINS!

  • **CRASH** Fantastic news Ducky, I'm so very pleased for you! And twins to boot, couldn't be better! Congratulations x

  • TWINS!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

  • Barefoot & Ducky so bloomin happy for you ladies right now :) many congrats xx

  • Made up for you both Ducky and Barefoot! Hope SaSaSi has made it a hat trick of cracking scans today :-)

  • So happy for you both, fab news x

  • Here's the little one!!

  • Great news for you both!

  • Seeing this Barefoot makes it do much easier to visualise my baby (ESP as we're only a day apart)....amazing pic! You'll be blown away by the change come your 12wk scan :-)

  • Lovely little one Barefoot, due on my birthday too! Best day to be born!

    Sasasi hope your scan went ok my lovely.

    Ducky already said it on your other thread but woohoo twins!

    Coco definitely a good idea to start the packing early!l

    CO I hated waiting for the anomaly scan, I guess that's why loads of people book a gender scan for 16 weeks haha.

    Raincloud I'm in the same boat, feel hungry but nauseous at the same time! Can't win!

    Hi to everyone else, Deedee and crashers!

    We've had a lovely day, Mum and I took A to soft play (he got in free as he isn't 1 yet! ha!) and shopping. We tried to go to the cafe but I walked in and had to walk out again as the smell knocked me sick! We've bought all the food for A's 1st birthday party tomorrow, can't wait but also can't believe my little boy is getting so big. It'll be his only birthday as an only child so want to make a bit of fuss over him even though he won't remember. Got him a monkey birthday card as he is a monkey.

  • Hello Ladies,

    How are we all doing? Welcome to all the BFPs!

    I've had such a rough week at work, first one back after the xmas break. I've been in bed at half 8 every night and felt sicker than ever. Nearly didn't go into work at all on Thursday as I woke up, then threw up (or at least tried to!) four times. I felt sick at work for the entire day and just knackered.

    Went to bed super early last night, and ate a small ginger biscuits and a bit of water when I woke up this morning and have had quite a good day energy wise and not really felt sick. I've also eaten the most tonight for tea that I've eaten in days!!

    Midwife appointment a week on Monday, can't wait to get the ball rolling and have a scan date. I want to see the ickle baby that's making me feel so poorly at times.

    Alipops x

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